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  • Executive chairmans report

    As part of our ongoing refinement of our strategy and approach to sustainable development we engage with stakeholders to identify, understand and address their key concerns wherever possible.

    Earning the trust of the communities in which we operate is essential if we are to continue to gain access to vital resources and retain our licence to operate. We build trust through interactions with stakeholder groups as part of a process aimed at understanding those issues of material interest to our priority stakeholders, and responding to expectations.

    Our approach to stakeholder engagement is guided by:

    Our values ARM is respectful of all our stakeholders and is committed to open, two-way engagement with all our stakeholders, including our employees, employee representatives, regulators, communities, customers, suppliers, business partners and shareholders.

    ICMM Principle 10 Implement effective and transparent engagement, communication and independently verified reporting arrangements with our stakeholders.

    King III King III recommends the stakeholder inclusive approach to corporate governance.

    Legislation National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) and other relevant legislation.

    Our approach to stakeholder engagementWe have identified a broad range of internal and external stake-holders who have a material interest in or are affected by ARM and have assessed our involvement with them, or our potential impact on them, at a corporate and operational level.

    ARM has a formal stakeholder engagement process in place. There is a stakeholder communication policy included in the Code of Conduct and a more comprehensive stakeholder com muni-cations/engagement policy is being developed. The Company has an Executive Director: Corporate Affairs and has appointed a Senior Executive: Corporate Affairs for ARM supported by Divisional senior management.

    Each ARM operation engages with stakeholders in a manner ap-

    pro priate to their specific needs and concerns. Currently, operations

    keep engagement reports and minutes. ARM recognises that there

    is scope for improving on our current practice, and that these

    interactions need to be formalised to ensure that learnings

    are documented and shared effectively at both operational and

    corporate level.

    A new stakeholder engagement approach is being piloted at

    Black Rock Mine.

    Stakeholder engagement

    We categorise our stakeholders as:

    Those directly affected, both positively and negatively, by the activities of ARM; Interested parties who, while not directly affected by the activities of ARM have an interest in them; and Authorities at all levels (local, regional and national).

    Wheel chair hand-over, Khumani Iron Ore Mine

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    We use a broad range of methods to engage with stakeholders and dialogue and feedback are encouraged. Engagement includes:

    face-to-face formal or informal meetings (including our Annual General Meeting); media and stock exchange announcements, presentations to investors, potential investors and business partners; conference calls; the ARM website (www.arm.co.za); our Integrated Annual Report and Sustainability Report; the intranet site available to our employees; open days and operational site visits; perception studies and reputation audits; whistleblowing facilities and formal grievance mechanisms; multi-stakeholder forums and workshops; dedicated email and telephone facilities; regular customer, business partner and supplier meetings; cultural, social and environmental impact assessments; and formal consultation and audit processes.

    An overview of the nature of current stakeholder interactions, the key issues of concern and interest raised by various stakeholder groups, and ARMs response to these, are set out in the figure below.

    Progress update to


    Issue received


    Analyse (receive or refer)

    Action taken/follow-

    up action

    Progress update to


    Stakeholder Engagement






    Shareholders, Analysts

    and Investors

    Government and Regulators

    JV Partners

    Employees and Unions

    Communities and local


    Civil Society, NGOs


    Industry Associations

    Material Issues

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    Sustainability Report 2012

  • Stakeholder engagement continued

    Principal methods and frequency of engagement

    Issues raised by stakeholders How ARM is responding

    Shareholders, institutional shareholders, analysts, investor relations

    Annual General Meeting.

    One-on-one meetings with institutional investors in South Africa, the United Kingdom and North America.

    Roadshows after interim and final results.


    ARMs website provides updates on the Companys operations, financial performance and other information.

    A comprehensive investor relations programme to communicate with domestic and international institutional shareholders, fund managers and investment analysts.

    Ensuring growth (volumes, earnings); reduction in costs and improvement in cost controls; where appropriate, divestment due to a lack of fit within the Group.

    Skills attraction, retention and development; transformation/ employment equity; dividends and share price.

    Due to a high percentage shareholding from off-shore, ARM needs to remain globally competitive.

    Managing TB, HIV & Aids.

    Mineral rights conversions and mining licences.

    ARM is committed to transparent, comprehensive and objective communications with its stakeholders.

    ARMs Investor Relations department is responsible for communication with institutional shareholders, the investment community and the media.

    ARM holds discussions with JV partners and management to raise awareness of the concerns and expectations of analysts and fund managers.

    Regular meetings, promoting open communication and transparency.

    Summaries of the decisions taken at shareholders meetings are disclosed on the Companys website following the meetings.

    Joint venture partners

    Ongoing management interaction during the ordinary course of business.

    Monthly executive management meetings.

    Sustainable development.

    Financial performance.

    Equitable treatment.

    ARM holds itself to the highest ethical and governance standards in dealings with all stakeholders, including joint venture partners.


    Annual performance reviews.

    Annual internal results presentation.

    Regular internal roadshows.

    Annual employee surveys.

    Company intranet and website.



    Health and safety.


    ARMs Human Resources strategies aspire to being an employer of choice.

    ARM is committed to fair treatment and remuneration of its workers.

    ARM invests heavily in skills development and career planning programmes are in place to enable employees to develop to their full potential.

    Unions/organised labour

    Monthly shop steward meetings.

    Other meetings as required.

    Employment-related issues, including remuneration, training, health and safety, and transformation.

    ARM strives to maintain good relationships with unions as an essential part of being a partner and employer of choice.

    ARM concludes recognition agreements with one or more unions where the required representation levels are reached.

    Civil society, communities, NGOs

    All operations have Social Investment Forums to discuss investments in the communities surrounding operations.

    In most communities, monthly/ quarterly meetings are held to discuss LED/SED/CSI projects.

    Participation in the Future Forums.

    Community Open Days (CODs) occur anywhere from six-monthly through to annually.

    Changes or expansions to our current operations require engagement with communities through stakeholder consultation processes as prescribed by the Regulations of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA).

    The needs of the community.

    Status, challenges and management of social projects.

    Planned changes/expansions at our operations.

    Environmental issues and environmental management performance which affect communities.

    ARM sets up specialised discussions/meetings to engage with communities about their specific concerns. Attendance registers and minutes of these meetings are kept.

    Sharing information and building relationships with communities through CODs.

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    Mmabana Crche, Two Rivers Platinum Mine

    Principal methods and frequency of engagement

    Issues raised by stakeholders How ARM is responding


    Local and provincial government are engaged with respect to Local Enterprise Development (LED) projects, licences and compliance legislation. Continuous liaison, depending on the purpose of the engagement.

    ARM engages with National government on matters of policy-making and as required.

    Reports are submitted by the local operations on Socio-Economic Development (SED) basis sometimes monthly, but mostly on a quarterly and annual basis.

    Social investment.

    Health and safety.

    Environmental management.


    Regular progress reports and updates, e.g. on implementation of Social and Labour Plans.

    ARM reports on SED programmes around the operation, as they form part of LED strategies, and must be closely aligned to these strategies.

    ARM monitor


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