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    Not aiming to

    Iron Dragon:

    Lead by the pirate, thief and

    opium lord Kang, Iron Dragon is

    fueled by thousands of Chinese

    immigrants who ock to it due to

    the respect Kang gives them

    Kang was able to convince the

    !iou" Nation to let him run his

    rail line through their territory,

    violating the #ld $ays

    Union Blue

    Led by )eneral *oshua

    Chamberlain, the war hero who+s

    victory at )ettysburg ingratiated

    him with )rant and got him a

    spot on )rant+s command sta,

    -nion .lue is the northern

    e/uivalent of Di"ie 0ails It too is

    a private company o1cially but

    receives the unwaivering support

    and business of the western

    detachment of the -nion

    military, protecting its cargo and


    Lead by Dr Darius 2ellstomme,

    $astache dominated the 3eld

    early on with 2ellstromme+s

    4automatons5 %clockwork men

    wielding )atling guns(

    2ellstromme is a mad scientist

    and will resort to ruthless, terror

    inducing violence when bribes

    and e"tortion do not work 2e is

    bitter enemies with Denver


     7he city of gloom %!alt8

    lake city( is a ma9or

    factory hub re3ning

    ghost rock and ghost

    rock devices : )host

    rock soot cloud

    permeating from the

    Republic o Deseret:

     7he ;ormons, ona

    !talled because of 0ev )rimme

    and :pache raids 7?N!?


     7he -!:, C!:, and Deseret condemned )rimme %likely not liking the fact

    that the biggest hub of ghost rock trade is now closed o from the world

    )rimme has sent missionaries out to recruit more followers but the

    0ailroad companies %who are frustrated that )rimm is preventing them

    from getting their grant( attack the missionaries on sight leading to a

    )rimme believes a

    transcontinental railroad would

    bring corruption to his town

    %though others believe he fears a

    railroad would make food more

    abundant thus removing his

    source of power In [email protected]@ he made

    an edict, declaring sovereignty,

    himself ruler, decreeing that only

    true believers can live in the city,

    causing tent cities of hopeful

    residents to sprout up, and

    "ity o #ost $ngels: