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The Ant and the Grasshopper

It was summer, hot and sunny, and, instead of working and preparing for winter, a Grasshopper preferred to dance, sing and play his violin at his leisure, not minding that these wonderful days will soon be over, that cold and rainy days will soon be near. On seeing a hardworking Ant passing by him, preparing for the hard winter that was to come one day, he invited him to join him and share his fun. Unfortunately, I dont have time for this, the Ant answered, I must work hard, so that winter wont find me without shelter and food.Stop worrying so much, there is still plenty of time to prepare for winter. Lets sing and dance together, lets laugh and enjoy life.But Ant was very wise and wouldnt pay attention to the Grasshoppers words and continued to work hard and store food for the long winter that was to come.The winter came sooner than expected, and the Grasshopper found himself without home and without food. He went to the Ants house and begged him for food and shelter.Im sorry, but I cant help you, the Ant said. I only have room and food for me and my family, so go find help somewhere else.I should have followed Ants example in the summer, the Grasshopper thought sadly. I would have been so happy now

Prepare for the hard days to come.

The Ass in the Lion's Skin

On his walk through the forest, an Ass found a Lions skin and instantly, a wonderful idea crossed his mind that was going to help him be respected and feared by al the other animals. He was going to pretend to be a Lion! So, he put the skin on and wandered through the forest, scaring all the small animals around. He felt so strong, he was the king of the forest! What a great feeling! For a moment, he forgot he was not supposed to open his mouth to give himself away and brayed triumphantly. Right then, a fox that was just on the point to run away scared thinking it was a real Lion, stopped suddenly and began to mock at him.An Ass! You were just an Ass pretending to be a Lion! You gave yourself away with your voice. Had you kept your mouth shut, I would have been fooled myself, too.

The real fakers will finally give themselves away. .

The Fox and the Crow

One day, a Crow found a piece of meat, took it in her beak and flew away with it in a tree. Right that moment, a Fox passing by, saw the Crow with the meat and, since he was very hungry, thought of a plan meant to help hime steal the meat. So, he sat in front of the Crow and begain to exclaim:Oh, Crow, you are the most gracious and beautiful bird I have ever seen! Let me admire you, and let me hear your voice, too, it must be equally beautiful as your appearance, you, Queen of Birds! The Crow was truly delighted by all these compliments, and she was even convinced she had a beautiful voice, so, she opened her mouth to sing. That moment, she dropped the meat, and the Fox grabbed it right away.Look, Crow, the Fox said, your voice is ok, but, unfortunately, you have no wits.

The flatterers are not trustworthy.

The Bear and the Two Travelers

One sunny day, two travellers who seemed to be very good friends met a bear in their way when they least expected, so they both tried to climb a tree that was near to save their life, but one of them hurt himself and didnt manage to climb. His friend was so concerned to save his own life, that forgot about him and didnt offer to help him, so, the only idea that crossed his mind that moment was to play the dead on the ground. The bear thought he was really dead, so, he soon left, after smelling him for a while.When they finally seemed to be safe, the traveller in the tree climbed down, asking his friend what the bear whispered in his ear. The bear adviced me not to trust those friends who leave you in a moment of danger

Real friends help you when you are in trouble..

The Stag at the River

One hot day a stag came to a river to quench his thirst, and seeing his reflection in the water, found his horns truly amazing: They are magnificent, exquisite, I am so proud of them, he exclaimed, then, looking at his legs, he became very sad. My legs are too short, too thin, if they could be as amazing as my horns I would be so happy. But while pondering on all these things, a Lion showed up, and the Stag ran away, but soon stuck his horns into the branches of the trees. It was very easy for the Lion to capture him this way. I cant believe that my very horns which were my pride brought my misfortune, while my legs which I was so ashamed of would have served me so well. Things are not what they seem to be.

Most often, we despise the most precious things and appreciate the wrong ones.

