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    59th EAGE Conference and Technical Exhibition,Geneva, Switzerland2 6 - 3 0 May 1997


    Petroleum Division

    EAGE Business Office

    Laan van Vollenhove 3039PO Box 2983700 AG ZeistThe Netherlands

    Telephone : +31 30 6956997Telefax : +31 30 6962640

    1997 European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers

    UB/TIB Hannover 89116 948 590


    Reservoir Properties from Seismic

    Chairmen: K. Millahn / P. Dromgoole

    08.30 C001Impedance Layering Through 3D StratigraphicInversion of Poststack Seismic Data,Serge Gluck *, Emmanuelle Juve and Yves Lafet

    08.55 C002Lithology Classification Using Seismic Impedance,Bongkot Field, Gulf of Thailand,J. Guilbot*, M. Grausem*, P.L. Pichon

    09.20 C003Cosimulations of Lithofacies and AssociatedReservoir Properties Constrained by Seismic Data,Patrick Fichtl*, Frederique Fournier and Jean-Jacques Royer

    09.45 C004Image Processing and Geostatistics UpperCarboniferous Reservoir Description,Carsten Hellmich* and Henning Trappe

    10.10 C005Stochastic Modelling for Reservoir CharacterizationUtilizing Seismic Inversion Directly for Porosity,J.T. Nielsen*, K.B. Rasmussen, K.G. Maver, D.Goulding and G. Sykes

    10.35 C006Seismic Porosity Mapping in a 3D Curvilinear GridUsing a New Form of Cokriging,P.M. Doyen*, D.E. Psaila, L.D. Den Boer, K.Hirsche, R. Davis and L. Mewhort

    11.00 C007Areal Prediction of Porosity Thickness from 3DSeismic Data by Means of Neural Networks,Henning Trappe * and Carsten Hellmich

    11.25 C008Integrated 3D Seismic Inversion for ReservoirEvaluation,J.G.-S. Pan* and C.-S. Yin

  • Lecture Room C

    Reservoir Architecture

    Chairman: O. Dubrule

    14.00 C009Integrated Reservoir Characterization of a SealingFault System, Denver Basin, USA,Robert D. Benson* and Thomas L Davis

    14.25 C010Seismic Attribute Analysis for Mapping Small-ScaleFaults in Reservoirs,Renjun Wen* and Chris Townsend

    14.50 C011Scaling of Deformation Bands and Consequences forFluid Flow in Sandstone Reservoirs,Jonny Hesthammer* and Haakon Fossen

    15.15 C012Importance of Coal Layers for Reservoir Diagenesisand Reservoir Compartmentalization,Harald Johansen*, Kjersti Iden, Goran Aberg andKristine Aasgaard

    15.40 C013Ordinary Kriging in Faulted Domains WithoutStuctural Influence,Karen S. Hoffman*, Bryce F.J. Kelly, Derek R.Taylor and Libing Wang

    16.05 C014Synthetic Example of the Benefits of P-SV AVOAnalysis in the Glauconitic Channel - BlackfootField, Alberta,Maria Silvia Donati*


    New Concepts in Thurst Belts& Basin Stratigraphy

    Chairmen: G. Stampfli / J. Mosar

    08.30 D001High-Resolution Stratigraphy and Tectonic Evolutionof the Gulf of Suez Tertiary Rift,S. Dj'in Nio *, Mohamed Darwish and Nazih Tewfik

    08.55 D002Carbonate Build Up Occurrences in a ClasticDominant Basin - Thrace Basin, NorthwesternTurkey,On gun Yoldemir*

    09.20 D003The Evolution of the Palaeocene Satal Banks,Western Sirt Basin, Libya,Mi/ad A. Ghummed*

    09.45 D004New Concepts on Mesozoic and CoenozoicEvolution of Oil Basins in Tunisia,Pierre F. Burollet* and Fathia Mejri

    10.10 D00SMathematical Modelling of Grainsize DistributionsAssociated with Thrust Fault Related Folding,Taco Den Bezemer*, Henk Kooi and Sierd Cloetingh

