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Exploring Library’s resources. Lingnan University Library Oct 2013 Terence Cheung – Reference Librarian. Tel: 2616 8572 Email: terencecheung@ln.edu.hk. What library service do you use?. What sources do you use for your research?. Any problems?. Today’s Contents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Exploring Librarys resourcesLingnan University LibraryOct 2013Terence Cheung Reference LibrarianTel: 2616 8572 Email: terencecheung@ln.edu.hkWhat library service do you use?What sources do you use for your research?Any problems?Todays ContentsBasic Research Concept & Searching TechniquesLibrary Catalogue & 1-SearchEBSCOhostNews database FactivaTheses & DissertationsJournal Citation ReportGoogle ScholarPlagiarismRefWorksQ&AsBy the end of this workshop, you will be able to:have an overview on different types of library & internet resources in order to select the most appropriate tools in doing research.apply different search strategies in using the library online catalogue, 1-search, and other related databases in order to extract relevant information efficiently and effectively.Have an understanding of the basic knowledge on plagiarism, and reference management tools.What do you do before you do a research?Dont need all the answers at the beginning!!!Evaluating Information Authorship and Publishing Body: WHO is the author / publisher?Target Group: WHO is the intended audience?Currency: WHEN was the information released?Purpose: WHY this information was written?Referral: HOW did the author find this information? Are there references to other sources?Accuracy : Is the information accurate?Research Techniques Boolean OperatorsAND both terms will appear in the result. e.g. painting AND Chinese OR at least either one of the terms will appear in the result. e.g. Chinese OR Japanese NOTonly find items that do not contain the search term. e.g. painting NOT Japanesepainting AND Chinese OR JapaneseWhat will you find?Research Techniques Parenthesis( ) Use parenthesis ( ) to group words together and set the order of the search when using Boolean Operators.

e.g. use painting AND (Chinese OR Japanese) will find items with painting and Chinese or items with painting and Japanese in the result.Research Techniques Phase Search Use quotation mark for the exact phase. e.g. use art history will find the exact phrase art history in the result instead of items contains art and history separately.Research Techniques Wildcards? Use question mark for one letter truncation.e.g. use wom?n will find women or woman in the result.

* Use asterisk for several letters truncation.e.g. use behavior* will find behavior, behavioral, behaviorist, behaviorism, or behaviorally in the result.

Guide for research and using databasesGuides@LU

Guide for Cultural Studies

We have over 260 databases. Good and Bad!!!

Databases by types, subjects, A-Z

User GuideUse the databases user guide

Input the search terms1-Search

Narrow down your search by different criteriaClick this icon to save the article to the list.Research Techniques How to narrow down your searchUse more search terms

Limit the time frame

Limit to scholarly publications

Select appropriate content types

Select appropriate subject

Select appropriate sources

1-Search Advanced SearchAdvanced Search

Search by title, author, publication, etc.Search by title, author, publication, etc.22

To limit your search (to have more precise results) by selecting these facets Sort the results by :-relevance-dateHow to View the Full-text ? 23

Click Full Text Online to see the online journal article, normally you will be linked to a Check for Full Text pageHow to View Full-text ? 24

Click Journal and access the journal article by year/volume/page Click Article, then a new webpage , containing links to view the article, will appear. Practice 1: Perform your search in One-Search25i.Find resources on art history AND ChinaNo. of results:

ii.Limit results by Content type: Dissertation/ThesisNo. of results:

iii.What if limit results by Content type: Journal article No. of results:

iv.Click on the Full Text Online for one of the results on your list

v.Bonus question: Put quotation marks ( ) around phrases No. of results:

Are the results more relevant?Yes NoExercise: Which of the following is the title of the dissertations/theses on the topic of marketing of museum published on 200126Investigation of the current marketing practices and consumer orientation in Ontario museumsAdopting marketing strategies in museumsMuseum marketing: competing in the global marketplaceMuseum management and marketing

Exercise: Which of the following is the title of the dissertations/theses on the topic of marketing of museum published on 2001

The answer is B27Perform a keyword search on marketing and museum

Limit the search to Dissertation/Thesis

Limit the search to the year 2001


EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier

EBSCOhost Academic Search PremierEBSCOhost Academic Search Premier





DissertationsJournal Citation Report

1. Please click on the following URL to the Web of Knowledge platform:


Journal Citation Report

Click SettingsGoogle Scholar

Search Lingnan University & WorldCatGoogle ScholarClick Library linksGoogle Scholar

Findit@Lingnan links will appear next to those items which are held by Lingnan University.Google ScholarAccording to Oxford English Dictionary , Plagiarism refers to:The action or practice of taking someone elses work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one's own; literary theft.A particular idea, piece of writing, design, etc., which has been plagiarized; an act or product of plagiary.Plagiarism -- (online video) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0R4WzbOGIY&feature=youtu.bePlagiarism: How to avoid it (Bainbridge College) (Online video) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q0NlWcTq1Y User Guide: http://libguides.ln.edu.hk/bibliography_plagiarism43What is Plagiarism?RefWorks Reworks is an online citation management tool, which is an easy and convenient software to build-up and manage your citation. After building-up your citation, you can export your citation list to a Word file or email.

Guide on RefWorks :http://libguides.ln.edu.hk/refworks

There will be training workshop on using RefWorks by the Library. Please pay attention to our announcement about the workshop.

The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British author.Library Workshops




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Thank you for your time and the most important, your patience.


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