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  • Family and Community Involvement

    D.I.T. sub-committee April 2012 Proposal

  • Our Committees Focus

    The family is changing, not disappearing. We have to broaden our understanding of it Mary Catherine Bateson

    We want to analyze how stakeholders are informed, invested, and involved as partners in supporting the school community to maintain high expectations and high achievement for all students.

    (Characteristics of Improved School Districts, Terry Bergeson, 2004)

  • Main Focus-Question

    How does parent engagement impact student achievement


  • Findings from Our Survey of Elementary Principals

    Top 3 Most Beneficial Events Watch Dogs 62% principals Curriculum Night 43% principals Science Night 33% principals Other notable events:

    Math Night, Bluebonnet/2X2 Reading Programs, Literacy/Reading Night, Brown Bag or Coffee with Counselors

  • Findings from Our Survey of Elementary Principals

    Percentage of Parents Responding to End of Year Parent Survey Less than 25% parents 38% principals 25 50% parents- 48% principals 50-75% parents- 9% principals 75-100% parents- 5% principals

  • Survey Strengths/Trends

    # of available programs and wide variety of programs on elementary campuses

    Watch D.O.G.S. on elementary campuses were highly regarded

    Communication with parents is key Events that focus on instruction are well


  • Weaknesses and Concerns

    Inconsistency between campuses and the success of programs

    Inconsistent support in place on campuses for parent/community involvement

    Communication of program availability and how to get all parties involved and participating

    Lack of collaboration between campuses

  • Findings from Our Survey of Secondary Principals

    Sent to 18 principals Received 11 back 61% participated

    Currently have a PTA - 63.6% Do not currently have PTA - 36.4% If you do not currently have a PTA, would you like to?

    Yes 40% No 60%

  • Findings from Our Survey of Secondary Principals

    Coffee with Counselor - inconsistent 8th Grade (rising freshman) Parent Night very

    well attended Parent/Teacher Conferences the parents you

    would like to attend are less likely to attend Rachels Challenge rally was very successful Shattered Dreams successful Gary Burns Fun Run- high level of participation by

    high school athletes, parents, and families

  • Additional Weaknesses and Concerns

    Involving high school parents in global campus programs, not just booster clubs for particular campus groups

    Mentor programs or using parent talent and expertise to benefit all students

    Do high school principals really desire increased parent/community involvement on campus?

  • Proposal #1- Moodle Site

    Space on Learning Hub Moodle (linked on school webpages) Goes live on June 4th

    Principal would give access code to teachers Space to upload resources/handouts and have

    discussions Shared with teachers and staff members

    during the week-long PD before the 2012-2013 school year begins

  • Proposal #1 Continued

    Implementation Brandy Wall and Wendy Hudson

    DIT committee member would meet day with either Brandy Wall, Katrina Strute, or Kim Hampton to set up Moodle

    Self-sustaining Teachers/Admin would log on to add to and use resources from the site once available

  • Proposal #2 Implement Revised Version of Parent Involvement/ Engagement

    Guideline Amended the parent involvement guideline to

    reflect the language of engagement and the recent technological advancements that influence parental involvement and engagement

  • Proposal #2 Continued

    Implementation Mia Bennett Sustainment Guideline will remain until it more updates are needed

  • Proposal #3 Parent Survey

    Survey sent out at the beginning of the year Via email, campus websites, and district website

    For this year, we would like the survey in English and Spanish.

    Other translations to be created in the future

  • Proposal #3 Continued

    Implementation Approval by Shauna McKay Wortham, Jamie McCracken, and James Driskill

    Use Kenny Chandlers Survey Monkey account DIT members would create the survey Initial survey with small population group in the spring (Survey questions pre-screened by Mike Waldrip and Lori Wassam)

    Sustainment Campuses, district representatives, and next years DIT sub-committee will analyze the data

    Annual survey (to track improvement and changing district and campus needs)

  • Survey Questions:

    Are you a new or returning family to our district? New family New family with experience in another district Returning family

    Which schools do your child/children currently attend within our district? Early Childhood (Pre-K, PPCD) Elementary (K-5) Middle (6-8) High School (9-12)

    Which campuses do your child/children attend? (drop down menu for campus selection)

  • Survey Questions: Which programs were most

    beneficial to your child/childrens achievement or which programs would you like to see and become involved in on your child/childrens campus or within the district? Please check all that apply. *

    Preschool Story Time Coffee with the Counselors Science Fair/Science Night Math Night Reading/Literacy Night Art Night Curriculum Night Young Authors Day Coffee with the Principal

    Watch D.O.G.S. Bluebonnet/2X2 Reading Programs Brown Bag Luncheons One Voice Mystery Reader Fitness Night Fun Run or Booster-thon Gary Burns Fun Run Frisco Community Parade 8th Grade (rising freshman) Parent Night Shattered Dreams Booster Club (sports, music, etc) Campus Improvement Team Community Outreach events in apartment

    lobbies Community Outreach events in

    conjunction with neighborhood H.O.A. Other : ______________ *There will be short descriptions next to each of these options!

  • Survey Questions: In what ways would you like to volunteer on

    campus to engage in your childs/childrens learning and assist in the learning of other students? Tutoring

    Specific subject: ___________ Mentoring Campus Improvement Team Assist in library Judging Science Fair Other: _____________

  • Survey Questions: In what ways can the administrators and staff of

    the school help to support you and your child/children this school year? Tutoring programs for parents Newsletters or emails with instructional tips Luncheons Evening programs Websites with information Instructional Videos (either emailed or on websites) Other: _____________

    Additional Comments (with a character limit)

  • Additional Survey Ideas

    We also discussed possible incentives for completing the survey in a timely manner.

    We could inquire about donations from local businesses and community partners (coordinated by CIT).

  • Purpose/ Goals for Survey

    Provide a true snapshot of the campus needs In August/September instead of May/June

    Increase parent involvement Seek out new program/ideas (for specific

    campuses and district wide) based upon survey results

  • Signs of Success

    Parents feel heard/involved Increased parent engagement Raise in test scores Teachers regularly utilizing shared resources

  • Looking into the Future

    Surveys after district-wide community involvement events for feedback

    Lists of tools for parents (i.e. a list of 5 items parents can use to help support their children in math at home)

    Parent Involvement/Engagement PD opportunities available during the summer (differentiated by level elementary, middle, and high school) These classes need to be led by teachers and

    administrators at each of these levels that are currently implementing successful programs/activities.

    Recruiting involved parents to serve on CIT

    Family and Community InvolvementD.I.T. sub-committeeOur Committees FocusMain Focus-QuestionFindings from Our Survey of Elementary PrincipalsFindings from Our Survey of Elementary PrincipalsSurvey Strengths/TrendsWeaknesses and ConcernsFindings from Our Survey of Secondary PrincipalsFindings from Our Survey of Secondary PrincipalsAdditional Weaknesses and ConcernsProposal #1- Moodle SiteProposal #1 ContinuedProposal #2 Implement Revised Version of Parent Involvement/ Engagement GuidelineProposal #2 ContinuedProposal #3 Parent SurveyProposal #3 ContinuedSurvey Questions:Survey Questions:Survey Questions:Survey Questions:Additional Survey IdeasPurpose/ Goals for SurveySigns of SuccessLooking into the Future