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  • 1. Formed in Dresden, Germanyby Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Published their manifesto in1906, using wood carving as atemplate They liked woodcuts for theplain, crude forms in it.

2. In 1910 the group moved toBerlin, where they wereconfronted with the modernurbanity of the city. They wanted to challenge thetraditional style of arts, whichwas impressionism now. 3. As opposed to Impressionism, artcame from within the artist, camefrom what they werefeeling, rather than observingobjects. Putting the spirit back intomodern art, which they felt hadgone astray. 4. Founderof Die Brcke He was influenced byVincent Van Gogh andEdvard Munch Known for his BerlinStreet Scenes 5. With faith in progress and in a newgeneration of creators and spectators we call together all youth. Asyouth, we carry the future and want to create for ourselves freedom of life and of movement against the long-established older forces. Everyonewho reproduces that which drives him to creation with directness and authenticity belongs to us.-Ernst Kirchner 6. Nude Dancers, 1909(Woodcut Print) 7. Marzella, 1909-1910 8. Deutsch:Nollendorfplatz, 1912 9. Street, Berlin, 1913 10. Self Portraitas aSoldier, 1915 11. Blick auf Davos, 1924 12. (1911-1914) 13. WassilyKandinsky, Franz Markand Paul Klee The connection betweenvisual art and music Symbolic use of color 14. Fascinated by colors and nature Transitioned from basic simple landscapes tocompletely abstract and complex works ofart. His approach involved dramatic use ofcolor, lines and shapes 15. Angel of the LastJudgment (1911) 16. All Saints day II (1911)) 17. Small Pleasures(1913) 18. Was very interested in nature The subject of most of his paintings revolvedaround animals and nature Used extensive amounts of bright colors andcontrasts to give off the message of his art. 19. Lenggries Horse (1908) 20. Developed different composition styles Thought that he had a responsibility to Healthe gaping wound that separate man from hisenvironment. Drastic use of color theory 21. Symphony #1 22. The Scream (1893) 23. Started movement Was influenced by Naturalismand Impressionism 1893- 1907 24. Painted after WWI Painted ApocalypseLandscapes His works were consideredpurely expressionist 25. Self portraits were used to make theinner feelings of the artist show Expressionists did a lot of selfportraits even some of their works areconsidered self portraits. Show the emotions of average people 26. One of the first expressionists Memberof Die Brckemovement Used oil painting andwatercolor mainly 27. Gives painting texture More realistic Very versatile and can make it to almostany color, viscosity as well as sheen More of a romanticist thing butexpressionists used it too 28. Used for a pure color with little to no variation Brings out a bright and luminous feel to the painting