facilitating the learning of elementary students in a content-based and meaningful context

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  1. 1. Facilitating the learning of elementary students in a content based and meaningful context MIS Annual Conference South Gate, California Nov. 1, 2014 Ping Liu, PhD Professor Teacher Education Department CSU Long Beach ping.liu@csulb.edu
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  4. 4. Designing instruction How to select key characters? What strategies can be applied? Questions to ask? Aligned with sequence of the poem Other What subject(s) to integrate? Connection or transition between lessons?
  5. 5. Key character study - Connection to prior learning - By meaning - aligned with the poem - By radical/structure
  6. 6. Key words () ()()
  7. 7. Vocabulary study Curriculum Framework (Liu, 2012)
  8. 8. Strategies to apply Visual scaffolding Labeling Graphic organizer Sentence (frame) to rewrite/retell the poem Questioning techniques
  9. 9. Visual scaffolding (google image search key word:
  10. 10. Line 1: Labeling (google image search key word:
  11. 11. Line 2 (google image search key word: ...
  12. 12. Line 3 (google image search key word:
  13. 13. Line 4 (google image search key word:
  14. 14. Graphic organizer A
  15. 15. Graphic organizer B
  16. 16. Graphic organizer - C
  17. 17. Questions to ask (aligned with sequence of the poem) Whats on the picture? What do they look like? How does a goose sing? What are colors of feathers and water? How does a goose swim?
  18. 18. Other questions related to the poem How do you like the poem? Which is your favorite line? Why? What is the tone of the poem? Why do you think so? Cite evidence from the poem.
  19. 19. Subjects to integrate Language arts Vocabulary Writing Reading Science Math Visual arts
  20. 20. Science How do you describe/draw a goose? What can a goose do? What is special about the living environment of a goose? Why do you think a goose can swim? Make a list of words (related to geese
  21. 21. Enrichment , (), ,