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  • 1. Extreme Refresh Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Revolution of 2014

2. Click Here 3. Who We Are Over the years we have refined and narrowed our scope of ministry. We have crystalized what we do and why we do it. We know what God has called us to do, now we need a way to connect who we are to the hearts and minds of those God is calling to serve alongside us. This is Branding: Connecting our passions with theirs, communicating our vision to their hearts, visually and through written word. 4. Color Scheme Our main color, Orange will anchor our new image to the past and the highlights and commentary colors will pull us forward giving everything a fresh clean look. As we establish our brand image these colors will help us stand out visually as they will connect across all publications, online or in hand. 5. Using the Logo 6. Tag line You are probably saying HOLD ON I thought our new tag line was Experience the Expansion. As we worked more and more with Change hearts, Change the world as a campaign idea, we realized that it was a much stronger call to action. It better represented who we are, what we do and most of all what we are passionate about. We also feel it will connect with others on a deeper level, we all know God is in the business of changing hearts. Change Hearts, Change the World 7. Materials In Hand Materials in hand are the visual support for in person presentations. They include Banners Posters Rack Cards Response Cards Business Cards Letter head T-Shirts 8. Banners Banners draw visual interest to our booth or display area when making presentations at Churches or conventions. They will highlight one of our stories of a changed heart and invite people to ask What is this all about? or Tell me this story opening the door to invite them to become heart changers themselves. 9. Posters Posters featuring our heart and world against a cityscape emphasize the urban nature of our work and the scope of possible change a vibrant church plant could make. These would be given to churches as a way to promote our ministry after we have gone. Posters featuring a Changed Heart offer a personal connection to the ministry 10. Rack Cards Rack Cards give people an opportunity to take us home. Perfect for sticking in your bible or hanging on your refrigerator as a reminder of the possibility of partnership or to pray for the ministry of Extreme. Rack Cards 11. Story Cards Distinct from the rack card in that they tell the story of one of our Changed Hearts. A testimony of the work God is doing in South America. These could be handed out with the response cards or made available at the display area. Story Card 12. Response Cards Response Cards An integral part of our presentations Response Cards connect our audiences with the real challenges faced by the communities we serve and offer a way to respond to Gods call. 13. Business Cards The quintessential networking tool. Two options from traditional to unique, these cards will aid us in staying connected with potential candidates and donors. 14. Letter Head 15. Plaques www.plaquemaker.com 16. T-Shirts T-shirts are an integral part of our Short Term projects and we hope these designs will help us communicate our vision for missions . T-Shirts 17. Branded Merchandise 18. Display Hybrid Banner iPad Display Stand Rack Card and Canvas Stand Canvases Future displays for speaking events will make use of new tools and avoid the use of tables to promote circulation of visitors and conversation. The goal being to Captivate, Inform and Enroll. The main banner will attract attention and the tablet and rack card stand will offer more information. 19. Expanding our Online Reach As we move forward our online image will reflect what we present to churches, schools and conferences. When a person finds us online whether it be our Website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In company page, advisement on a job board, it will reflect a cohesive image and be instantly recognizable as Extreme. 20. Job Boards We have begun posting openings Short Term Missions.com Christian Career Center.com These will be evaluated over the next year