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Experion The Westerlies Residential Plots & Villas On Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon Experion Group Launched An Outstanding Project The Westerlies That Gives The Option Of Both Villas & Plots Depending On The Need Of The Residents.This Impeccable Township Is One Of The Finest Project That Is Full Of Surprises To Give A Perfect Space To Live. This Perfect Township Experion The Westerlies On Dwarka Expressway In 150 Acres Plus Has Comprised With Extravagant Amenities . This Perfect Destination Offer Full Comfort, Convenience, Fun And Much More.The Experion Builder Has Already Given So Many Phenomenal Projects Like Windchants And The Heart Song Along With The Mind Blowing Features And Amenities That Will Make The Life Effortless. The Place Is Very Well Connected To NH-8 And IGI That Will Make The Commuting As Easy As ABC. Experion The Westerlies Comprises With One High Rise Complex And Dedicated To Villas And Plots With The Plenteous Greenery To Make The Place Healthy And Energetic And In Addition Water Bodies Are Also Available To Make The Place Cool & Pleasing. For Extraordinary Lifestyle The Project Offers Various Features Like 24*7 Water/Power Back-Up, Round The Clock Security, Overflowing Greenery And Much More To Give A Perfect Lifestyle. Lot More Surprises Are There Like The Club House That Is The USP The Project All A-Class Features Are Available So That The Residents Don’t Think Of Going Outside And Enjoy The Life Within The Township. For Further Detail Call Us At - +91-99999-64462 Log On To Http://Www.Reiasindia.Com Courtesy -REIAS INDIA


  • 1. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462

2. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 3. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 4. The WesterliesWell-balanced neighbourhoods that fostercommunity living, with an integrated landscapeplan. Put simply, this is the central designtheme for The Westerlies. The township isextremely well-connected to the key focalpoints in NCR and is designed to offer a highquality, secure and holistic living experience.In an urban context, it is important to capitaliseon the value of open space. The plan envisionsexpansive stretches across the development,thereby ensuring that all areas in the masterplan are no further than 100 MTS from a highquality open space. While it is expansive innature, it has been designed to also providelocalised features of interest and variousplaces to unwind.The Breeze forms the main avenue forentrance and exit and strives to put forth thebest assets like open spaces to play andmeditate which is enhanced by the continuousstretch from one side to the other. This centralgreenspine links up the entire site into acohesive whole. All the units lie within a tenminutes walk from this landscaped greenmaking it the social and cultural epicenter ofthe township.75 MTS24 MTS15 MTS12 MTS0106WIDTH OF THE MAIN ACCESS ROADWIDTH OF SECTOR ROADWIDTH OF THE BREEZEWIDTH OF ROADSCEREMONIAL GATEWAYMAIN ENTRY POINTSThe Greenspine - The Breeze75 MTS - from theGurgaon ExpresswayEntry gateSchoolThe HeartsongCommercial areaArtistic impression of the birds eye view of The Westerlies24 MTS - sector roadNursing home60 MTS - towards DelhiCommercialareawww.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 5. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 6. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 7. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 8. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 9. www.reiasindia.comThe landscapeThe landscape follows the master plan thoughts and weaves energy within TheBreeze with its philosophy of intervening life through nodes of activities like budsof a tree. This implied synergy makes life easy, cohesive and complete. Thecentral landscape which is over 50 MTS deep at its maximum depth infuses life,and more importantly, meaningful spaces as compared to small pocketed greens.Within its limitation, architects attempted to make the green as a mode to bind thesocial fabric. The water management system and natural topography preservationis the townships attempt at giving back to the planet.The landscape architectsBelt Collins, an international planning, design and consulting firm based inSingapore, has partnered in conceptualising The Westerlies.T h e re p re s e nt at i on of T he We st e r li e s i s ca p t u red i n t he mo sta rt i cu l at e wa y t h ro u g h t h e Tre e o f L if e - wh e re t h e b u ds g i ve ri s e t og rowt h t h ro u g h f re s h e r bu ds, s ymbo li s i n g t h e i nt e rco n n e ct i v it y o f a l llif e f o rms. Symbo li ca l ly t h e t ru n k a ct s a s t h e m a i n wa l kwa y t h ro u g ht h e e st at e. T h e f ra mewo r k o f b ra n ch e s a ct s a s t h e s e co n d a ry pat h sa n d t h e l ea ve s be come t h e a ct i v it y z o n e s. T h e ro o t s p l a y t h e ro l e o fce nt ra l n od e s i n t h e f o rm o f t h e p l a z a s a n d pe rf o rma n ce s pa ce s wh i cha l s o d o u bl e u p a s k ids p l a y z o n e a n d t h e st e pped t e r ra ce, i nj e ct i n gv ig o u r a n d f l a vo u r i nt o t h e n e ig h bo u rh o od.call us at +91-99999-64462 10. Artistic impression of the amphitheatrewww.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 11. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 12. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 13. Artistic impression of the arch gatewww.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 14. The Westerlies is connected by fourstreets, namely, The Breeze, MulberryDrive, Chestnut Avenue and CypressLane, all designed to allow easy entryand exit to the residents.The Breeze, the primary street, formsthe main artery to the township while theothers enable hassle-free commutingto the amenity centers.1100 MTS03LENGTH OF BICYCLE PATHBAR-BE-CUE POD WITHIN EACH COMMUNITYwww.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 15. Artistic impression of The Breeze1100 MTS LENGTH OF WALKING PATH02 REFLEXOLOGY WALKSwww.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 16. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 17. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 18. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 19. At The Westerlies, the luxury ofspace isnt just limited to its vastexteriors. It is abundant infloors, duplexes and villas,designed as an ode to indulgence.The residential plots have alsobeen arranged in clusters withopen spaces to create quieterneighbourhoods.The Westerlies also offers plotsto build your dream abode. Toa c c e s s c o n t r o l p o i n t s , t h etownship offers an unmatchedcontrol on safety and security.VILLA180 SQ MTS210 SQ MTS300 SQ MTSPLOT AREA215 SQ YARDS251 SQ YARDS358 SQ YARDS377 SQ MTS 450 SQ YARDS462 SQ MTS 552 SQ YARDSwww.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 20. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 21. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 22. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 23. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 24. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 25. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 26. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462 27. www.reiasindia.comcall us at +91-99999-64462