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  • 8/14/2019 Ezekiels Temple is Millenial


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    I received an interesting email from a fellow post-tribulationist, Scott McPherson, whosuggested that the Abomination could occur on the northern end of the Temple sitedue to Isaiah 14:13. This verse (below) may not be referring to Satan, as most believe,but, like the rest of the text around it, it may concern the anti-Christ -- the "king ofBabylon." It's difficult to know whether or not the text alternates from the anti-Christto Satan, but see here what one of them speaks in his heart:

    "I will go up to the heavens; above the stars of God I will raise mythrone. And I will sit on the mount of meeting, in the sides of thenorth...I will be likened to the Most High God" (Isa. 14:13).

    Scott views the "mount of meeting" as the end-time Jewish sanctuary. And because wesee the subject desiring not only to "sit" in that place, but to become like God, Scottcame to the conclusion that the apostle Paul was speaking on this very verse whendiscussing the anti-Christsitting in the Temple and proclaiming himself to be (a) God.

    Scott is unsure of whether or not there will be an operational Temple in the tribulationperiod. Personally, I don't think there will be, even in the face of Paul's flat statementto the contrary. I think that Paul had imagined a Temple building when reading"sanctuary" in Daniel, and perhaps also when reading "mount of meeting" in Isaiah.

    And I think that the Holy Spirit led him to use the Greek word for "Temple" that doesnot necessarily refer to a building, but that the alternative word for Temple, whichrefers specifically to a building, was wrongly slipped into copies of the Thessalonianepistle after Paul's death, not insidiously, but because everyone who copied the epistlewould have likewise imagined a building...having no idea that the modern situationwould transpire, with a secular Israeli government, an Arab East Jerusalem, and aMuslim shrine on the Temple Mount.

    Scott's intriguing theory is that the anti-Christ could place the Abomination on anorthern section of the end-time sanctuary, instead of the Western-Wall sanctuary. Healso pointed out a line from Psalm 48:2, "...beautiful...is Mount Zion, on the sides of

    the north," that not only serves indirectly to equate the "mount of meeting" withJerusalem, but also reveals the land on the north side of the city as being prime in thesight of God. And we can suspect that Satan/Anti-Christ, by reading Scripture, cameto know that the northern sides would be prime, explaining his desires to have them ashis own seat of power.

    I was amazed with Scott's theory because it had never dawned on me, the reason beingthat the NIV Bible which I had been using does not use "sides of the north," butinstead uses, "utmost heights," a very bad translation indeed. In fact, the NIV is sobad at times that I try to check with my interlinear as often as is important. Everyone

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    should have an interlinear. All scripture quotes presented in this book are interlinearderivations.

    I don't think that anyone has any particular argument against the equating of theMount of Meeting with Jerusalem. The same Hebrew word for "meeting" is used inIsaiah 33:20: "Behold, Zion, the city of our appointed meetings" (Isaiah 33:20). Butit's not the city as a whole that acts as the meeting place, but the Temple site. And

    because the northern sides of Jerusalem are raised above all other sides in Psalm 48,one could get the distinct impression that the Temple Mount will be on the northernside of Jerusalem. Yet the current Temple Mount is on the east and south of the City.

    But not in the future! In Ezekiel 48, the Millennial City's northern reaches are exposedas prime land. Yes, and while some just won't accept it, the Millennial Sanctuary andMeeting Place will bea few miles north of the Millennial City! That is, the EzekielTemple won't be "downtown," which makes much sense when one thinks about it.

    The Temple building will be in prime land reserved for the Zadokite priests -- landthat's about eight miles long east-to-west, and three miles north-to-south (25,000 x

    10,000 cubits). This northern section is called by these titles: "the holy of theland" (45:4); "the holy high offering (48:10), and at times more simply, "the highoffering." The entire Square of 25,000 cubits x 25,000 cubits is also called the "highoffering" (48:8). The Zadokite allotment is to be located in the midst of this Square.(By the way, I am assuming that the measurements are in cubits, but the Hebrew textdoes not mention which particular units when it comes to this parcel of land. The KingJames Version assumed in two places (45:1 and 48:8) that the Square is to bemeasured in reeds).