    10.35 D006Thermal Evolution of Thrust System of the FrenchAlpine Front - Analytical Constraints and 2DModelling,Eric Deville*

    11.00 D007Crop 03 Deep Reflection Profile - an Interpretationof the Northern Apennines Thrust Belt,Massimiliano Barchi*, Maria Beatrice Magnani,Giorgi Minelli and Giampaolo Pialli

    11.25 D008A New Tectonic Concept of the Thrust Belts in theExternal Albanides Based on Microtectonic Studies,L. Mehillka*, V. Bare, V. Ngresi, L. Cobo and V.Xhango

  • Lecture Room D

    Basin Formation and Tectonics I

    Chairman: H. Schneider

    14.00 D009A Comparison of Mesozoic Clastic Plat Types in theSirte Basin and North Sea Rift Systems,Rutger Gras * and Bindra Thusu

    14.25 D010Faulting and Associated Mud Diapirism in the SouthCaspian Basin - Implications for Hydrocarbon TrapDevelopment,John L. Smale*, Yousif Shikhaliyev and Tanya I.Beylin

    14.50 D011Geological-Geophysical Prognosis of Oil and GasPotential of Mesozoic Volcanites in the KurinDepression,G.A. Bayramova* and O.B. Babazadeh

    15.15 D012Structural-Dynamic Approach to Complex Study ofRussian Platform Basement and Sediments,Andrey B. Beklemishev*, Vladimir G. Budanov, OlegA. Potapov and Anatoly P. Pronin

    15.40 D013Crustal Thinning and the Effect of Intra Plate Stressin the Northern Viking Graben,Willy Fjeldskaar*, Helge Johansen, PeterChristiansson and Jan Inge Faleide

    16.05 D014The Oligo-Miocene Marine Environments of CentralIran - Intra- and Back-Arc Extensions,Jamshid Hassanzadeh * and Mohammad Fakhari

    16.30 D015Thermo Mechanical Modelling for SedimentaryBasins Formation and Evolution,V. Svalova*

    16.55 D016Ionian Opening and Rift Processes of ApulianPlatform, a Key to Understand the SouthernAppennine Oil Area,Icilio Finetti*. Anna Del Ben and Michele Pipan

  • WEDNESDAY 28 MAY Lecture Room C

    Reservoir Rock and FluidProperties

    Chairmen: P. Forbes / K. Weber

    08.30 conApplication of Outcrop Analogues to ReservoirCharacterization,Koenraad J. Weber*

    08.55 C018Permeability Measurements on Outcrops - aProblematic Subject,D. Mikes'* and K.J. Weber

    09.20 C019Litho-Flow Facies Prediction in a Central North-SeaField,Andrew Vaughan *, Tomas Hansen, Helmut Cardonand Nigel Radcliffe

    09.45 C020Evaluation of Permeability from Geophysical Logs inthe Barrow Field, Western Australia,Yuijn Zhang and Henry A. Salisch*

    10.10 C021Assessment of Production Uncertainty Due toDifferent Log Correlation Styles in Lower ShorefaceOil Reservoirs,Cornells R. Geel*, Leon M. Barens, T. SezginDa/taban and Koenraad J. Weber

    10.35 C022Predicting the Response to Effective Stress of Coreswith Different Pore Fluids,5. Crampin*, Helen J. Rowlands, Sergey V.Zatsepin, Brian J. Smart, Katriona Edleman andBrian Crawford

    11.00 C023A Numerical Procedure for Modelling the Growth ofMud Cakes During Drilling,K.A. Fisher*, T.W. Chiu, R.J. Wakeman and O.F.J.Meuric

    11.25 C024Coupling of Laboratory Tests and NumericalModelling in Studying Illite Formation,Alberto Consonni* and Luigi Barberis Canonico*

    IV denotes speaker

  • WEDNESDAY 28 MAY Lecture Room D

    Basin Formation and Tectonics II

    Chairman: P. Grai/a

    08.30 D017Salt Basins Around Europe - Distribution, Definition,Hydrocarbon Potential,Leonid Anissimov* and George Moscowsky

