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Madanapalle institute of technology and science (MITS) Project report on recruitment and selection done in SONATA SOFTWARE, BANGLORE Submitted by S.Rihana 09691E0038 Contents: Executive summary Introduction Recruitment process flow chart Sources of external recruitment Interview process Benefits Choice of recruitment model Need for the study Literature review Scope of the study Objectives Company profile Conclusion EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Recruiting the human resource (HR) processes is the latest practice being followed by middle and large sized organizations. It is being witnessed across all the industries. In India , the HR processes are being recruited from nearly a decade now. Recruiting industry is growing at a high rate. The study is therefore is being done to identify the scope for Recruitment Process. The following are the objectives of the study. To identify the benefits of recruitment and understanding the recruitment process. The Project contains details about the various criteria of recruitment. The project highlights the reasons why companies indulge in recruitment and the merits and advantages of recruitment to direct hiring.

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Madanapalle institute of technology and science (MITS)

Project report on recruitment and selection done in SONATA SOFTWARE, BANGLORE

Submitted by S.Rihana09691E0038

Contents: Executive summary Introduction Recruitment process flow chart Sources of external recruitment Interview process Benefits Choice of recruitment model Need for the study Literature review Scope of the study Objectives Company profile Conclusion

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYRecruiting the human resource (HR) processes is the latest practice being followed by middle and large sized organizations. It is being witnessed across all the industries. In India , the HR processes are being recruited from nearly a decade now. Recruiting industry is growing at a high rate. The study is therefore is being done to identify the scope for Recruitment Process. The following are the objectives of the study. To identify the benefits of recruitment and understanding the recruitment process. The Project contains details about the various criteria of recruitment. The project highlights the reasons why companies indulge in recruitment and the merits and advantages of recruitment to direct hiring. It also enumerates various factors to be considered before recruitment. Identify the various practices of recruitment existing in the industry. The project should have a detailed understanding of the methods adopted by recruitment agencies to make the hiring process quicker.The information necessary for this survey is collected by tapping primary & secondary source:Primary sources : Personal interactionSecondary sources :


Related information from Internet. Company Website and Booklet.INTRODUCTIONNowadays, many businesses have started taking recruitment into consideration for thecompletion of various tasks. Every possible task can be completed with the helpof recruitment, it may be human resources, technical support, billing, or management etc. Carrying out all the tasks be a possibility but certain departments can utilize the help of recruitment in doing so. Mainly the department of the recruitment activities needs assistance in appropriate talent acquisitions.Recruitment Process is basically when a business hire and externalservice provider for recruitment activities of its own and these vendors take over all or part of the firm’s responsibilities. This may include preparing job descriptions, evaluating resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews of the eligible candidates.Recruitment Process also provides additional benefits to the business. If acompany comes to terms with a seemingly appropriate RP provider, the advantages that it can gain may include speed and convenience in the recruitment process of new and potential employees; access to a large number of applicants with the possibility of acquiring the most potential and qualified among them. The best advantage of all is that the RP provides the firm with improved reports, savings on the budgets spent on recruitment processes and easier to comply with various government standards. Some company’s consider the option of hiring the RP vendors on temporary basis to outsource in part of the recruitment process however this actually means that the company is not literally outsources but only assist it to fulfil the staff needs. Whereas the process of the RP is totally different, that is the vendor takes over theOwnership of the recruitment activity.The Recruitment Process has gained favor among companies over time.The HR department analyzed the benefits recruitment brought to the business by reducing the overhead costs and raising business standards. It became more acceptable when company’s realized that recruitment brought additional benefits in various tasks in terms of time and resource application in things like taxes and payroll etc.So overall a Recruitment Process Outsource provider benefit the establishment in terms of saving of money, improving and speeding up the hiring process and provide a wide range of access of experienced, potential and the most qualified pool of applicants to the employers.Recruitment Process Company’s only focus and take responsibility overthe recruitment processes allotted by the company who hired them and allow them to keep track and stay updated with the latest recruitment methodologies and procedures regarding the recruitment activities.The business world has experienced a phenomenal growth in recent past and companies are getting more concerned about the recruitment process of their employees including freshers and other positions available. It is indeed a time consuming task to select a pool of best candidates out of thousands of applicants. Of course, the entire process constitutes a series of steps which also incurs lot of additional expenses on a huge amount. It becomes a more difficult task for amateur


