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Presentation slides for the workshop on UX failure done at the conference UX Scotland 2014 from Edinburgh. First we look at some famous failures from the IT world, some with grave UX problems. In the second part the participants will do various exercises focusing on failure in UX. DISCLAIMER All the websites analysed here were used only for presenting a method/technique, not to grade (truly analyse) the websites. As these were chosen randomly and we do not know the business objectives that drives these websites we can not evaluate objectively the UX of the presented pages, but we can use them to present testing methods for UX.


  • 1. Fail by UXLearning from FailingAdrian Iacomi [Cactus Ideas Ltd] @adrianiacomi

2. Agenda About me (UX) Failure Famous failures Lets fail together [group work] Questions & Answers 3. About me Adrian Iacomi15 years in the IT industry (UX Architect, Project Manager)MSc in UX, IT University of CopenhagenExperience with eCommerce, eLearning, HealthCare.Other: tango, biking, snowboarding, photography and design 4. (UX) Failure 5. FailureWhy we fail by Victor Lombardi [Rosenfeld Media] Engineering failure - the product doesnt work as designed Design Failure - it function, but its so badly designed, thatpeople can not use it Experience failure - the product physically works andpeople can use it, but using an undesirable / perfectibleexperience 6. Famous failures 7. Internet Explorer [1995- ...]the most hated browser on the webEngineering Failure: Slow, Freezes, Less Secure, 8. Improve The Product!BMW iDrive [2002 - ...]one button to rule them allDesign Failure: Radically New, Losing Focus On Driving, Testing On Different Markets? 9. Fail Fast And Cheap!Google Wave [2010]mail, chat, maps, browser, text, photos, projects, people, all !!!Experience Failure: No Mvp, Too Many Features, Too Many Hats 10. Lets fail together (group work) 11. 1. PiratesA) Intro [5 min]1. choose a pirate name (uX related)2. write the name in front of you3. present yourselfB) Work and pillaging [10 min]1. Scenario: you are part of a pirate crew, butyou got payed off by the authorities tosabotage the pirates2. Brainstorm - as many ideas possible tosabotage the boat3. Present to your team members yoursolution[duration 15 min] 12. 2. Design failure1. Split in two teamsTeam A: sabotageTeam B: saviours2. Check the project description on the table.3. A team write down best ways to make theproject fail4. B team write down possible solutions!!! each for itself, hide them from theopposing team5. Fight! Team A show challenges, Team Btry to have the written solution!!! Keep score[duration: 20 min] 13. 3. Lets fix itHow would you fix / prevent the majorfailures proposed before:A. IEB. BMW iDriveC. Google Wave[duration: 15 min] 14. Questions & Answers 15. Thank you :)