    08.55 D018Constraining Magmatic Under Plating by TectonicSubsidence Curves,Tom Pedersen* and Paul Reemst

    09.20 D019Contemporary Stress Orientation in the AustralianNorth West Shelf,Richard R. Hillis * and Scott D. Mildren

    09.45 D020Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Deep CarbonaticSequence of Western Albania,He tern Seiti*, Skender Elbasani, Vladimir Veizaj andVullnet Xhango

    10.10 D021A NE-SW Trend Wrench Fault System andHydrocarbon Exploration in the Back-Arc Basins,Offshore Korea,Byeong Goo Choi*

    10.35 D022Deep Structure of Sedimentary Basins Along theOkhotsk Sea Geotraverse,A.G. Rodnikov*

    11.00 D023Basin Geodynamics in the Western Arctic Basinsand Their Hydrocarbon Potential,Antonina Shoupakova* and T.A. Kirjukhina

    11.25 D024Geoscientific Constraint Solving Using HyperspatialModelling and a-Shapes,BartH.M. Gerritsen* and /po L. Ritsema

    * denotes speaker V


    Seismic Reservoir Monitoring

    Chairmen: P. Thomassen / G. Watts

    08.30 C033A Concise Method for Predicting the Effectivenessof 4D Reservoir Monitoring,R.H. Seymour* and A.J. Emery

    08.55 C034Seismic Modelling to Investigate 3D Lithology and4D Fluid Variations at the Gullfaks Field,Roger Haugen, Neil Philip and Mona Andersen *

    09.20 C0354D Seismic on Gullfaks - Results and Challenges toDate,Martin Landre * and Lars Pedersen

    09.45 C036Seismic Monitoring in Carbonate Reservoirs - aDebate of Rock Physics Issues,Keith Hirsche*, Mike Batzle, Rosemary Knight andZhijing Wang

    10.10 C037Seismic Monitoring of a Mature Steam Flood,Keith Hirsche*, Larry Mewhort, Jan Porter-Hirscheand Steve Harding

    10.35 CO 38Fault and Fracture Classification Using ArtificialNeural Networks - Case Study from the EkofiskField,Claude Signer*, Scott C. Key, Hardy H. Nielsen,Lars Senneland, Ketil Waagbe and Helene H. Veire

    11.00 C0393D Seismic for Gas Storage Investigations,Henning Trappe*

    11.25 C040Time-Lapse Seismic - Wavelet Control AllowsDifferencing of 3D From 2D,E. Poggiagliolmi* and L.R. Weathers

  • Lecture Room C

    Exploration and ProductionCase Histories

    Chairmen: W. Liebl / H. Dronkert

    14.00 C041Exploration for Hydrocarbons in Europe - a HistoricalPerspective,Jan Roelofsen *

    14.25 C042Synergetic Interpretation of 3D Seismic andReservoir Data for Delineation of Porosity in GhawarField,S.N. Dasgupta * and M.R. Hong

    14.50 C043Integration of 3D Seismic, Gravity and Well Data toIdentify Added Reserves Ghawar Field,David W. Alexander* and Robert W. Jeffery

    15.15 C044Patterns of Hydrocarbon Occurrences in Ghadamesand Murzuk Basins, Libya and Their Relation to theGargaf Arch,Yahya A. Al Fasatwi*

    15.40 C045Petrophysical Characterization of FracturedCarbonate Reservoirs from Overthrust to PlatformArea, SE Turkey,Ahmet Tandircioglu* and Mehmet Ozkanli

    16.05 C046Oil and Gas in Tajikistan, New Prospects,H. Dronkert*, E. Dijkhuis and V. Kondur

    16.30 C047Petroleum Systems of the Pechora-Kolvin AulacogenOffshore Termination, the Pechora Platform,L. Popova *, V. Martirosyan and M. Vepreva

    16.55 C048An