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Expressionism (1905-1925)

Expressionism(1905-1925)Expressionism-style in which the intention of the artist is not to reproduce a subject, but to portray it in a way that expresses the inner state of the artist.Influences-Fauvism, Cubism and Symbolism.What is it?Intensity of expressive colorAllows the colors to express feeling instead of describing itWas crazy, lived in an asylum

Vincent Van GoghLiked to trick the eye into a sense of movementPoint #1

Starry Night- Vincent Van Gogh (1889)Dramatic Brush Strokes and Dark LinesPoint #2

Starry Night- Vincent Van Gogh (1889)Shapes Are Very CurvedPoint #38

Starry Night- Vincent Van Gogh (1889)

The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum Arles at Night (1888) Van Gogh

Pioneer to expressionist movementUsed color to express feelingsUsed problems in his life to create his workPessimistic

Edvard Munch

The Scream by Edvard MunchUniversal anxiety of modern manEmotional CrisisThe study of the soul, that is to say the study of my own soul.

The ScreamThe Sick Child

Showed a lot of emotion through his artwork

Really in to drawing people

Most of his work seems sad until 1908

Switch-upMunch broke down in 1908

Went to mental institution

After leaving he became a more optimistic artistBreakdown and RecoverySaid that his art went under after breakdownLost deep feelingsFocused on imageryAfter BreakdownThe Dance of life

German artist and printmakerRuthlessly and harshly showed the brutality of war.Considered one of the most important artists to expressionism

Otto DixShowed his experiences through his work

Gloomy and harsh

payed attention to the bleaker side of lifeHis workStreet fight

Known for his evil eyeShows sorrow and sadness along with many other expressionistsTechniqueAnita Berber

Dr. Mayer-Hermann

The Nun

Expressionism gives the artist the ability to let out the emotions they haveMany of them show the more harsh or sad part of lifeSummary