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Extreme Resum Makeover!Brett BarlowApril 21, 2016

Brett BarlowCo-Founder & Manager, Salesforce Talent Evangelism2x Salesforce CertifiedSalesforce Consultant (pro bono) for Nonprofits Passionate Supporter of Salesforce Women in Tech@thebrettbarlow on Twitter

Current Employer and Job TitleAKA Where is the candidate working now and what are they doing there?

Previous Employer and Job TitleAKA Where did the candidate used to work and what were they doing there?

Am I Interested? If yes, theyre now looking for #s, keywords, etc. If no, theyve moved onto the next candidate How Recruiters Skim a Resume

Formatting FAQs

Where do I put my Education, Certifications and Training?Where do I put Salesforce Community-related experience (ie. User Groups, Blogs, Dreamforce, etc.)How long should it be? Should it always be 1 page?Should I add links to my LinkedIn, Twitter or other sites to my resume? Should I/How do I list Applications or Tools I have expertise in?

Introduction Section

Experience Section

Extreme Resum Makeover Time!!!

Safe Harbor

This presentation may contain opinions on resumes that may involve risks, uncertainties and hurt feelings. I know we all put a lot of effort into writing the perfect resume but if any such hurt feelings materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of this workshop could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the advice I give.

All statements made are made with the best of intentions and only intended to help you make that bad ass resumeso you can land your #dreamjob! But actually, Im here to help and the best way to help is be as candid with my feedback as possible!

Make Salesforce the focus of your resume!!!Include specific facts in the Career Profile!!

My eyes jump to the cert and then the AE roleBuild this experience into the resume!

Lots of stuff but not focusing on the right experience!

1 sentence for SFDC/CRM exp1 sentence for your background exp1 sentence for Community involvement

3-5 lines total! Too much text!!! I only really catch the highlighted when skimming

Careful with having the whole resume be too bullet-heavy!

Combining this into 1 company will show your awesome work tenure!!


Brett Barlow@thebrettbarlow/brettbarlow