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EY Alumni Connection 2013

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Brochure prepared by EY Romania on the occasion of its 2013 EY Alumni Annual Party.


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EY Alumni Connection2013

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We are pleased to bring you our

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Welcome to the EY Alumni community. Your continued success matters to EY. This community will provide you with a lifelong opportunity to meet and learn from other high-growth leaders, share experiences, identify new business opportunities, receive support and gain valuable insights. The community is also your gateway to EY’s global network of resources, including EY professionals, entrepreneurial studies and insights into sector trends.

Last year, we celebrated together EY’s 20 years anniversary in Romania. It is impressive to look back to all these years, to the complex projects we have made possible and which have changed the market we work in today. But, most importantly, it is impressive to acknowledge all the people that have stood by us all this time.

We were only a handful back in ‘92 when we started. Today, we have an extraordinary team of over 500 professionals. More than 1,600 auditors and business advisors have been our colleagues during this time. This is a strong alumni community, comprising some of the highest performing business leaders and professionals in Romania. I believe it is important that we keep in touch, that we meet regularly and that we exchange ideas based on our shared EY experience. We have made it a priority to build our Alumni program into a genuine local business community.

We hope that you continue to feel connected, inspired, informed and supported by this EY program and by your fellow alumni.

Welcome, you’re in great company!

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Several significant changes have taken place at EY in the last few months. We have a new visual identity, a new office headquarters in Bucharest and a new vision for the next decade.

Refresh and rebrandingOn 1 July, we announced our global rebranding and unveiled changes to our brand name, logo and tagline. From now on, we will be known as EY and our tagline will be the same as our purpose: Building a better working world. We’re making these changes because, while we have always had a strong brand, we recognize that it must continue to evolve. We are living in a digital world and we already use “ey” for our digital footprint. Shortening our brand name provides consistency and ease of use for EY practices around the world.

Moving up: Our new Bucharest officeOn the same day we changed our name and logo, we moved up the Bucharest skyline to a new headquarters in Bucharest Tower Center, where EY occupies the top 5 top floors. The new facility was specially designed to enable the implementation of an innovative concept of work and use of space that fosters collaboration, flexibility and responsible use of resources.

Meet Mark Weinberger: our new Global CEOAs of 1 July 2013, our global leadership has changed. After 12 years as Chairman and CEO, and 36 years of service to EY, Jim Turley has stepped down from his role. Mark Weinberger has formally taken over as Global Chairman and CEO and will continue to lead us in implementing our Vision 2020 strategy. Mark, 51, has had a distinguished career with a track record of leadership both inside and outside of EY.

Mark has previously served as the Global and Americas Head of Tax. He has been a senior advisory partner for many of EY’s largest clients and also served on the Global Markets Executive and Global Public Policy Committees. Mark was the Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under President George W. Bush and he was appointed to the US Social Security Advisory Board by President Clinton.

What is new at EY Romania?

The concept, named Workplace of the Future, will gradually be implemented by EY worldwide, at present being operational in the U.S. and in several major markets in the world. Romania is the first country in Central and South-Eastern Europe, where the company applies this new way of using the working space.

Our new office in Bucharest includes mobile work stations to accommodate employees with flexible work programs, informal meeting spaces and IT solutions to stimulate collaboration and connectivity between teams from Romania, employees traveling outside the office and those in other countries.

EY Romania average age of employees is 30. As generation Y, those who were educated in the 2000’s and grew in an environment with rapid cultural changes, gains a growing share in the number of employees, we try to meet their needs and expectations of flexibility in working time and space, virtual collaboration and interaction.

Vision 2020: Building a better working worldWe have launched Vision 2020, our purpose, ambition and strategy for the next seven years and beyond. Every day, thousands of EY professionals – and people from other organizations around the world – engage in an extraordinary range of activities that grow businesses and economies. In a better working world trust increases, so capital flows smoothly and investors make informed decisions. Businesses grow sustainably, employment rises, consumers spend and governments invest in their citizens.