investors, who face lot of hurdles in selecting the best employees for the progress. This is when RP Company’s come to the rescue.There are many noteworthy benefits with availing RP process. It enables companiesto secure best talent among the candidates. The quality of human resource that a company hires plays a major role in its betterment. RP solutions have a set of experienced HR persons who make sure to select the most suitable candidates. The most attractive RP recruitment advantage lies in the fact that it stems out major expense troubles during the recruitment process otherwise. This is a smart way to save huge sum of money and save it on other developmental purpses of the company. There are instances when recruiters of company’s require onsite support in the recruitment process. When a company hires another company for providing recruitment it gains access to the latest technology very easily. The firms are well equipped with newest trends in technology and make the best use of it.Whilst a set of your company members were previously engaged in the recruitmentActivity all the time, with the introduction of RP, you can use the man power in some other activity as it now becomes the responsibility of the agency to carry it further. This will ensure that you provide high quality service to your clients. Experts who have a higher experience in the field of recruitment process have discovered that the turnaround time of the company improves considerably. The efficiency of the company shoots up which adds to the advantages. Moreover, the RP services are a way to avail international expert guidance in the recruitment process as the agency provides off-shoring services. Thus once you select the right recruitment company you can rest assured about the smooth recruitment process throughout and make the best use of man power.Recruitment Process Flow Chart


Sources of external recruitment:

Job portals Consultancies

Requirement in a project

Project manager raises the requirement

Specification:RoleExperienceSkills etc.,

System analyst

Recruitment team

Required candidates in bench

External recruitment

If candidates in bench are having the required specifications recruit him


Employee referralsJob portals: The specifications for the jobs are posted and the resumes are evaluated based on the specifications and the selected candidates are called for the interview.Consultancies: Consultancies are the external source of recruitment where the outsiders provide the details about the required candidates and from that he resumes era selected and are called for the interview. The company pay sum of money for the consultants.Employee referrals: In this the recruitment process is through web sources like facebook,orkut, linkedin etc., The candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria;

Communication Reason for change Location preferred Skills Ctc (salary)

This is the criteria for selection of experienced candidates. Freshers are selected based on,

Communications Skills Percentages Backlogs etc.,

Generally the freshers are recruited through campus interviews.campus interviews are conducted when there is huge requirement in the company. Walk in are conducted when there is urgent requirement in the company.Interview process: Generally the interview consists of 3 rounds.

Online test Gd Hr interview

The candidates qualified in all these 3 rounds are provided an offer letter which consists of the ctc, incentives etc., The ctc is designed based on the experience, education and previous salary.He/she is given 3 days time and after that he/she may or may not join the company. If not the job is provided to someother person.

BENEFITS1. Traditional recruiting methods can be expensive and are often unproductive andUnpredictable:Whether you employ your own internal recruiters or utilize the services of staffing agencies, most company’s, at the expense of large commissions or placement fee’s, do not obtain the results they expect from their recruiting function.RP Services eliminate the aforementioned inconsistencies by offering a simple, effective, and alternative solution to recruiting needs.2. Reduced Recruiter Costs


Spend approximately $25,000 (including $100 commissions/placement) for and experienced, dedicate recruiter VS. $50,000 + commissions, payroll costs, medical and dental insurance, administrative costs, and paid vacation (which can add up to more than $65,000) for an internal recruiter. The decision to utilize external recruiters is obvious – Save more than 60% on Recruiter costs by utilizing RP services and enjoy numerous other benefits that will help the company’s to grow.3. No Infrastructure CostsUtilizing external recruiters allows to free up capital that can be better allocated towardshigher valued consulting activities. The RP has their own state of the art offices which are equipped with everything a recruiter would need to perform his/her daily duties – meaning a company don’t have to pay a single rupee towards providing a comfortable working environment for there own recruiters. RP provide workstations, computers, static-free phone lines, and a fast DSL connection at no additional cost.4. Improved ProductivityRecruiters in India are highly technical and have tremendous experience andKnowledge. (some of the Recruiters even have MBA’s degree) and are able to deliver many qualified resumes on a weekly basis. They can be trained to follow the exact recruiting methodology of client and have the ability to match talented professionals as per the requirement of companies. And because the price of 1 internal recruiter is equivalent to 2-3 external recruiters, company’s can afford to hire more recruiters at the same cost and increase productivity. The Bottom Line: More Recruiters = More Productivity.5. Reduced Time to HireRP’s are specialized in the field of recruiting which allows them to process, screen,and deliver dedicated and qualified recruiters that reduces company’s time to hire – allowing companies to focus on the core components of their business.6. Increased Flexibility and ControlRP services allow companies to free up human and capital resources that can be betterspent on core competencies. RP services provide companies with flexibility, control, and visibility over their entire recruiting function by removing their dependence on 3rd party staffing agencies, who are often unreliable, unpredictable, and expensive.7. Securing the best talentCompetition for the most talented individuals is increasing. Organisations need tosecure the best people quickly and efficiently to help them build competitive capability.CHOICE OF RECRUITMENT MODELFull RecruitmentActivities initiated in a recruitment process from day one i.e. understanding therequirement until closing down the position, all comes under the Full Recruitment model. This model of recruitment comprises of not only non-core but also core recruitment activities that are communication based and are effective for critical recruitment.Partial RecruitmentApart from the core recruitment activities, all other non-core activities such asunderstanding the requirement, placing the position on various job boards, searching and


