famous russian artists

Famous russian artists Arhip Kuinji

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Famous russian artists

Arhip Kuinji

Introduction.During his life Arkhip Kuinji experienced loud fame and oblivion, the wide popularity and misunderstanding. It

appears that he was glorified not for what he was great. His contribution to Russian art is still not appreciated.

Speaking about his art is much broader than studies of his work. The attention to his extraordinary personality, his biography is attracted more than to originality and

importance of his art. The uniqueness of his destiny largely predetermined the nature of his unusual art. But

his fate was truly amazing.

Arkhip Kuinji - a famous Russian landscapist, was

born January 15, 1841. He studied in Aivazovsky’s

studio and a short time at the Academy of Fine Arts,

from which in 1878 he graduated with the title of

class artist of 1 degree.

The first of his paintings "Tatar village in the moonlight," "St. Isaac's Cathedral in the moonlight",

"Views of Balaam and Lake Ladoga" still unclear pointed his style.

Then came "Abandoned Village," "Moonlit Night in the Ukraine", which gave him great fame among the public.

These were followed by "Field and the river before the storm ", "Night on the Dnieper River", " Birches in the meadow ","Birch Grove"

" Morning on the Dnieper "," Sunset in the woods"

And etc. ("Autumn",

"Autumn thaw ")

"Elbrus. Moonlit night","Night"

Kuinji reminds Aivazovsky by the general impression of the paintings.

His pictures are sometimes full of optical illusions. Particular excitement was made by his "Night on the

Dnieper River", where the moonlight on the river in the distance is expressed with a complete illusion. It is his

most famous painting.

My favourite work by Kuinji is “The landscape”. It was painted in 1874. In my opinion, this picture is charming. It is made in cold colours, which echo with each other.

This picture represents trees(in the foreground) and the sky(in the background) and produces lyrical impression.

ConclusionI can infinitely speak about the life and work of each man, espessially about such talented and bright artist as Arkhip Kuinji. But today I didn’t follow the aim of informing you

about some important facts or dates. My desire was to make you feel emotional contents of the Kuinji’s creativity, the

main idea that Kuinji wanted to bring to further generations.For me Kuinji is more than just an artist.