The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox

A poor unfortunate Kid got captured by both a Lion and a Bear and each one wanted it for himself, not willing to give up on it in favor of the other one and not even to share it.Because of this, they started to fight. After they fighted for a long time, they fell down very tired. A cunning Fox who noticed all this from the very beginning took advantage of this moment, came quickly, grabbed the Kid and ran away, very happy with his prey.The Lion and the Bear couldnt believe they had been so unwise and lost the Kid because of their greed.Next time we capture a prey, I promise Ill share it with you, said the Lion after he learned his lesson.

You may work hard and still not get the benefit if youre not wise enough.

The Hare and the Tortoise

A Hare and a Tortoise decided one day to compete with each other in a race. That was because the Hare dared to laugh at the Tortoise for being so slow and heavy and he just couldnt stand this painful offence. So the Tortoise suggested the race and the Hare agreed, very confident in himself. The poor Tortoise will make a fool of himself, he thought very amused.So, when the big day arrived, they started together. A long road was to be run, so, after a while, the Hare stopped, being so advanced in comparison with the slow Tortoise and thought it was a good idea to take a nap for a few minutes. He did so, but when he finally woke up, he was horified to notice that the Tortoise was just about to arrive at the end of the race. No, thats not possible. I must be dreaming!, he said. I will catch up with him, I still have time to win, I can run so fastBut he couldnt make it, though, it was too late, the Tortoise was the winner of the race, as slow as he was!

Be consistent in your effort and you will be successful.

The Fox and the Grapes

Searching for food to satisfy his hunger, a Fox suddenly saw a vine full of big grapes and ran towards it greeedishly. But unfortunately, the grapes were so high that it was impossible for him to reach them. He tried again and again, but couldnt even touch them. Bitter and frustrated, he comforted himself by saying: "Anyway they dont seem ripe, so the taste must be very bad. Surely they are sour.

You can easily despise what you can't have.

The Shepherds Boy and the Wolf

There lived a shepherd boy in a small mountain village. He had great imagination, so one day, an idea occured to him to have some fun and escape from the monotony of his life. So he went very close to the village so that people could hear him and began to yell: "Wolf ! Wolf! Help me!The villagers got scared and wanted to help him, so they came quickly, but instead of wolf, they only found the shepherd boy laughing ironically. Foolish boy!, they said very angry and left.The boy was really proud of himself and did his stupid joke once again another day and the villagers believed his lie again and felt sorry they fell into his trap.The third time the shepherd boy cried for help, nobody bothered to help him any more and this time the wolf was real, it was not a joke, but the villagers didnt believe him any more.

Once you lose your credibility, no one will believe you any more, even when you speak the truth.

The Ant and the Dove

One day, an Ant went to the river to drink some water, but unfortunately he fell into the water and was just about to lose his life. That moment, a Dove saw him and, eager to save his life, threw a bough on the water, so that the Ant should climb on it. Soon, the Ant was out of any danger. He was very grateful to the Dove for saving his life, so, one day, when the Dove was in danger, too, because a hunter intended to shot at her, the Ant stung him in the foot. The hunter dropped his gun because of the pain, and the Dove flew away in a moment.

One good deed is rewarded with another good deed.

The Dog and His Reflection

A Dog found a piece of meat one day and while walking with it in his mouth near a stream, he saw another dog in the water with another piece of meat. He was not aware that it was his own reflection and not another dog. So, wishing to have the other meat, too, not satisfied with his own, he opened his mouth to grab it, but that moment, his meat fell into the water and it was carried away till he couldnt see it any more. So, he remained hungry that day, because of his greed.

If youre not content if what you have, you may lose everything in the end.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

A Mouse living in the countryside, invited his cousin who lived in a big town to spend some time in her modest home. She agreed and they spent a great time together, despite the modest conditions they lived in. Nothing ever seemed to trouble their peace and harmony. Before returning to her home, the Town Mouse asked the Country Mouse to come with her. As the Town Mouse described the city life full of surprises and luxury, her cousin was very curious to see all that herself, so she said Yes. They traveled together to the Town Mouse's house and everything was indeed as described with lots of food and fun. But, at the same time, many dangers


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