researching candidates, sorting profiles, screening CV and responses, and finally sourcing you with the list of candidates that are the best match for the position make into partial recruitment process. These are precisely the activities that RPs are most preferred..NEED FOR THE STUDYWith more and more company’s looking to rationalise employees on their payroll,manpower recruitment is slowly becoming the new buzz in India too. And the trend seems to have hit not just big multinational company’s but the public sector and government undertakings as well, though on a very low key yet in the latter. Estimates show that the latent size of HR recruitment in India is about $2 billion with a current market of $27 million and it is growing at a rate of about 50 per cent. Experts, however, say though foreign company’s are recruitment jobs to India, putting the country in the middle of recruitment boom, the Indian company’s do not seem to be enamoured by the opportunity till now and are not adopting HR recruitment practices in a big way."HR recruitment in India has not seen the required momentum and is limited to atrickle effect, with company’s recruitment a few selected low-end HR processes,"Hence there is a great need of Agencies which do the job of recruitment process recruitment.

LITERATURE REVIEWIn February 2009 the Human Resources Recruitment Association (HROA) specifiedand approved a group associated with them the Recruitment Process Alliance. Recruitment Process (RP) is basically a type of Business Process Recruitment (BPO) where the management of the firm gives the responsibility of the recruitment process for that organization to a third party service provider. The Recruitment Process provider can himself choose the methods to carry out the recruitment process which they feel is convenient for them, which may be that the vendor may adhere to his own methodologies or the company’s way of carrying out the entire recruitment process.The Recruitment Process is a lot different from the other service providerssuch as contingency search firms, staffing agencies and retained search providers in dealing with entire recruitment because the RP provider is entirely responsible for the methods utilized, design ownership, conducting the entire recruitment process and the outcomes of the process.Service Providers other than the RP providers like executive and contingency searchforms were providing the firms with recruitment services for many years until the employers started realizing the consistency of the concept on relying upon an outsource to deal with the entire or part of the recruiting process. This was not until the 1970’s when there was a highlevel competition in the technical labour market. Expanding High Tech Firms were usually distressed upon the acquisition of high tech expertise and specialists and were left with other choice except to hire highly paid external recruiting specialists for the completion of their hiring staff projects. With the passage of time many company’s starting analyzing how they can reduce their expenses while still be able to hire the high tech specialists for their firm and while doing this they started to acknowledge the steps of the recruiting process along with focusing on the


areas of great difficulties faced by their company. This then eventually added great value to thebusiness.At first, the job of the RP programs was just to conduct the recruitment process,shortlist the eligible candidates and inform the employers it and the acquisitions are then carried out by the company.As time passed, the idea of recruitment kept gaining more and more favour amongestablishments’ HR managements because they not only helped in reducing the expenses and overhead cost but also helped in bringing quality and completion in the labour market. Since then until the early 2000’s, among many company’s, RP programs were taken into great consideration to fulfil their recruitment needs.Recruitment is fitting increasingly established tradition for both the largeand the small business of today. A survey was conducted and it was noticed that in many of the European countries, nearly 50% of the business are recruited outsourced. Different countries are recruiting in different countries and providing them the quality work and service they desired for years.Recruitment can be defined as the hiring process is outsourced to the thirdparty to achieve better results. Recruitment is considered by business to be both a long designate solutions to attain efficiency in venture operations and concise phrase.Recruitment helps the company in finding the best suitable professional for the job with less cost being incurred. Recruitment works in finding the individuals in web blue print, marketing, IT maintenance, logistics, accounts management and web hosting. There are various reasons involved why an organization should use recruitment. The expertise way of finding the suitable candidate, use of higher technologies and proper surveys, scrutiny of the offered skills and professionalism in the applicant’s date.Whether it is a small or a large business, it is necessary to find the relevant informationneeded about recruitment as well as the advantages and the disadvantages involved in hiring the third party to fulfil your needs. Recruitment surely has pros and cons. recruitment firm’s job is to work on the information being provided by the company to a greater extent and to find the best suitable result possible for the growth of the organization.Recruitment has impacted on a long term basis on the business and recruitmenthas really developed with its wide range of searches of the working assets of the company. Recruitment surely helps in reducing the cost of the company by sharing the work load of the in-house human resource department and providing them the better results compared to the in-house.Recruitment has worked wonders in finding the suitable candidate fromother country and making them realize that this is the perfect opportunity for them to grab on and show what you are capable of. The service provided by the recruitment firms are of highly quality in compared to the charges they put on.There is a negative vibe in Americans that recruitment is an evil which is taking jobsaway from them and providing it to strange countries. Recruitment has reallycontributed in the growth of finding the experienced professional at a cheaper rate globally.SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe non-core recruitment processes such as database searching, job advertisements,