A better working world also develops talent in all its forms and encourages collaboration. The insights and quality services that EY delivers help build trust and confidence in the world’s capital markets and economies. We develop outstanding leaders team up to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. By doing so, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, our clients and our communities.

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Who’s who and who’s new

Last year, on 16 November 2012, our Alumni community gathered to celebrate together with us EY’s 20 years anniversary in Romania. It was a wonderful event, where we relived great memories. Over 150 people took part in the celebration. Together, we built a huge magnetic puzzle which highlighted the landmark achievements that we all contributed to along the years.

Meeting with our Alumni Alumni event 2013We are already planning our 2013 gathering, which this year will be on 15 November. Our annual EY Alumni Party is a wonderful opportunity to network with your former colleagues and to find out more about the innovative changes we are implementing in our company at the moment.

Important changes have also occurred in our local leadership. As our leaders take on new regional roles, other colleagues, who have constantly grown and expanded their skills and responsibilities, have been appointed in new partnership and leadership positions.

Our new Assurance leaderAnamaria CoraEY partner - was appointed leader of the Assurance department starting with 1 July 2013. Anamaria takes over the leadership of the largest department in the company from Garry R. Collins, who will hold the position of Country Professional Practice Director for Romania and Rep. of Moldova.

“My career at EY has evolved continuously with the new roles, projects and experiences that the company has offered me. My appointment as the head of the Assurance department is a new stage and challenge in my professional career. The mission I have received and committed to for the next years includes specific objectives for attracting new clients from key industries, consolidating the new services we offer in Romania and developing the teams that we have formed locally”, explains Anamaria.

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Our new law practice leaderDragoş Raduone of the leading Romanian lawyers in M&A, Private Equity, Real Estate, and Corporate Law, has joined EY as Partner and Head of the Legal Services practice. In this role, Dragoş will lead our company’s efforts to expand market share, client portfolio and range of services.

Newly appointed Partners and Executive DirectorsMihaela Sandu has been named Partner in the assurance team of EY Romania, the number of partners that are women currently representing 25% of the total number of partners at the local level.

Our new HR leaderAndreea Mihneais the new HR Director at EY Romania. Andreea takes over the HR leadership from Alexandra Bebu, who has recently joined the regional team of EY Talent Management in Central and South Eastern Europe. Andreea joins us from Tchibo, where she held the role of HR Director. Her professional experience includes client serving and HR roles, local and regional responsabilities in companies like IBM and PayPoint.

Newly appointed Senior ManagersOur colleagues, Ioana Birta, Raluca Drăgan, Silvia Tălpeanu, Cristina Târziu, Andrei Raţiu, and Michele Scataglini, have been promoted to Senior Manager starting 1 July 2013.

Please join us in congratulating all our new leaders at EY Romania!

47 new-joiners this fall

47 new graduates have joined EY this fall, thus the total number of the employees reaching 495 people. Approximately 60% of the new employees have joined the Assurance practice, while the rest of them are now part of the Tax, TAS and Advisory departments.

The new recruits are among the most talented and motivated graduates of 2013, taking into consideration the great number of applications received and the fact that Trendence ranks EY as third employer of choice for Romanian graduates with high grades. Over 2000 of students from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Timişoara and Oradea, applied this year for a job at EY.

Felicia Gavrilă Also starting 1 July, she has been appointed Executive Director in the Assurance Department, after seven years during which she has constantly contributed to the development of the department’s portfolio.

Gabriel Şincua leading tax advisor in Romania, has joined EY Romania as Executive Director in the Tax department. He has over 16 years of experience in tax advisory, accounting, and payroll outsourcing for various big companies.

