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Extreme Application MakeoverNatan Cohen



NATAN COHENPrincipal Solutions ArchitectLogi Analyticsnatan.cohen@logianalytics.com

Ive been with Logi for 12 years.ABOUT ME2@SuperNatando


From Gross3@SuperNatando



#Logi16Giving your application an extreme makeover is much easier than you think.

Leverage industry standard style frameworks that integrate seamlessly to enhance your Logi Info application.

Look at a real-world example of effective visual communication of data and metrics.WHAT WE ARE GOING TO LEARN TODAY5@SuperNatando

#Logi16HOW LOGI ENABLES YOU6@SuperNatandoOffer a product that allows businesses to add embedded analytics to their existing applications.

Provide visualizations and interactive UIs to analyze and visualize your data.

Provide a 100% web-based development framework that integrates with other industry standard frameworks.

#Logi16TOOLS OF THE TRADEGive your application a facelift with these industry standard tools.

#Logi16Use mockups and sketches to plan your UI/UXMake your UX more enjoyableEnsure your UX is enjoyable regardless of screen sizeRecognize and harness the emotional connection of the colors you chooseSteps to Success8@SuperNatando

#Logi16Rapid web application mockup tool for producing wireframes quickly.

Key Benefits: Simulates the look and feel of a whiteboard sketchComprehensive library of UI controls Built-in collaboration tools for product managersBalsamiq Mockups9@SuperNatando

#Logi16Example: I Built This In 60 Seconds


#Logi16The #1 HTML, CSS and JS framework for creating attractive and responsive web applications.

Key Benefits: Responsive, fluid grid system that scales to any viewport size for optimum presentationHelpful class styles for typography, buttons, icons, images, tables and formsConfigurable UI components for alerts, tooltips, modal dialogs, tabs and transitionsBootstrap11@SuperNatando

#Logi16Example: From Good To Better


#Logi16Comprehensive library of hundreds of scalable vector graphics icons for your web applications.

Key Benefits: Scalable and customizable graphical iconsNo dependencies on JSCompletely controlled with CSSFont Awesome13@SuperNatando

#Logi16Example: Icons Galore14@SuperNatando

#Logi16Example: Icons Scale15@SuperNatando

#Logi16Use colors and patterns that are attractive, professional, complimentary but not distracting.

Helpful Websites: Flat UI Color PickerAdobe Color Palette DesignerSubtle PatternsColors & Patterns16@SuperNatando

#Logi16FRAMEWORKSExpedite your extreme makeover with these helpful style frameworks.

#Logi16Style framework that expedites development of attractive and visually compelling BI web applications.

Key Benefits: Pre-built UI components for Logi InfoBootstrap, Font Awesome and other helpful libraries already integratedUI for creating users, roles, navigation menus and moreIts free!Logi Accelerate18@SuperNatando

#Logi16Example: Accelerate Dashboard


#Logi16Fully responsive and mobile-ready framework used by thousands of professionals worldwide.

Key Benefits: Most comprehensive web application design frameworkHundreds of template pages and UI componentsCompletely responsive with legacy browser supportOnly $30 for a non-commercial licenseKeenThemes Metronic20@SuperNatando

#Logi16Example: Metronic Dashboard Theme


#Logi16Example: Conquer Dashboard Theme


#Logi16Learn more in The Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design