head hunt research; internet mining, etc. involve 50 - 60% of the recruiter’s time, energies and costs. Recruitment the non-core recruitment process creates additional efficiencies, while simultaneously allowing for a focus on building relationships with candidates and clients.Recruiters, thus, are able to focus better on core recruitment functions and work on important hiring strategies that create profitable growth and sustain business success.For reasons of having no time and resources to manage human resource functions,company’s usually resort to HR recruitment. It is a cost-effective way of managing human resource functions without having to resort to employing personnel for an in-house HR staff.There are a lot of benefits that businesses can gain from recruitment HR tasks. One ofthe most appealing benefits is the ability of a company to focus on their core business activities while still having effective HR policies.OBJECTIVES:

• To understand recruitment and selection policies of the company.• To analyze the recruitment and selection process adopted by the company• To analyze the use of media in the recruitment and selection activities in the company.• To suggest some ways to improve the quality of recruitment for the upper level positions.COMPANY PROFILESonata Software Limited

Sonata Software, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a leading IT consulting and services company. Sonata's customers are located across the US, Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Its portfolio of services includes IT Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Travel Solutions, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management and Packaged Applications. As per the industry rankings released by NASSCOM for 2009-10, Sonata Software figured among the Top 20 IT Software Services Exporters in India for the third consecutive year. Sonata Software has also been ranked Global #2 in the 2008 Top Ten ESO: Outsourced Software Development in The Black Book of Recruitment.Sonata Software Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a leading IT consulting and services company. Sonata's customers are located across the US, Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Its portfolio of services includes IT Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Travel Solutions, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management and Packaged Applications.


Its subsidiaries include:

Sonata Software Limited

TUI InfoTec GmbH

Sonata Software FZ - LLC

Sonata Information Technology Limited (SITL)

Sonata Software North America Inc.

Sonata Software GmbH

Sonata Europe Limited

Sonata's shares are publicly traded in Indian Stock Exchanges. Sonata’s total income

FY 2009–2010 was Rs 291.97 million. The employee strength (FY 08-09) was 2801

employees. Sonata isSEI CMM Level 5 certified, and has alliances

with Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Oracle.

"The company with a local face and global capabilities" - B Ramaswamy, President &

MD, Sonata Software Ltd. 

Sonata Software is a leading provider of IT consulting and software services globally.

Combining unparalleled experience, domain expertise, best practices and

comprehensive capabilities across various industries and business functions, Sonata

collaborates with customers to help them effectively address their operational

challenges and grow their businesses stronger.

 Headquartered in Bangalore, India, and with a customer base spread across the globe, you will find Sonata offices in the US, Europe, Middle-East and the Asia-Pacific. With a broad set of capabilities and a proven Global Delivery Model, Sonata is poised to be the perfect partner of global firms in their recruitment initiatives. We bring together a unique combination of breadth of capabilities, strong management focus and flexibility in engagement required to make our customer relationships a success. Sonata's services range from IT Consulting to Product Engineering Services, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management, Packaged Applications and Travel Solutions. Our partnerships with global leaders enable us to work on the latest technologies that we leverage to ensure enhanced business efficiencies for our customers. Our proficiency and commitment, combined with our partners’ strength and knowledge, makes us a trusted organization to work with. MissionProvide Information Technology solutions globally, enhancing competitive advantage of customers, founded on contemporary technologies, and practices, innovation, empowered people and enduring relationships.