    How interesting is it that Arafat is trying to take this very region, and more, as his ownseat of power in the so-called "land-for-peace deal"? But don't suppose that Arafat isthe anti-Christ as a result. He's much too old...by 2010, he won't be in power anymore.If George Bush convinces the Israelis to give these northern sides to the Palestinians inthe so-called "roadmap to peace," do you think that God will approve?

    The Temple is said to be in the "midst" of the Zadokite allotment, but there is aquestion as to whether this "midst" refers to 1) the very core of the Allotment; 2)centralized east-to-west upon the northern border; or 3) centralized east-to-west uponthe southern border. But in all three cases, the Temple will be north of the MillennialCity by some distance because the City is to the south of the Zadokite Allotment(48:15). Unless we can discover which is true, either 1), 2), or 3), we can't determinethe distance from City to Temple. The maximum distance to the Millennial Templefrom the north edge of the City, 10,000 cubits, would be due to 2). That distance is

    equal to 3.3 miles. If 1) is true, then the Temple would be just half that distance, orabout 1.65 miles, from the north edge of the City. And if 3) is true, then the Templewould be adjacent to the north edge of the City. But in no case would the MillennialTemple be situated on the present Temple Mount because that Mount is south ofwhere the northern edge of the Millennial City will be situated. That the MillennialCity will be located where the Old City is now can be proven by Zechariah 14:10,where the Millennial City is associated with three gates of Old-Testament Jerusalemas well as its tower of Hananeel.

    It seems, therefore, that "sides of the north," referring to the northern reaches of the

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    Millennial City, refers specifically to the Zadokite Allotment, which makes absolutesense in that the Temple will be somewhere within that Allotment.

    I should say that, in 2002, when I first wrote this chapter, I was of the impression thatthe Zadokite Allotment was at the very north of the Square, wherefore I had suspectedthe Millennial Temple to be anywhere between 3.3 and 6.6 miles north of the Old City.But now, in 2004, after a second study of the matter, I see that the Zadokite Allotment

    will be central within the Square, sandwiched between the Levite Allotment at thenorth and the City Allotment at the south. For, 48:18 tells us that the City Allotmentwill run alongside the Zadokite Allotment, in that this allotment is in that text calledthe "High Holy Offering," a phrase that specifically implies the Zadokite Allotment.And that's why I now seek the Temple Hill at a maximum of 3.3 miles north of thepresent Old City.

    For those who want to get into this, let me explain further. The 6.6-mile stretch of landis from the northern edge of the Millennial City to the northern border of the Square.That Square consists on its southern flank of a 25,000 x 5,000 cubit allotmentdesignated for the City (the City itself is only 5,000 x 5,000 cubits). To the north of the

    25,000 x 5,000 City Allotment is the 25,000 x 10,000 Zadokite Allotment, and to thenorth of the Zadokite Allotment is the Levite Allotment, also 25,000 x 10,000 cubits.Thus, the whole is 25,000 x 25,000. The 5,000 x 5,000 City, at the Square's extremesouthern boundary, is centralized between the east-to-west 25,000-cubit span (Ezekiel48:15). Therefore, and this is important, if we draw a north-south line running downthe middle of the Square, it will also run through the middle of the City. The Temple,within the Zadokite Allotment, should also be on this central north-south line, becauseit is said to be in the midst of the Zadokite Allotment.

    Note from Isaiah 10 that the anti-Christ will stop at ancient Nob (in/near modernShufat) and shake his fist at the Temple Mount from there. Nob was/is in the ZadokiteAllotment, some two to three miles north of the present Temple Mount! This does

    suggest that the anti-Christ will come to sit in the sides of the north, perhaps meaningthat he will set up his military headquarters there...perhaps with a will to stay i.e. tomake the present Jerusalem his capital from where he can act as God permanently!

    Is the Abomination of Desolation the setting up of an anti-Christheadquarters/government in or around Nob...instead of the trampling of the presentTemple Mount? Is Nob where he plans and carries out a revolt leading to thedesolation of the Old City (this is a very compelling view)? Are the "sides of thenorth" equivalent to Daniel's "edge" (9:27) upon which the Abomination is to beplaced (note that the Hebrew word for "sides" is not the same Hebrew word as"Daniel's "edge"). Alas, Daniel's "edge" seems very much to be referring to the

    present Temple Mount and not to the north of the Old City. How so? For one, in thethree places where the Abomination is referred to (9:27, 11:31, 12:11), it is alwaysaccompanied by the abolishment of regular offerings. It is hard to conceive of theseofferings taking place somewhere north of the City, in what is now Arab East-Jerusalem. Moreover, in Daniel 8:11, where we see a fourth instance of abolishedofferings, "abomination" is a missing term. Yet the text substitutes with, "...and theplace of His sanctuary was cast down." This is some very strong indication that theAbomination can be defined as the trampling of the sanctuary...wherefore Daniel's"edge" (9:27) wouldnot refer to an area outside of the present sanctuary.

