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  • Spring 2018 April 2nd - June 14th

    Extended Day, Enrichment Classes and Private Music Lessons

    think DEEPLY; think RHOADES

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    Table of Contents

    General Information. 3

    Class Descriptions.. 5

    Weekly Class Schedule... 7

    Schedule Planner... 8


    Please contact the office at 760-436-1102, ext. 307 or email Mrs. Price at


    Important Dates

    Registration begins Wednesday, March 14

    Registration ends Friday, March 23

    First day of classes/music lessons Monday, April 2

    Spring 2018 Enrichment trimester ends Thursday, June 14


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    The Rhoades School offers both before and after school care in our Extended Day and Enrichment programs. Students on campus after dismissal must be enrolled in Extended Day or other prescheduled activities such as tutoring, enrichment classes or private music lessons.

    Extended Day

    A pre-planned, supervised program of social and physical activities, the Extended Day Program is offered on a Monday-Friday basis from 7:30 AM - 8:25 AM and after school until 6:00 PM. There is no charge for students dropped off after 8:00 AM. Students are retrieved by their homeroom teachers from the playground at 8:20 AM. Students are on time if they arrive before 8:25 AM. Late Pickups: Parents who pick up their children more than 15 minutes after their dismissal time will be billed the $30 emergency day rate for each day. Students will automatically be sent to Extended Day after 15 minutes past their dismissal time. Dismissal times are listed below for your


    Grade Dismissal Kindergarten 2:45 First-Fourth Grade 3:00

    Fifth-Eighth Grade 3:35

    The Extended Day Program is prepaid and due on the first of each month. The first monthly payment is due in full upon registration. A 30 day notice must be given for any change in schedule. Extended Care - 5 full days $261 Extended Care - 4 full days $235 Extended Care - 3 full days $209 Extended Care - 2 full days $157 Extended Care - 1 full day $105 Extended Care - 2-5 mornings $125 Emergency Day Rate $30

    These prescheduled prices are discounted from what you would pay if billed per day. The emergency day rate covers the entire day and will be billed to your account. There is no charge for Extended Day from class dismissal to 3:45 PM for students enrolled in a Rhoades School enrichment class that starts at 3:45 PM, otherwise, students must enroll in Extended Day.

    For students currently enrolled in Extended Day for 5 days a week, Extended Day will be available during Parent Conferences between 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM at no charge. All students (including those enrolled in Extended Day for 5 days a week) must register for child care for conference days (March 26 & 27). The sign-up form will be available in the office beginning a week before conferences. For all other students, there is no charge for child care during the length of each familys conference. The fee for a full day of childcare during Parent Conferences is $55 per day. The $30 emergency rate will be applied to conferences scheduled outside of Parent Conference dates listed above. End of the Day Late Fee Parents who pick up their child(ren) from Extended Day after 6:00 PM will be billed $15 per child for each 15 minute increment, or part thereof. At 6:00 PM, a contact on your childs emergency card will be notified. Extended Day Sign-in/Sign-out Procedure For the safety and well-being of our students, children must be signed in and out of Extended Day for all classes, private music lessons, tutoring and when students go home. The roster will be with the Extended Day teacher each day. Please ensure all individuals authorized to pick up your child(ren) are listed on each students Emergency Card in the office. Miscellaneous A snack of crackers is provided for students in the Extended Day Program. If your child requires more food than this, please pack a more robust snack in their lunch box. Any time your child will be absent from Extended Day or an Enrichment Class, please call the school office at (760) 436-1102. To reach the Extended Day Coordinator after 4:30 PM please dial extension 305. If your child will be missing a music lesson or tutoring session, please call the music or tutoring teacher directly. Please refer to the online music registration form for important private music lesson logistics and phone numbers. Extended Day policies are the same as outlined in the Rhoades School Family Handbook.


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    GENERAL INFORMATION Enrichment Classes Enrichment classes are unique after-school classes offered each trimester. Classes will vary each trimester. Enrichment classes are designed to meet the diverse needs of our gifted and talented students. Most enrichment classes are offered from 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM. Enrichment classes begin Monday, April 2 and end Thursday, June 14. Registration for these classes are on a first come, first served basis. *Children enrolled in Extended Day 5 days a week will receive a $45 discount per trimester to be applied toward either one enrichment class or one music lesson.

    *Enrichment classes are not prorated for late


    **All fees are nonrefundable.

    ***There is no provision for make-up if a participant

    is absent for any reason or if the school is closed due

    to an emergency.

    ****Payment for Chess Club must be made directly to

    Joe Prussack.

    Registration All students must have a completed registration form on file accompanied by full payment in the office before participation in the Extended Day Program, Enrichment Classes and/or Private Music Lessons. Deadline for enrolling students is Friday, March 23. Enrichment Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. It is advisable to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

    *Classes that do not meet the minimum enrollment

    requirement will be cancelled one week prior to

    the start of the class.

    All outstanding invoices must be paid in full before

    the student may register for Enrichment Classes or

    Private Music Lessons.

    Private Music Lessons

    No Extended Day charges will be incurred for music

    lessons beginning by 4:00 PM. Music lessons begin in

    the fall and are paid for, in advance each trimester.

    Lessons arranged in the fall run for the entire year

    once days/times are arranged. However, students

    must submit a registration form and payment each

    trimester to keep their spot. Returning students

    with existing music lesson arrangements will receive

    priority. Lessons for any open spots are assigned on

    a first come, first served basis and payment must be

    received before the date and time can be


    Parents must notify the music instructor within 24

    hours if a student will miss a lesson. If the

    instructor is not notified within 24 hours, instructors

    are not required to make-up the missed lesson.

    Parents are responsible for scheduling a make-up

    lesson if a field trip/middle school event conflicts

    with the music lesson within 24 hours of the

    anticipated lesson conflict.

    Private Music Lessons will not occur on the

    following day(s):

    Friday, May 11 (Early Dismissal Family Fun Day)

    Thursday, May 17 (Music Academy Recital)

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    Class Descriptions

    Advanced Artist Workshop Mondays | 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM Grades 4 - 8 | Roxanne Hunker Room 106 | $188 Use professional quality art supplies and learn a variety of sophisticated techniques as you produce your own

    masterpieces in Prismacolor pencil, pastels, charcoal and watercolors. Students will enjoy a unique synergy with an artistically stimulating peer group. There will be no class on Monday, April 23, 2018 due to the State Science Fair. .

    Chess Club Wednesdays | 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM Grades K - 8 | Joe Prussack Field | $159 (check must be made payable directly to Joe Prussack) Interesting lessons will show you

    how to create and defend against forks, pins, and skewers as well as how to properly develop your pieces with a motive. Students should know the basic rules of chess before enrolling. Games will be played frequently. Students will also watch exciting grandmaster games being played from start to finish on the hanging chess board. Parents must pick up children directly from class.


    First Lego League Junior Club Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM Grades 2 - 4 | Kathleen Walsh IDEA Lab | $324 This club is geared to expose our students to what its like

    to be in a robotics league with hopes of inspiring them to compete in the First Lego League Jr. competition of 2019. During our time together we will first, research a real world issue such as: delivering goods more efficiently and sustainably, or mining raw materials. Next, students will design and build a working (prototype) solution using Lego Wedo 2.0. Finally, they will reflect about and share their solution. Come and enjoy some time after school engineering and creating with Ms. Walsh and like-minded friends.

    Homework Club Mondays | 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM Grades 2 - 8 | Paige Wade Room 205 | $103 Get a jump on your homework for the week in a quiet, supportive environment. Teachers are present

    to help with clarifying directions and other questions as needed. Students should come prepared wi


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