 Having started off as a product company, Sonata has been delivering consistent business benefits to customers through innovative solutions. It has also been building  continually profitable relationships with its partners, enhancing the shareholder value, and sustaining a rich and rewarding environment for employees. Innovation at Sonata is pursued with a passion. Be it the design of solutions aligned with  customer needs or the creation of robust processes that form our foundation or our unique growth strategy, quality-driven innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Sonata. It is a commitment that unites our employees across geographies in a common mission to put customers first: listening, understanding and executing to address their business requirements.   The one pervasive force that binds employees at Sonata is its allegiance to the Sonata values. This is ably complemented by our ability to think innovatively, and to come up with solutions that are both ingenuous and inspired. Empowerment is a way of life at Sonata. We are committed to building value-based enduring relationships with our each stakeholder. “Think Customer”

Growing markets, constantly evolving technologies, changing market dynamics and ever demanding customers -- how do companies today address these fluid situations? “Think Customer” is Sonata's answer to this increasingly competitive scenario. “Think Customer” is the core of Sonata's business philosophy that helps our customers retain the competitive edge in their respective markets. Using our industry knowledge, service offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends, and develop solutions to help our customers quickly respond to emerging challenges and opportunities. We help them enter new markets, improve their operational performance, and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. Built around the latest technologies, our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) are focused on proactively building competencies and providing cutting-edge solutions to its customers. The swiftness to learn, the smartness to innovate and the ability to bring out the best software engineering services makes Sonata an intellectual partner to work with.

Awards and Certifications Featured in Top Outsourced Product Development Vendors by Global Services for FY 2009-2010 Listed among Top 100 Companies that define Global Recruitment by Global Services  for FY 2009-2010

    As per the industry rankings released by NASSCOM for 2009-10, Sonata Software figured among the Top 20 IT Software  Services Exporters in India for the third consecutive year.


    Ranked among Top 50 companies by Dataquest for FY 2009 - 2010    Sonata Software has also been ranked Global #2 in the 2008 Top Ten ESO: Outsourced

Software Development in The  Black Book of Recruitment.

    Ranked among Top 10 R&D Services players globally by Zinnov Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

   Ranked 6th in the Software Products segment by Zinnov Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd.   Winner in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2009 Program   Microsoft Gold Certified Partner   Oracle Certified Advantage Partner   SAP Gold Partner   IBM Business Partner

Quick Facts 

    Some of Sonata's group companies are :

TUI InfoTec GmbH

TUI InfoTec GmbH is a joint venture between Sonata Software Ltd. and TUI, Europe's largest tourism group. Sonata has a majority stake in TUI InfoTec, which provides a portfolio of services comprising IT Operations and IT Services. TUI InfoTec's basket of IT Operations includes Infrastructure Management, Help Desk and Hosting services, while it also offers IT Services such as Application Development, Application Management, Business Intelligence and Managed Testing. Working in conjunction with development centres in India, TUI InfoTec incorprates economically efficient offshoring strategies into its global service delivery model. TUI InfoTec employs around 440 IT professionals in Germany.Sonata Software FZ - LLC  Sonata Software FZ – LLC, a hundred per cent owned subsidiary of Sonata Software Limited provides value-based IT solutions to customers in the Middle East. Its objective is to unite and firm up our presence in the region.  

    Headquartered in Bangalore    Offices across the globe: US, Europe, Middle East, India and APAC    Year of Inception: 1986    Year of Incorpration: 1994    2800+ employees    8 Development Centers    Publicly traded in Indian Stock Exchanges    Wide experience in diverse technologies and practice areas


This subsidiary, based out of Dubai Internet City Free Zone, provides services to the regional market segments which includeTourism, Travel &   Hospitality , and Construction industries. These segments are fast-growing and are major contributors to the GDP in the Middle East. The subsidiary was opened in Dubai in March 2009. Read More... Sonata Information Technology Ltd.  

Sonata Information Technology Limited (SITL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sonata Software Ltd., is a premier software services and product distribution company with India-focused business operations. Its major business activities include:

Product Marketing: Operating through seven Branch Offices across India and a 1000-strong reseller network, SITL is a leading distributor of software products for international companies like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

Business Solutions: A part of SITL since 1995, the Business Solutions Group has been offering Scala ERP solutions to organizations across India and the SAARC region. Currently, there are more than 45 client organizations that have implemented Scala ERP. IT Consulting: The IT Consulting Group offers software consulting services in the areas of e-Commerce, GroupWare, CRM and Business Intelligence for Indian organizations. Having alliances with Oracle and Lotus (Notes/ Domino), the client names include Hindustan Lever Ltd., Philips, Nokia, BPL, Wipro and GE. 

