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Classes at Brooks


  • Mrs. Mercer is one of the technology teachers at

    Brooks. She teaches Applied Technology, Video

    Production, Web Design and STL. She has been

    teaching at Brooks for 4 years and she has been a

    teacher for 17 years! She loves teaching and learning

    technology. She is currently working on her masters

    degree in Instructional Design and Technology. When

    she isnt in school she loves to hang out with her two

    dogs, Cosmo and Google. She loves her students and

    she really loves teaching.

  • She is one of the physical education teachers at

    Brooks. This is her 15th year teaching, but her first

    year teaching here at Brooks. She loves all the

    students and teachers here at Brooks. She enjoys

    working with our diverse population and our age

    level of students. She said that she loves to see

    kids playing sports and learning how to be

    healthier. Mrs. Rhodes loves playing sports herself!

  • This is his first year teaching technology,

    but he has been teaching at Brooks for 5

    years. He is an AVID teacher and also a

    technology class teacher. AVID helps

    students get ready for college, AVID students

    are given cornell notes to study in all their

    classes. Mr. Ehert wants to help make sure

    students have a good and successful life.

  • Mrs. Briggs is the art teacher at Brooks.

    She teaches 6th through 8th grade. She says

    that creating art is her personal conversation

    with the world. Her vision as a childrens art

    teacher is to help them find a way to

    communicate through visual expression and

    different mediums. She enjoys letting kids

    express themselves in art. This is her

    favorite subject to teach says Mrs. Briggs.

    She loves teaching art and enjoys all her


  • Mr. Schepis is one of the Physical Education

    teachers at Brooks. He teaches 6th through 8th

    grade. He teaches kids how to play sports and

    how to be healthy. He also coaches some

    sports team at Brooks. He says his favorite

    sport to play is basketball because you get to

    run around and have fun! He says he enjoys

    teaching physical education because he gets to

    teach kids how to be active and become

    healthier all together.

  • This is Mrs. Griffins first year at Brooks. Choir

    is offered to all grades in middle school. 6th graders

    are in beginners choir. 7th and 8th graders are in

    more advance choir and they do things they have

    learned from the past .7th and 8th graders will have

    multiple concerts. In the spring they will be going

    to contest and compete with other schools in our

    district. Last year Brooks got all 1s at competition

    ( 1s being the best) , we hope we get the same

    this year. Mrs. Griffin has put her mixed choir

    through hard work to prepare them for


  • This is Mr. Eichers first year at Brookss middle

    school. He is our leadership instructor for the Brooks

    junior reserve officer training corps-leadership program.

    His to favorite words are OORAH HOOAH. We also

    have a drill team; they come to some of the Brookss

    sports event and March and do the pledge. On

    Wednesdays the students on the drill team dress up in

    there uniform for extra credit.

  • Mr.Borst teaches middle school and high school

    band. He teaches 6th, through 8th grade. 6th grade band is

    beginner band and they learn the basics of everything

    and they do small concerts for their families. 7th and 8th

    grade bands do more advanced things and they do things

    for high school. We even have a jazz band which is for 7th

    and 8th grade students; they also do concerts at school

    sports events. He also encourages his students to

    practice a lot. He gives his students practice sheets and

    grades them. He said he loves to teach band because he

    loves to see students pass music!

  • She is a Director of orchestra at Brooks

    Middle School. She is also the Assistant orchestra

    Director at Southeast High School; Mrs. Hatfield

    also performs regularly with the Wichita

    Symphony. She loves teaching here at Brooks and

    she loves teaching orchestra in general. She says

    that orchestra is her favorite thing to teach! She

    wouldnt want to teach anything else!

  • This is Mrs. Stantons 3rd year teaching here

    at Brooks. She graduated with her bachelor

    degree from Kansas Wesleyan University and has

    her master degree from Wichita state university.

    She loves when she gets to see her students

    enjoy acting and doing theater. She wouldnt

    teach anything else if she could teach drama.

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