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IntroductionHealth is wealth. It is the most precious asset. A health hazard is anything that could result in ill health. An ill health can mean suffering, disability and loss of life. And stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, nervous, or anxious. Stress is caused by an existing stress-causing factor or "stressor. Stress is a routine part of our lives. Certain amounts of stress are beneficial; however, sometimes the level of stress can become burdensome. Students in university experience many changes. Being able to manage and control stress is a useful skill not only for life as a student but also for life beyond university. Stress is a normal & universal factor in life of human being. A good stress is stress that benefits our health, like physical exercise or getting a promotion. Distress is a negative stress response. It occurs when stress continues without relief. Distress disturbs the body's internal balance causing physical and emotional symptoms: headache, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, insomnia, depression, panic attack and anxiety. People will have their own personal signs or reactions to deal with stress, which they should learn to identify. Many of these symptoms come and go as a result of short-term stress. However, symptoms that are associated with more long-term, sustained stress can be harmful. Consequences can include fatigue, poor morale and ill health. High levels of stress without intervention or management can contribute to mental health problems (e.g. depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties), behavioral changes (e.g. increased alcohol intake, drug abuse, appetite disorders) and sometimes involve medical consequences.

ObjectivesThe main objectives of this report are: To find out the factors which creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU. To determine the solution to eliminate the factors which creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU. Provide some suggestions to deal with these factors.

Factors creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU

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ScopeIn this report, we want to identify which factors are creating health hazard and dysfunctional stress in North South University (NSU). And try to find out possible solutions to remove these factors so that NSU students has hazardous & stress free life.

MethodologyAs we has been assigned to prepare the report on factors creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU. We will collect information from different sources like books, websites, journal reviews and our own perceptions etc. After gathering all the information and experience we have prepared our report.

LimitationsAlthough we have tried our level best to provide the most important and accurate information about the issue which is factors creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU in this report but there were a few limitations. Because of which we were unable to present the report to the level of accuracy which we were wanted to obtain. The limitations were The factors creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU that we have used in this report were gathered from our own perceptions which we thought and also information provided from our friends.

The time frame for writing this report was restricted to 3 months or a single semester. If we were allowed more time, we would surely be able to present the information more descriptively.

Factors creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU

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Literature Review List of factors creating health hazard The list of 20 factors which creating health hazard in North South University. These factors are such as: 1. Smoking on Gallery 2. Taking drug on library area 3. Improper Air Circulation System in Classroom Environment 4. Unhygienic Environment of Cafeterias Kitchen 5. Lack of Hand Wash liquid soap in Toilets 6. Food service 7. Poor Food Quality 8. Noise Pollution during concerts 9. Improper management of used water before water purifiers 17. Unhygienic environment in toilets of lounge 18. Improper use of stairs 19. Lack of emergency exit 20. Poor drainage system 10. Chaos in the study hall 11. Waste management in the campus 12. Clash between students 13. Improper management of construction equipments 14. Lack of field for games 15. Hectic class schedule 16. Dusty tables and chairs in class room

Problem identification & solution of hazardous factors 1. Smoking on gallery: Smoking in the North South University gallery area has become a common scene. Students especially males are more comfortable to smoke in the gallery. They have adopted smoking as a daily activity in gallery. They hardly care about others who are nonsmokers. We know that our female students do not like the smell of smoking;

Factors creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU

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so as a result, they are getting affected because of unconscious male smokers. Though gallery is a place for all students but smokers are disturbing nonsmokers by smoking. Solution: We can take necessary steps to make the gallery free from smoking. We can go for campaign that says, No smoking in gallery. Though we know smokers are increasing day by day, if we want to remove smoking from nonsmoker then North South University authority should give a separate smoking zone for smokers so that the nonsmoker will not be affected in gallery place. 2. Taking drug on library area: Though we do not see any drug taking scenario in the campus but in reality the activity goes on the campus. The activity basically seen in the tree area besides library building. Drug addicted students take drugs when the place is calm & quiet. Addicted students also encourage others to join them in taking drugs. So, as a result drug addicted students are getting increased. Solution: We can let know our North South University authority about the matter to catch addicted students on the spot & take necessary steps against them. We can advise the addicted persons to give up taking drugs for their own physical and mental benefits. We can observe a day for making consciousness among our students about the matter that, No drug in our life. 3. Improper air circulation system in classroom environment: Though our North South University follows the standard North American Universities but in reality to some cases it does not do so. North South University does not maintain proper air circulation system like Western Universities do. North South University only has Air conditions and fans to cool and flow air but it does not have any air circulation system which manages the circulation of air in the classroom. Solution: So, for having a standard classroom environment like North American Universities, North South University administration should introduce good circulation system of air by ensuring well ventilation system. 4. Unhygienic environment of cafeterias kitchen: The environment of cafeterias kitchen of the North South University is not up-to-date. Mainly the kitchen is not hygienic. Chefs there just use kitchen for cooking but hardly go for cleaning them properly for maintaining a hygienic environment of kitchen. Because of lacking in maintaining kitchen the food quality goes down which is a bad signal for food takers health.Factors creating health hazard & dysfunctional stress in NSU Page 4

Solution: North South University authority should notice the food business persons in the cafeteria to maintain a standard hygienic cooking environment for health consciousness of all the people who take or make food. If the businessmen do not maintain standard cooking environment in the kitchen after getting notice from North South University authority then they must be penalized for that as it is a health related serious issue. 5. Lack of hand wash liquid soap in every toilet: If we observe the toilets of North South University then we will find that most of the toilets do not have the liquid hand wash facility. So, for lack of liquid hand wash soap we cannot wash our dirty hands appropriately after completing necessary work in toilet. As a result, germs in our hands do not remove which can cause serious health hazards. Solution: North South University authority should facilitate the availability of liquid hand wash soaps in every toilet, so that everybody can use those stuffs to clean up the hands properly. 6. Food service: North South University have large cafeteria but food service of this cafeteria is not so good. Because they are not concern about health of students. It occurs when food service provider give a food using his hands without wearing any hand glop. So, germs in service providers hand are easily entering into food. Solution: Cafeteria authority should concern about this issue because students are facing threat on their health. Service provider of cafeteria should wear hand glop on their hands so that students will not suffer. 7. Poor food quality: The food quality in North South Universitys cafeteria is not up-tomark. The food sellers are only concerned with taste. They might think that the more taste they give the more easy to make money. They hardly go for serving quality foods. They may not think that taste does not give nutrition to food. But we know nutrition is how much important it is for our health to have quality foods. Solution: So, we can let know our food sellers around the campus to maintain good quality of foods for ensuring better health. If any seller does not maintain quality in food should be fined and warned by North South University authority. In serious cases the seller should be cancelled from the opportunity of doing business in North South University.

Factors creating health haza