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I nstitute for T ransforming U ndergraduate E ducation. Promoting Student Engagement through Teamwork: Partnering Faculty Leaders with IT User Services. P ractical R esources for E ducators S eeking E ffective N ew T echnologies. ITUE Philosophy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Faculty Testimonial

    Faculty Testimonial

    George Watson, Associate Dean, College of Arts & SciencesJanet de Vry, Manager, Information Technology User ServicesUniversity of Delaware

    I have felt that things introduced in ITUE could be pursued using the PRESENT as a resource. (Biology)

    ITUE provided the motivationPresent provided the technical assistance to capture my ideas. (Consumer Studies)Faculty Testimonial

    With the combination of ITUE and PRESENT I've been able to use PBL in combination with new technologies. (Museum Studies)