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  • 1. Facebook Offers |Share DirectlyWith Fans

2. Do you ever find it difficult to sharediscounts, specials, and other savingswith your Facebook Fans? Well nowthat Facebook Offers has been announced today at the fMC(Facebook Marketing Conference)you can now share these offers with ease and free of charge. 3. You can easily share an offer from your Facebook Page directly withFans. This is going to revolutionize the way that we use Facebook as businesses. 4. Before it was just crossing yourfingers that your special messages or Facebook Offers showed up in your Fans News Feed, but now they willguarantee that it does. Not muchhas been revealed thus far aboutFacebook Offers, but here is what weve found thus far. 5. Facebook Offers | ZDNetHeres what tech-blog ZDNet has to say about Facebook Offers: 6. Facebook Offers | ZDNet Heres what tech-blog ZDNet has tosay about Facebook Offers: First on the announcement list is Offers, a free and easy way for businesses to share special discounts and promotions that let a businessshare a discount or promotion directlyfrom a Facebook Page. 7. Secondly, the company announcednew placements for premiumadvertising and Sponsored Stories:both can now appear on the Facebooklogout Page and the mobile NewsFeed. In short, those ads in your NewsFeed are about to get a whole lot more encroaching. 8. So for the Facebook civilian, thisdoesnt sound so good, howeverwould you prefer to pay a premium for Facebook instead? 9. Facebook Offers | AllFacebookAllFacebook also released a shortsynopsis about Facebook Offers: 10. Offers are a free and easy way for businesses to share special discounts and promotions to their communitythrough Facebook. Offers let abusiness share a discount or promotiondirectly from a Facebook page. 11. You see most of these articles dont gointo to detail about how FacebookOffers actually works, but I assume that you can share a post with thoseFans that you feel need to see theparticular offer that youre promoting, but thats all justspeculation. 12. Facebook Offers | What OtherNew Developments AreConspiring? So the fMC has released some othernew developments for marketersbesides Facebook Offers, and Id like toexplore those now. 13. This is a fun one as well, because itsgoing to make advertisers present on all platforms. You see as far as Facebookfor smartphones is concerned, therewasnt really any room for FacebookPages and advertisements, untilnow. UK Reuters reports on how happybusiness truly are in their up-to-the- minute Facebook advertising update: 14. Mobile Facebook ads are huge. Well be all over this, said Jason Goldberg, chief executive of online designer retailerFab.com. Were already seeing morethan 40 percent of our daily traffic toFab from mobile. Being able to reachFacebook mobile users will only increasethat. 15. Facebook is vying with Google Inc, Yahoo Inc and other online publishers for a slice of the estimated$76 billion (47 billion pounds) thatcompanies spend on U.S. television and magazine advertising each year, according to research firm eMarketer. 16. Facebook Offers | Conclusion Facebook Offers as well as many of thenew exciting features coming our for marketers on the platform are veryexciting. We want to hear what ourreaders think about Facebook Offers. What do you think it entails exactly? 17. Be sure to stay tuned in to the fMC right here at Black Box Social Media to seewhat transpires throughout the day. Letus know if you have any insights on Facebook Offers or anything else fMC related in our comments section.


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