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You can use this to present to your students family relationships, physical description and daily routines


  • The most famous cartoon families on TVAlumnos 1 ESO Secciones Europeas

  • American Dad

  • Family TreeSteveRogerKlausHayleyStanFrancine

  • STAN His name is Stan Smith. He is 42 years old. His job is an agent of CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) He is down of the assistantdeputy directorofBullock.He has got dark hair, his eyes are brown, his nose is big and his mouth and chin are big too.He always wears an uniform of CIA, and black shoes.He is of medium build and is very tall (1.91 meters).

  • FRANCINEHer name is Francine Smith.She is 40 years old.She is a housewife.Her hair is long, straight and blonde.Her eyes and her mouth are very big, but her nose is small.She always wears a pink dress, pink heels, a necklace and a wristband.

  • HayleyHer name is Hayley Smith.She is eighteen years old.Her hair is long ,straigth, dark.Her eyes and mouth are very big but her nose is small. She always wear a black, short T- shirt and trousser with a belt.She has got a piercing and a necklace.Her husbands name is Jeff Fisher.

  • STEVE His name is Steve Smith.He is 14 years old.His eyes, mouth and nose are big.Her hair is brown and short.He always wear a red shirt, an orange T- shirt, and blue troussers.He has got glasses and he likes play baseball, and rugby.

  • ROGERHis name is Roger Klaus.He is 1601 years old.He always goes naked.He is bold, his eyes are an expression less and his mouth is big and he hasnt got nose.He is short and fat.He is ugly.

  • KLAUSIt name is Klaus.It is the family`s pet.It is a orange fish.It is very big and fat.It can speaks.

  • IntroductionFamily Guy is a american it is a series of television that treats on a family. They lives in Quahog, Rhode Island. The components of the family are Peter Griffin, the father; Lois Griffin, the mother; Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin, the sons; and a dog, Brian. Is a rare family. The series was created in 1999 by MacFarlane. It is issued in the FOX.

  • The family together.

  • Peter, the father.Peter has got brown, short hair. He is fat and short. He has got a big chin, small ears, a short nose and big mouth. He has got glasses. He has got white shirt, green trousers and brown shoes. He isnt very beautiful. He is forty-three years old. He is a worker.

  • Peter gets up at seven oclock in the morning. He has breakfast at quarter past seven and he has got a shower. He leave home at quarter to eight. He comes to the work at eight oclock and he finishes at three oclock. He has lunch at half past three. He goes to The drunken clam with his friends Glenn, Cleveland and Joe. At seven oclock he goes to his house and at nine oclock he has dinner. He goes to bed at eleven oclock.He likes the beer, not to go to the work, to goes out with his friends to the bar but he does not like to be with his family, when they do not leave him to see the TV and to sleep little.

  • Lois, the mother.Lois has got red-haired, short and straight hair. She is thin and short. She has got a big nose and small mouth. She has got earrings in the ears. She has got green shirt, brown trousers and red shoes. She is pretty. She is forty-two years old. She is a housewife and a teacher of piano.

  • Lois gets up at seven oclock in the morning. She has breakfast at quarter past seven. Then she has a shower and she get dressed, brush her hair and her teeth and washes her face. She has lunch at quarter past three she play the piano in the evening. She has dinner at nine oclock and she goes to the bed at quarter to eleven.She likes play the piano, goes out and goes shopping with her friends. She doesnt like when they do not notice him and when they interrupt him.

  • Meg, the daughter.Meg has got brown, short and straight hair. She is of medium build she is short. She has got glasses and a pink cap. She has got a big nose, big eyes and small mouth. She has got a pink and white shirt, blue trousers and pink shoes. She is cute. She is seventeen years old. She goes to the high school.

  • Meg gets up at seven oclock in the morning and she go breakfast at quarter past seven. She has a shower and she gets dressed at half past seven. She combs her hair and fixes up to go to the high school at eight o'clock. She goes to the high school at ten past eight and she finishes at half past two. She has lunch at three oclock and he do her homework at four oclock. She has dinner at nine oclock. She goes to bed at ten oclock.She likes to go out with his friends, see the TV and be with the computer but she does not like to be with his parents, his big brother falls evil and gets angry when they interrupt him.

  • Chris, the oldest son.He has got blond, medium lenght and straight hair. He is fat and short. He has got a big nose, a big chin, big eyes, small ears and small mouth. He has got a orange and black cap, blue shirt, black trousers and white and red shoes. He is ugly. He is thirteen years old. He goes to the high school.

