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FAMOUS ARTISTS James Whistler El Greco Gainsborough

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Famous artists

James Whistler

El Greco


James Whistler James Whistler was born July 10, 1834 in Lowell (Massachusetts). His father, George Washington Whistler, the famous railway engineer, in 1842 he was invited for the construction of roads in Russia, he designed the Nicholas Railway.In 1879 he went to Venice, where for 14 months doing watercolor sketches and completed fifty etchings, on his return to London, he was elected president of the Society of British Artists.

Portrait of Whistler with Hat

Artist died on July 17, 1903 in London. He was buried at the cemetery in London's Church of St.. Nicholas in Chiswick.

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Zaandam, the Netherlands

Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl

Arrangement in Grey and Black

GainsboroughBorn in Sudbury in Suffolk. Thomas - ninth child in the family of John and Suzanne Gainsborough. As a child, many malyuvav.Batko sent his son to study in the capital. Art was educated in London at the engraver - Frenchman Hubert Hravlo.Around 1745 opened his studio in the capitalHe was married. His wife was the illegitimate daughter of tycoon de Beaufort. Rumors did family napivsvitskymy individuals and aristocracy to their people about their circle. Gainsborough had 2 daughters.Died on August 2, 1788


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Margaret Burr

Mrs Thomas Hibbert

Lady in Blue

El GrecoFor a long time it was believed that the artist was born in a village near the town of Candia Fodele, modern Heraklion on Crete, which was part of the time of the Venetian Republic. However, this is not the case. Domenico Theotokopoulos was born in Heraklion in 1541, and in Fodele he lived for some time with his family. His parents do not have any reliable information, as, indeed, of his childhood. We know, however, that in his youth he studied icon painting.At age 26, in 1567, he went to Venice, where he enrolled in a training workshop of Titian. In 1576, El Greco went to Spain for the service of King Philip II of Spain. After some time, the artist moved to Toledo - the ancient capital of Spain, the center of the Spanish education and art of the time, where he remained until his death.

El Greco died on April 7, 1614 and was buried in Toledo, Spain, in the convent of Santo Domingos El Antiguo


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The Dormition of the Virgin

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

The Disrobing of Christ