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  • 1. Krylova Olga Gymnasia #1 Yaroslavl ,2010

2. Aim

  • To find out if it is dangerous to have exotic animals at home

3. What is a pet?

  • A pet is a domesticated animal thatis kept for pleasure rather than utility

4. Reasons for choosing exotic pets Love at first sight A status symbol Doesnt require a lot of attention 5. What kind of exotic pets do people choose?

  • Mammals
  • Reptiles (lizards, snakes, turtles)
  • Amphibians (frogs, salamanders)
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Insects

6. Warnings

  • Young animals may become very aggressive and unpredictable as they get older
  • Captivity is the cause ofstress to an animal
  • Diseases that are harmful to people

Wild animals need to be examined by a vet who has special knowledge 7. Examples of danger

  • A 13-year-old boy was attacked by a tiger and a lion
  • A two-year-old boy was rushed to a hospital after a male bobcat attacked him
  • The mother of an animal care worker at a cat breeding farm was killed by a Persian leopard

8. Good pets

  • Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, domestic mice, domestic rats, budgies, canaries, doves, pigeons, ducks, geese, tropical fish make good pets because they have been bred for thousands of years to coexist with humans

9. Conclusion

  • Its very dangerous to have exotic pets at home. Domesticated animals make better pets

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