“Armed with the international platform that EY provides, the law firm can grow exponentially in the medium and long term. We are now working on growing the legal areas that have potential, considering the demand in the market and from our existing clients. Business law went through several interesting stages in recent years, of which the most important saw firms moving from a “one-stop shop” model to hyper-specialization in few limited areas. The financial crisis has shown up the weaknesses of being too niche, too focused on a few areas, and clients are seeking out law firms which can provide a broader range of advice, like EY”, Dragos said.

“My appointment as a partner in the company where I became a trained professional is an important milestone in my career. My new role means responsibility in reinforcing the team, widening customer base in key industries and improving the quality of services for our customers” says Mihaela.

“This new role in the executive team represents a new professional stage and a vote of confidence from EY and from my Assurance colleagues. I am happy to be able to further contribute to our practice’s growth, through value-adding services for our clients”, explains Felicia.

“The Romanian fiscal framework has continuously changed and evolved, and this has prompted the need for growth and diversification in tax advisory services. Growth companies, foreign investors and entrepreneurs need expert counsel as their activities become more complex. I am glad to join EY’s tax team and contribute to reinforcing our tax assistance services on the local market,” states Gabriel.

“The role of a HR Director in the professional services area in Romania is particularly complex, especially in the current market conditions and for a company with a portfolio of services like EY. Recruiting, training and motivating 500 of the best professionals in business consulting in the country is a true challenge and a reference project in my career, one that I wish to successfully carry out”, explains Andreea.

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EY Alumni Connection 2013

EY brings Entrepreneur of the Year to RomaniaThis spring, EY Romania announced its affiliation to the international program Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY), developed by our company world-wide. Starting with 2014, EY provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs in Romania to participate in the largest and most prestigious global business project dedicated to entrepreneurs.

CSR projects and initiativesEY has become an active contributor to the local CSR culture. This translates not only in the traditional partnership with prominent NGOs and charity organizations, but, most importantly, in our commitment to play a leading role in assessing the Romanian CSR environment.

EY is the only company that has designed a study which positions CSR as strategic component on the local C-suite agenda. This is why, we commit to developing the CSR survey annually, so that we can present local CEOs and CFOs with a relevant tool for including CSR in their business model.

However, CSR is ultimately not about donations and reports. It is about people getting involved in social causes and volunteering for what they believe in. We have initiated an internal group that our people can join and help develop EY’s CSR activities. The committee has 13 members gathers periodically to brainstorm ideas about how we can best get involved in the community life.

What have we been doing this year?

A vision for growth – Business Barometer

Innovation in Romania as strategic driver for business development

Entrepreneurs Speak Out 2013

A vision for growth – Mid-year Business Barometer

Corporate Social Responsibility Survey 2013

Capital Confidence Barometer for Romania 2013

Social media and the local business environment 2013

Institutional Investors Survey 2013

Romanian entrepreneurs access to financing 2013









EY local studiesSo far, 2013 has been our busiest year for local studies and surveys. We have positioned EY as a valuable source for market insights, by developing 9 local surveys in 2013:

This effort will build up throughout the year and we will continue to bring unique and timely information about the local economy. You can access these valuable research studies by subscribing to our marketing communication, at [email protected]

“Entrepreneur Of The Year is our global program designed to recognize and reward successful entrepreneurs. Moreover, it is an approach that enables EY to provide a framework in which entrepreneurs, consultants and specialists from around the world bring together ideas and insights about

entrepreneurship and the creation of an environment where innovation and creativity can produce prosperity. It fosters ideas, it creates a network of future business opportunities to which Romanian entrepreneurship will also contribute.”

Bogdan IonCountry Managing Partner, EY Romania

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EducationGrowing a new generation of business professionalsEY has committed to supporting the growth of a new generation of leaders and business professionals. As part of this commitment, we develop strategic programs and initiatives with students associations, NGOs and universities.

The initiatives we developed with partners such as ASE Bucharest, Emanuel University in Oradea, West University Timişoara, Babeş Bolyai University in Cluj, VWI Estiem student association, Junior Achievement and many others, we were able to interact with over 2,000 students and young professionals in the entire country. Our colleagues volunteered their time and knowledge to offer them interactive training sessions, workshops and internships throughout 2013. As the new academic year begins, we will further expand and build on these successful education programs.