  • Chris gets up at seven oclock then Chris has a shower then he gets dressed and has breakfast at quarter to eight. Chris brush his hair and his teeth and washes his face at eight oclock. At ten past eight he starts the highschool at half past eight and he finishes at half past two. At three oclock he has lunch then at four oclock he does his homework. He has dinner at nine oclock and he goes to bed at ten oclock.Chris likes draws he liked Kate Moss he doesnt like the monkey of his cupboard.

  • Stewie, the youngest son.He is medium bald. He is thin and short. He has got big eyes, small nose, small mouth and small ears. He has got yellow shirt, red bib and blue shoes. He is very very very dark. He is ugly. He is one years old.

  • Brian, the dog.He is white. He has got a big eyes and big black nose. He is short and plump. He has got a red and yellow necklace. He is cute. He is seven years old (fourty-nine).

  • Brian gets up at ten oclock and he breakfast food for dogs at quarter past ten. He goes to the street and he comes home at half past two. He has lunch at three oclock and he goes to the sofa and he sleep every evening. He has dinner at nine oclock and he goes to the bed.He likes the food for dogs, he likes go out to the street and he likes go to the bar. He doesnt like Quagmire.

  • The wizards of Waverly Place

  • One of thesons is AlexThey are a family of 3 soons wizardsAnothermemberthe familyis JustinThe smallest member of the family is Max.

  • They are the parents of the family.This is Jerry the dad of the family.This is Theresa the mum of the family.

  • Alex has a friend Harper.

  • Family

  • AlexHer siblings are Justin and Max.Her mum is Theresa and her dad is Jerry.

  • JustinHis siblings are Alex and Max.His parents are Theresa and Jerry.

  • Max He has got a brother and a sister their names are Alex and Justin. He has got two parents Theresa and Jerry.

  • TheresaHer sons are Alex, Justin and Max.Her husband is Jerry.

  • JerryHis sons are Alex, Justin and Max and his wife is Theresa.

  • Physical descriptions

  • Justin RussoHe is handsome and tall,he has black hair,brown eyes and around face. He studiesand works in the restaurantof his family father.

  • Theresa RussoShe has chestnut and long hai , the face areround, she has greeneyes. She works inthe restaurant.

  • Max RusoHe is handsome and small, he has greeneyes and chestnuthair. He studies andworks in the restaurantof the family.

  • Jerry RussoHe has got a short hair, the faceis round, he have got green eyes. He works inthe restaurant of thefamily.

  • Harper EvansShe is of medium body,with brown eyes, blackhair. She studies in thein the high school.

  • Alex RussoShe is tall, with browneyes, with black hair,graceful, long hair andpretty. She studiesin the high school andshe works in therestaurant of her family.


  • JerryHe works in therestaurant and heteaches at the school ofmagic to their studentsand children and he isvery stingy.

  • TheresaShe is the mother, Theresais responsible for WaverlyPlace restaurant and alwaysaware of their 3 children.In addition often give adviceas a mother.

  • JustinThe oldest son of thefamily. Justin, he alwaysfocused on her studiesand is a sorcerer magicadvanced.

  • AlexShe is the middle daughter,she is most often capricious,is a bit sweet but she often isrebellious and she likesgo shopping.

  • MaxHe is the little brotherand he is most naughty,he often prepares planswith a friend always todo some money.

  • The series

  • In 1967 he tell the first animated feature film in this series: The super Flintstones (The Man Called Flintstone). The film is a parody of James Bond films. Peter, Paul, Wilma and Betty have some adventures that drive them to Eurocar and then to Rocoma and Piedrs. All this is because the secret agent Bond Stone, which is nearly the identical twin of Peter, is be chased by two evils, Ali and Bo Bo, whom believe be killing of him throwing a building. Stone Bond suffers only bruises and a fracture and is taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, Peter and Paul are in carrying troncomvil Dino to the vet. Peter hits the troncomvil and is brought to the same hospital where Stone Bond. Peter has a accident is minor and is suddendly ready to go home, but things get complicated when the boss Roquin recruits him to replace Stone Bond and satisfy the mission of collects in Eurocar with Tanya, a beautiful spy who is dispose to play false his boss, the evil Green Goose and Maldosa organization to change and sa