Sonata Software North America Inc.

Sonata holds a 100% stake in Sonata Software North America Inc., which is headquartered in Fremont, California. Sonata Software North America operates in the US market and provides development and consulting services to clients, using an onsite-offshore delivery model. With help from Sonata's offshore development center, Sonata Software North America executes its projects both onsite and offshore, providing a cost advantage to the clients

IT infrastructure is the backbone of any enterprise, irrespective of its size. Aligning IT with business objectives continues to be the biggest challenge for CIOs today. Achieving business goals and objectives depend to a large extent on the IT infrastructure. Therefore, proper planning, deployment and support of IT infrastructure are very critical for any enterprise. 

IT Enterprises are investing heavily on technology and are acquiring large IT infrastructure to modernize their operations. This is true for enterprises across industries and verticals. As business needs evolve, management of IT infrastructure becomes crucial for better performance and enhanced productivity. One of the key


drivers of infrastructure management is that it supports more efficient utilization of technology investments, leading to increased productivity and business growth.

Customers today realize the importance of Information Technology as a competitive advantage to their business. Consequently, the Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) industry has witnessed substantial growth in the last few years. 

To help enterprises manage their IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively, Sonata offers end-to-end Infrastructure Management Services for consultancy, design, implementation, application hosting and remote infrastructure management. Sonata leverages its in-depth industry knowledge, best practices, technical expertise and Global Delivery Model to enable customers get the best out of their IT infrastructure.

Why Sonata?

Sonata, with its comprehensive and flexible Infrastructure Management Services, offers a unique business proposition to its customers. Sonata’s wide experience in designing, implementing and supporting systems at over 60 client locations can help enterprises build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure capable of meeting the dynamic needs of their businessSonata’s Services 

Sonata offers a gamut of Infrastructure Management Services to help enterprises align their IT processes with their business needs. These services can be classified into two broad categories:


 sonata IMS Portfolio

 Sonata has proven expertise across a broad range of domains and technologies:




Sonata’s business-centered services, based on the latest technologies, help enterprises optimize their IT infrastructure to enhance Return on Investment (RoI) and achieve operational excellence.

Sonata makes use of Remote Infrastructure Management tools to provide Infrastructure Management Services to its customers worldwide. These tools drive down the overall cost of services without compromising on quality and help enterprises overcome operational challenges. 

With state-of-the-art delivery centers in India and Germany, and a wide range of tools to automate infrastructure management, Sonata provides 24x7 support to its customers through a mix of on-site and offshore services with Global Delivery capability. It has extensive experience in setting-up and running dedicated Offshore Delivery Centers (ODCs), in compliance with the ITIL best practices, for its customers.

Sonata's experience in designing, implementing and supporting systems at over 60 customer locations helps it optimize and de-risk its implementation methodology to adapt to its customers’ IT landscape. Its proven methodology comprises five steps: 

Plan, Prepare, Transfer, Operate and Optimize.





The present value of the recruitment process recruitment industry (RP) in India isestimated to be $2.5 billion and it is expected to grow at the annual rate of 30-40 per cent for the next couple of years. According to a recent survey, only 8-10 per cent of the Indian companies outsource there recruitment processes. However, the number of companies recruitment their recruitment processes is increasing at a very fast rate and so is the percentage of their total recruitment processes being outsourced.Recruitment organizations strive for providing cost saving benefits to their clients. One of the major advantages to organizations, who outsource their recruitment process, is that it helps to save up to as much as 40 per cent of their recruitment costs. With the experience, expertise and the economies of scale of the third party, organizations are able to improve the quality of the recruits and the speed of the whole process. Also, recruitment enables the human resource professionals of organizations to focus on the core and other HR and strategic issues.Recruitment also gives a structured approach to the whole process of recruitment, with the ultimate power of decision making of recruiting with the organisation itself. The


portion of the recruitment cycle that is outsourced range from preparing job descriptions to arranging interviews, the activities that consume almost 70 per cent of the time of the whole recruitment process.In India, the trend of recruitment is also catching up fast. For example:Vodafone outsources its recruitment activities to Alexander Mann Solutions (RP service provider). Wipro has outsourced its recruitment process to MeritTrac. Yes bank is also known to outsource 50 per cent of its recruitment processes.