“Stand Out” book launchEY and Publica launched a unique personal development book, signed by Marcus Buckingham. After just one month on the library shelves, “Stand Out” was already in Top 3 Publica sales.

Since its launch, we have offered the book as a prize to students and high school pupils who participate in our programs and competitions. You can buy it online or in any large library chain.

Charity “Craft the Joy – Enjoy sharing”Craft the Joy was the EY CSR program that showed all of us that auditors and consultants are the most creative and generous people. They have taken the time out of their busy season and personal lives to craft Christmas decorations and bring the Holiday spirit to vulnerable children. We designed Craft the Joy in two stages:

Stage 1. 40 EY people took part in two crafts workshops, where they learned to create Christmas decorations from wood, napkins and acrylic paint. Over 300 decorations resulted from these workshops.

Stage 2. The EY hand-made Christmas market opened between 11 and 14 December. All EY people in the Bucharest office visited the market and bought the products of their colleagues’ work and creativity. Over 120 people visited the market and on the third day it was sold out, with a turnover of RON 3,750.

The money collected were donated together with a Christmas tree to the children at “Buburuza” orphanage in Bucharest.

Craft the Joy brought us a lot of wonderful things, but, most importantly, it offered us:

▷ The occasion to contribute in a time when everyone feels the need to be more generous

▷ The chance to help vulnerable children by rediscovering a simple pleasure from our own childhood

▷ The context to create something tangible, as a diversity from our profession, where we deal with abstract concepts

Sporting competitionsEY has build a solid partnership with Hospice Casa Speranţei, through which we contribute to a variety of charity sporting events every year, such as the karting competition, the charitable football championship and the table tennis one. For the past two years, the EY team has had outstanding results at the Football Cup. Furthermore, Our Assurance colleague and Balkans swimming champion, Cătălin Cosma, represented EY at this year’s Hospice Ultra Swim Challenge. Additionally, 12 EY colleagues from all service lines have brought impressive results from the International Half-Marathon in Bucharest this spring.

Following these successes, we have established the EY sport “tribes”, through which our colleagues can get involved in many sporting and social initiatives, promoting a healthy life-style and a responsible civic conduct. Therefore, during the last few weeks colleagues from different departments joined sports like soccer, running, tennis, boating or cycling:

▷ Soccer: Our team proudly represented EY in the ‘Cornel Dinu’ Footbal Cup competition, that scheduled the first round of games on 8 September 2013 and lasted until the beginning of November.

▷ Running: Colleagues from Advisory, Tax & Legal, and Business Development participated at the Casiopeea Cross which every year brings to our attention the breast cancer issue.

▷ Tennis: The EY team made of Lars Wiechen and Constantin Magdalina played against three teams at Corporate Sports championship.

▷ Dragon Boat: The EY Vikings team, consisting of 14 of our colleagues, participated at a traditional Chinese boat racing on lake Herastrău, winning the third place in the 1000m long course and the fifth place in the 250m and 500m short courses.

▷ Cycling: Our team participated in a mountain-bike relay competition organized at the Comana Natural Park, consisting of a 3-lap relay, each lap having a length of 8.5 km and ranked in the first half among the 30 teams that participated.

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RecognitionsEY marks a staggering growth in the Trendence Graduate Barometer 2013EY is the 3rd top employer in Europe in terms of employer brand attractiveness. In Romania, EY recorded a staggering growth in 2013, from the 28th to 11th position. We’re exceeding popular local employer brands, such as Vodafone, Petrom and Apple. Furthermore, Trendence ranks EY as third employer of choice for Romanian graduates with outstanding academic results.

