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Almost 50% of Business Owners are Hiding this Shame


  • 1. FACEBOOK CATASTROPHEAlmost 50% ofBusiness Ownersare Hiding this Shame

2. Almost 50% of Small Businesses Dont Have aFacebook Page If you are not on Facebook, youre missingout on a huge marketing opportunity You are giving your competitors an easyadvantage You are leaving money on the table! 3. WHY FACEBOOK? Facebook changes the way people do business 829 million people use Facebook on a dailybasis 63% of Facebook users engage on a daily basis Facebook allows you to gather your fans in oneplace Facebook makes it easy to reach local marketswith advertisingAnd creating a page only takes five minutes 4. 6 Steps to create yourfacebook page 5. 1. GET STARTEDYou dontneed muchto getstarted ANDits free Have a vision,theme, or idea foryour page Know your targetmarket What is yourobjective? 6. 2. CREATE YOUR PAGE Visit facebook.com/pages > Create Page Upload your cover photo(No Call To Action Allowed / No Sales Pitch) Upload your profile picture(Your Logo or a Professional Picture of You) 7. 3. Complete Your Profile Fill in the About sectionExplain what your business does dont forget toinclude a link to your website Set milestonesDisplay major events for your company 8. 4. GET TO KNOW YOUR PAGE Star, Hide and PinStart posting updates Tour around the Admin PanelReply to comments, make changes, create ads Enable MessagesCustomers can contact you about issues andconcerns privately 9. 5. START ENGAGING Best times to post arewhen people arenttypically at work Posting one or twotimes a day increasesuser engagement The shorter the post,the sweeter it is Ask questions! Make them fill in theblank! Know your keywords andhow to use them (HINT:Use #hashtags) Keep it simple 10. DONT HAVE TIME TO CREATEAND MANAGE YOUR PAGE?6. HIRE A Marketing ConsultantAsk the right questions How long have you been usingFacebook, and why? What do you use your personalFacebook page for? What is your social mediabackground? Do I need to be on Facebook andevery other site? How do you measure your results foryour own page? What exact results can you promise me? Can I cut out my offline marketing nowthat Im on Facebook? How much will it cost to set up myFacebook page? Have your written online contentbefore?Will this fix the problems my business is having?NO! 11. Stop leaving Money on the tableGET ONFACEBOOKTODAY! 12. facebook.com/AwesomeBizOnlineTHANK YOU 13. Learn MoreTo receive our step by step reports that walk you throughcreating your businesss online presence visit:AwesomeBizOnline.comIf you would like us to assess your businesss currentonline presence for free please call: 647-799-1090 ext 104Email us: info@AwesomeBizOnline.com