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    On the other hand, it is possible that the Jews will succeed in building a new Temple,or at least start its construction, to the north of the present City. The Abominationcould then occur in the "sides of the north." But I do not believe that God will allowthe Ezekiel Temple...a 1,000-year Memorial to the Cross of Jesus Christ...to beprofaned and destroyed by the anti-Christ. Thus, I do not tend to believe that theTemple will be built in the great-tribulation period. Then again, what the Jews on thisside of Armageddon attempt to build as the Ezekiel Temple is not necessarily going to

    be the ultimate Millennial Temple.

    If the hills north of Jerusalem all look a little less glorious than the Tropics now,remember that God has promised abundant Millennial rainfall on certain parts of thecountry...this holy part definitely being one of them. Ezekiel himself (33:28 inconjunction with 36:35) informs us that the Judean hills will become transformedfrom desolation to the Garden of Eden (whereas deserts will yet remain in other placesof the nation).

    The rains will be so abundant that a source of underground water below the EzekielTemple will reach the Dead Sea with the result of freshening up its salt water around

    the mouth of the river. Dead-Sea water level has decreased for millennia because therate of water leaving through evaporation is greater than the rainwaterwashing/seeping into it, for which reason the sea has become saltier with every passingcentury, saltier than any other sea on earth. You could imagine that immediately afterthe Great Flood (of Noah), the Dead sea was about 10 times more voluminous, havinga northern shore at the Jezreel Valley.

    Zechariah 14:10 supports Ezekiel, and is more specific, telling us that the land from"Geba to Rimmon, south of Jerusalem," will be desolated in the tribulationperiod...i.e. made like the "Arabah"...but will then be raised up afterwards (not raisedphysically, but in the sense of sanctified), suggesting that the northern hill countrynorthward from Jerusalem all the way to Geba (modern Al-Jaba) will be blessed.

    While the northern border of the Square will be 6.6 miles north of Jerusalem, Gebahappens to be 6 miles north of Jerusalem. Thus, Zechariah is telling us that the "sidesof the north" will bloom in their entirety, even all the way to Rimmon, south of OldJerusalem (we don't know where Rimon was). See modern Map 1 of East Jerusalem..

    The outer wall surrounding the Ezekiel Temple is entered by my Hebrew interlinear,not to mention the Septuagint, to be 500 "reeds" square (42:20), where one reed is saidto be six royal cubits long (Ezekiel 40:5). The Hebrew text doesn't give the units,whether cubits or reeds, and the NIV uses 500 "cubits" instead. Although I at firstthought this to be incorrect because I had read 45:2 to mean that the Temple would be500 cubits square, I later found that the Temple would be just 100 cubits square

    (41:13), meaning that 45:2 speaks on a 500-cubit square wall surrounding the Temple.I apologize to all readers who were confounded or misled by that mistake. I think Inow have it right. While the Temple area has only three gates in it's walls (a north,south and east gate -- no west gate), there must be another set of Temple walls simplybecause we see four walls with 12 gates, three on each wall (48:31). The outer set isfound in 48:33, each wall being 4500 cubits long...significantly larger than a one-milesquare, and amounting to 2.2 square miles.

    The present Old City of Jerusalem is only 1/3 of a square mile (its Temple Mount is yetsmaller, about 1/15 of a square mile) so that the as-is City could not house the outer

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    Millennial Temple wall. Moreover, the Millennial City is to be 4,500 cubits square(48:16) so that the Temple cannot be located within it...since the Temple walls arethemselves 4,500 cubits square. I do not think that we can equate these two sets ofwalls so that the City and the Temple area are one and the same area. I say the Templemust be located significantly north of the Millenial City, for reasons that follow.


    Certainly, if God is giving the dimensions of the Temple, we are not surprised to findthat He is revealing its location. Possibly having the pur...