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A Hot Topic presentation from Dr. Mackert’s fall 2011 Graduate Campaigns course by Off the Wall on "Facebook Social Login."


  • 1. Friday, April 13, 12

2. In the beginning, Markcreated a whole new way to connect.Remember this?Friday, April 13, 12 3. Friday, April 13, 12 4. Friday, April 13, 12 5. And then he got even smarter... some wouldsay more invasive.But whatever.Friday, April 13, 12 6. Friday, April 13, 12 7. Friday, April 13, 12 8. Friday, April 13, 12 9. Friday, April 13, 12 10. Friday, April 13, 12 11. So why do you care?Friday, April 13, 12 12. Improved User Experience Increased EngagementIncreased Site Trafc Increased User Registration Increased Revenue InnovationsFriday, April 13, 12 13. Improved User Experience Increased EngagementIncreased Site TrafcIncreased User Registration Increased Revenue Innovations Impressions Without AdvertisingFriday, April 13, 12 14. IMPROVEDUSER EXPERIENCE No new site registration required Easy to share activities with friends and familyAmore relevant and targeted experience Companiescan offer better promotions to inuencersFriday, April 13, 12 15. INCREASED USER REGISTRATIONFriday, April 13, 12 16. INCREASED USER REGISTRATION It took us 8 years to reach 1.5 million registeredusers in the era of email. It took us only 5 months to acquire the same number of userson Facebookall via Facebook Connect. - CEO of JibJabFriday, April 13, 12 17. INCREASED SITETRAFFICFor each story published in Facebook, companies see roughly 3 clicks back to the site.Nearly half the stories in the news stream get clicked on each one may result in 3 new visits to their site.Friday, April 13, 12 18. INCREASEDENGAGEMENT Morethan 2 billion posts are liked and commented on per day 43,000 new users have connected using FBC. People interact with more Those users have voted than 900 million objects150,000 times on restaurants , (pages, groups, events and left 22,000 reviews and community pages)uploaded 13,000 photos.Friday, April 13, 12 19. INCREASED REVENUEAccording to a report from the Wall St. Journal, JayAllen, Teavanas vice president of e-commerce, says the measure of how many shoppers make purchases, for people who use the application, is20% higher than the rate for others.Friday, April 13, 12 20. INNOVATION HuffPost Social News: Mashes up HuffPost newscontent with the conversation surrounding it.Friday, April 13, 12 21. MAKE AN IMPRESSIONWITHOUT PAYINGFacebook Connect accomplishes thesame goals as an advertising buy, minus the intrusion.Friday, April 13, 12 22. If using you is wrongbaby, I dont wanna be right...Friday, April 13, 12 23. POTENTIAL DRAWBACKS Vendor lock in Companyaccess to a large amount of user data is a privacy concern to some Companiesrequesting more information than necessary Website actions automatically inserted back into news feedFriday, April 13, 12 24. TheI dont want people to know where INopesam or what Im doing at all times. Imjust not interested in it. TheI dont even think twice about it. Hippies The Its easier to just login with informationShortcutsIve already given up. Im all for it.Friday, April 13, 12