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There are many powerful tools available on Many features of these tools are not well documented in manuals or easily discovered in the products themselves. This presentation shows some tips and tricks from a FamilySearch engineer to be more productive in using the resources on I gave this presentation at the 2014 BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy. While there are some portions of the presentation that are not yet complete, I decided to upload the presentation as is and plan on updating it in the near future with additional information.


  • 2013 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. FamilySearch Insider Tips and Tricks BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy July 29, 2014 Ben Baker
  • My Background 4 years as Software Engineer at FamilySearch Currently work on Family Tree, but tries to use all of our products Not an expert at everything, but feel an engineers perspective can help others Way too much to present everything in an hour, so want to know what items are of most interest Review syllabus and presentation later for items not covered
  • Essential Tips Everyone Should Understand These
  • Purpose of FamilySearch The purpose of the Family History Department is to help Church members fulfill their divinely appointed responsibility to discover their families and submit their names for temple ordinances
  • Key Indicator Reports Ask your Family history consultant(s) High priest group leader Bishop Stake president about this report for your stake/ward.
  • Share Your Knowledge As shown from the purpose statement and key indicator report, increasing participation among all members is paramount. Share what you know with: Your family, from immediate family to distant cousins Your friends, from ward members to those not of our faith
  • Why Youth Are Needed Elder Neal L. Anderson challenged the youth at RootsTech 2014 to set a personal goal to help prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple. Why? Because temples shouldnt have to provide names when your own family needs your help and Experiencing both halves of the blessing builds faith NO MORE TEMPLE WELFARE!
  • Critical Paradigm To Understand Part 1 Where you can help the most 1. Find your relatives in indexed records and link them to persons in Family Tree 2. Upload photos, stories and documents of your relatives and link them to persons in Family Tree 3. Help index historical records 4. Clean up data in Family Tree 5. Reserve temple ordinances for your family Family Tree Digitized Images Indexed Records Historical Records (Microfilm and original documents) Living Memory Photos, Stories, Documents, Audio Completed LDS Temple Ordinances
  • Critical Paradigm To Understand Part 2 The best way to find people who need LDS temple work is to find people who are NOT in the tree yet The best way to find people not in the tree yet is to find them in a historical record with someone who is already in the tree
  • Embrace Change Embrace change, dont be afraid of it Click on new things to see what they do I dont think you can mess up anything in a single click, but be sure to read warnings.
  • Keep up to Date Read the FamilySearch blog at for updates on new features and other happenings. Subscribe to the blog via RSS Google how to subscribe to an rss feed for helps I use Outlook and feedly Use the categories and search for information youre most interested in
  • Family Tree Specific Tips and Tricks
  • Family Tree is Our Tree Freely available to anyone worldwide Reduces duplication of effort Increases collaboration to arrive at the best information Information added outlives contributors Link person profiles to additional information More on this topic in tomorrows presentation Finding My Tree Within FamilySearch Family Trees Our Tree We can all go further faster by working together
  • Record Hints are Awesome! Searches indexed records for you Will find records based on all information, including maiden and married names Often overcomes errors in records Only presents high confidence matches 4x increase in sources attached since rollout
  • Congratulations! You have just found someone in a record that is not in the tree
  • Record Hints in the Descendancy View
  • Search Records Link Starting point Search section for how to refine
  • Starting Point for Further Refined Searches
  • Example Search Refinement
  • Use Other Tree Views
  • Descendancy View
  • Fan Chart View
  • Portrait Pedigree View
  • Use Underused and Powerful Features of the Watch List Navigation to distant relatives Filtering by various criteria Sorting by various criteria View latest changes over the past 30 days Filter and sort latest changes
  • Navigation
  • Filtering on Names
  • Filtering on Places
  • Filtering on Dates
  • Filtering on Deleted Persons
  • Sorting Part 1
  • Sorting Part 2
  • Changes to People Im Watching
  • Changes to a Specific Person
  • Changes by a Specific User
  • Changes of a Specific Type
  • Printed Charts from a Person Page
  • Printing Charts from a Tree View
  • Fillable Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets Same as official LDS paper forms Can save and modify later Easy to share with others Insider Techie Tips If you are LDS and want to print without LDS temple ordinances, change show_ords to false in the URL Ex. If youd like to print without Family Tree person IDs, add &showPIDs=false to the URL Ex.
  • Difference Between Family and Family With Sources Options
  • 7-Generation Fan Chart
  • Portrait Pedigree
  • Printing Pages Without Defined Forms 3 Ways to Initiate Browser Print Right Click and Select Print Select Print from main or File menu Ctrl + P
  • Synchronize With a Desktop Manager
  • GEDCOM Upload is Not Evil
  • Process to Submit Tree 1. Upload GEDCOM to FamilySearch 2. Compare each person with those in Family Tree 3. Add persons not already in Family Tree
  • Editing Relationships
  • Visualize Relationships Parent Child Relationship Father Mother Child Mother Child WifeHusband Parent Child Relationship with Single Parent Couple Relationship
  • F M C F M C F M C F M C F M C F M C F M C F M C F M Tips Visualize or even draw out the relationships when trying to decide how to fix something Pay attention to person IDs Remember how to edit and delete relationships M C WH WH WH
  • Managing Your Settings
  • Make Your E-mail Public
  • Use the History List Dropdowns Use Tree and Person Lists to Jump to Tree View or Person Page View Use the Go To: textbox to jump directly to a person ID Click on your own name to go back to you Click on your starting person ID to jump to that person Click on a person in the list to jump to that person Select Add Unconnected Person to add a new person to the tree that isnt connected to anyone else with relationships.
  • Viewing Ch