Trendence Graduate Barometer is the largest, most comprehensive employer branding study: over 300,000 students at 1,000 universities across Europe took part in the survey this year. The selection process and cooperation with partner universities has transformed Trendence into the most important measurement of employer branding in Europe and Romania over the past 13 editions.

ITR names EY the Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year in RomaniaErnst & Young was named Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe (Romania , Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Slovenia) by the International Tax Review (ITR) - one of the world’s leading magazines dedicated to international tax strategy. The prestigious 2013 ITR European Tax Awards was held in London on 15 May, demonstrating excellence and innovation in tax work across Europe.

EY is no. 1 on FacebookWith over 9,500 fans on our Facebook page in Romania and an impressive engagement rate, EY is currently ranked as the no.1 consulting company brand on Facebook in our country.

EntrepreneurshipEY has committed to a strong evolvement in building the entrepreneurship culture in Romania, by powering strategic programs in partnership with major professional associations and business leaders:

Ubercool AntreprenorEY is playing an active part in Romanian Business Leaders’ (RBL) Ubercool Antreprenor program, raising the awareness among high-school students regarding entrepreneurship as a career alternative. This spring, the program included a road-show in 10 major Romanian cities, where our leaders participate in:

▷ local press conferences

▷ informal meetings with local entrepreneurs

▷ interactive sessions with 100 high-school students in each city

1001 Start-upsThis is another high-level RBL program, in which EY has taken an active role. The program aims at improving the legislative process through which young entrepreneurs can access state subsidies for starting a business. Program partners are working closely with various state institutions by offering insights and support, in order to improve entrepreneurs’ access to financing under GD 6/2011.

The Family Business NetworkWe are talking the first steps to strengthen our ties with the renowned Family Business Network, which has recently opened a chapter in Romania. This could be a relevant partnership since EY has a well established Family Business Center and set of services.

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EY Beats1 July was a very special time for EY Romania. Not only did we move up the Bucharest skyline and get a fresh look, but 1 July was also the day when we premiered our new singing band! EY Beats, as the band was named following an internal name contest, ended the day with an electrifying concert at Puzzle Pub, where we celebrated our so many beginnings.

Colleagues in Bucharest know them as EY consultants, they have seen them sing together just for fun at our Summer and Christmas parties. What no one knew is that for several months they had been renting a studio and rehearsing every weekend to put together EY Beats:

▷ Lead singer: Mădălina Cristea, Legal Assistant

▷ Lead guitar: Andreea Bendovschi, Advisory Senior

▷ Keyboard: Oana Ciurez, Tax Senior Associate

▷ Drums: Răzvan Ungureanu, Tax Senior

After their debut concert, they are now back in the studio, rehearsing for their new stage appearance.

People programsEY Soft Skills AcademyTo help maintain a healthy and smooth working environment, this year, we launched a new personal development program for our people at EY Romania, called EY Soft Skills Academy. During May and June 2013, our colleagues were invited to take part in a diversity of soft skills sessions that offered them first-hand tips and applications on how to shape the building blocks of our personal brand.

Over 130 people have participated in the Soft Skills Academy sessions - from communication patterns, to time management, motivation, leadership and presentation skills - acquiring informative knowledge in the purpose of self-enrichment and dealing with the external world of clients, working in a collaborative manner with their colleagues or even improving communication in their personal life.

The list goes on, as the program continues this autumn with new personal branding sessions that are opened to people outside EY, including our Alumni. You can request more information about accessing the EY Soft Skills Academy at [email protected]

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Are you subscribed? If you are not receiving our regularly published alumni newsletters and business alerts, please let us know and we will place you on our distribution lists.

We have created a dedicated alumni group on LinkedIn called EY Romania Alumni. Make sure that you register with the group as soon as possible and join the 120 former colleagues that are already members.

If you are interested in any additional industry news or other specific publications, feel free to contact us. We will gladly support you with available thought leadership material.

Please contact:Elena Badea, Head of Market EnablementEmail: [email protected]: +40 21 402 4000

EY Alumni Connection 2013

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