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    F A C U L T Y O F E N G I N E E R I N G I N F O R E I G N L A N G U A G E S

    CONTACT office_fils@upb.ro +40 214 029 111


    UP B

  • The Faculty of Engineer ing in Foreign Languages or « F ILS » is a school of engineer ing within the framework of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest , where a l l teaching act iv i t ies are ent ire ly performed in foreign languages. Current ly , F ILS funct ions v ia three l inguist ic streams: • Engl ish stream • French stream • German stream

    Object ives :

    • Educat ing bi l ingual and mult i l ingual special ists with a wide training background, special ists able to sat isfy the needs of the Romanian companies whose cooperat ion with foreign companies and whose foreign relat ions are developed; special ists able to sat isfy the needs of jo int ventures and of foreign companies located in our country . • Promoting the students ’ mobi l i ty by sending them abroad for company internships , for l inguist ic training and studies in partner universit ies , and by students ’ exchanges. • Developing bi lateral and mult i lateral re lat ionships with universit ies and schools of engineers in advanced countr ies in order to ensure a rapid transfer of pedagogical and special ized knowledge, • Al lowing foreign students to start their studies without being obl iged to learn Romanian beforehand

    Other information (double degree, incoming Erasmus students, a partnership with industry/companies, possibility to develop a master thesis related to industry etc).

    The undergraduate program is developed in partnership with ROMATSA, the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration. All the courses of the program are open for Erasmus incoming students.

    Academic Calendar (starting and ending date of the courses for international students).


  • Admission Requirements

    The c it izens from EU countr ies candidate for admission in the Romanian educat ional system under the same condit ions as the Romanian c it izens and they are subject to the same tuit ion fees as the Romanian students . In order to obtain the recognit ion of the studies , the European candidates must send to University Pol i tehnica of Bucharest the fo l lowing documents: - F i l led appl icat ion form - Cert i f ied copy of Baccalaureate d iploma - Cert i f ied copy of university d ip loma and academic transcr ipt (for master or Ph.D .) - Personal Ident i f icat ion Document: Passport (copies of pages 1 ,2 ,3 ,4)/ident ity card ( ID) .

    The documents are written in other languages than Engl ish or French wi l l be translated in Romanian or Engl ish . The c it izens from non-EU countr ies who wish to study in our university must : - have the documents proving the c it izenship of the respect ive state - have the necessary qual i f icat ion , attested by educat ional documents - have the pre-approval of University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest .

    Non-EU citizens willing to study in Romania have to apply to University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, in order to receive the pre-enrollment. The Letter of Acceptance will then be issued by the Ministry of Education and Research. The application papers, only in copy, have to be mailed to the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, for pre-enrollment. The official documents have to be submitted personally, in original, when applying in Romania. Before coming to Romania, the international students should have their documents endorsed by the Romanian embassies in their own countries; there, they should obtain a valid visa for studying in Romania. The citizens from non-EU countries can be registered for studies in University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest without entry examination, by supplementing the enrollment figure approved for Romanian citizens. The staff of foreign official representatives – embassies, consular offices, economic agencies, international organizations and organisms – and their family members can be accepted in the Romanian higher educational system, under the same regime of tuition fees as the Romanian citizens. The official quality of these candidate has to be confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Admission to the University POLITEHNICA is based on the selection of application files. International students have to prove good knowledge of the teaching language (Romanian, English, French or German). Usually, they learn Romanian during a preparatory year ( being possible in our university only for candidates that intend to follow post-university study). The candidates who speak Romanian can skip the preparatory year after having passed a test of Romanian language. The candidates who can formally prove that they have studied in Romanian for at least four years consecutively, do not need to pass the Romanian language test nor to attend the preparatory year. Foreign students who have begun to study in their home country or in another country can finish their studies in Romania. This possibility depends on each individual case, after the recognition and equivalence of diplomas by our university. For pre-enrollment, the following application documents are requested: - Application form (filled in 2 copies) ; - Certified copy of the Baccalaureate Diploma and university Diploma equivalent-for foreign citizens that apply for master and Ph.D. studies ; - Academic transcript translated into Romanian, English, or French; - Certified copy of the Birth Certificate ; - Copy of the passport; - Medical certificate. These documents have to be accompanied by legalized translations in a language of international circulation (by case), certified for authentication by the Embassy of Romania from the issuer country or with Apostille of Hague (for EU citizens). Before coming to Romania, the non-EU citizens should obtain a valid visa for study in Romania from the Romanian embassies in their own countries.

  • Admission process

    The exam consists of written examinat ions . For Information Engineer ing and Appl ied E lectronics , Mechanical Engineer ing and Mater ia l Science:

    Algebra and Calculus (M1) Physics or Geometry and Tr igonometry (M2)

    For Chemical Engineer ing the admission depends on the grades in the record from high school for the d iscipl ines:

    Algebra and Calculus or Inorganic Chemistry (M1) Organic Chemistry or Physics (M2).

    Cal l for appl icat ions - EU Students: 22 Ju ly 2018 - Non-EU Students: 31 Ju ly 2018

    Appl icat ion fee

    - 28 Euro

    Tuition fees

    The citizens from EU countries candidate for admission in the Romanian educational system under the same conditions as the Romanian citizens (900 euro/year). According to the Government Decree no. 22 of 29.08.2009, approved by Law 1/06.01.2010, the minimum quantum of tuition fees, in currency, for the foreign citizens who study in Romania on their own expenses and who are citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union, or citizens of countries that are not part of the European Economic Space (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and of Switzerland, is the one mentioned below. In compliance with the legislation, in University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest the tuition fees are:

    ● 270 EURO/month (9 months for every year) for university study ● 290 EURO/month (12 months for every year) for Ph.D.

    No of available state subsidized places, scholarships and program administrative costs.

    - 15 state subsidized places

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