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  • Farewell &

    Best Wishes . . .

    Vivian Haighton Chris Wells Bob Charlton Jane Callaghan Liz Clarke Sue Renfree Pete Totman Jo Gaved

    Ben Daplyn Lauren Capaldi Rachael Lee Oliver Roberts Rachael Millar Chris Eastman George Drake Josh Larcombe

  • Fare


    l Back in 1979 I was working in

    an inner city school in Manches-

    ter when John Edwards the then

    Headmaster phoned my school

    inviting me for interview at Salt-

    ash. Having applied for so many

    permanent jobs back then I'd complete-

    ly forgotten about this application and a

    quick look on the map had me travelling

    down the next day for my first venture

    into the west country.

    Like many young teachers I had intend-

    ed to work a couple of years before

    moving back to the big city, but it was

    not to be! Like many before me and

    more to come Saltash wove its spell on

    me and before I knew it it had become

    my home. It was here that I met my wife

    and settled down to bring up my family;

    both my children came and prospered

    at our school and its wide community.

    Looking back now I feel that I was so

    lucky to have fallen on my feet land-

    ing a job in Saltash School. The school

    has grown in many ways over the last 30

    or so years but what has always been so

    consistent is the generosity, friendliness

    and caring nature of students and

    staff. Working in Saltash School makes

    you aware that you are right at

    the heart of our community here nestling

    on the banks of the Tamar.

    Having come forward 35 years the time

    has come for me to start the next excit-

    ing part of my life, I intend to continue

    to live in Saltash and will become one of

    those familiar old faces around

    the town. Saltash School I know will

    continue to grow from strength to

    strength giving our children the best pos-

    sible foundation to start their adult lives. I

    wish all and everyone the best of fortune

    and success in these coming years

    which I know will be very exciting for this

    wonderful school.

    Bob Charlton

    The Moving Finger writes; and,

    having writ,

    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor


    Shall lure it back to cancel half

    a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word

    of it.

    Pete Totman

    I have really enjoyed

    my six years at salt-

    ash.net. I have loved

    working with such an

    amazing team of col-

    leagues and great

    students. I have particularly fond mem-

    ories of sports days with my first tutor

    group and the pride that I felt seeing

    many of them at the May Ball this year,

    all grown up and ready to go into their

    chosen careers and universities. The

    visit and hosting of students from the

    Pearl of Africa Choir was a life-

    changing experience, and although

    daunting at the start, one that I will

    never forget. Working at saltash.net has

    given me confidence in my ability and

    a group of really good friends, both of

    which will help me as I move to Heles.

    I would like to leave you with a quote

    from Albert Einstein which is a great

    philosophy for life, and whose picture in

    the corridor outside Room 15 helped

    me navigate my way around when I

    first arrived here! Many of the things

    you can count don't count. Many of

    the things you can't count, really


    Rachael Lee

    Though it has been a

    life long dream of mine

    to teach in the far East, I

    assure you that salt-

    ash.net is

    an extremely difficult

    place to leave. My time

    here has been incredibly happy and

    that is due to an extraordinary school

    community that I will really miss. Fellow

    teachers, students and parents

    alike make this place so special, and I

    am keen to thank all of you for being

    so brilliant!

    Goodbye and good luck.

    Ollie Roberts

  • I can scarcely believe

    I've been at saltash.net

    for 19 years. I must have

    been having a good

    time to stay that long!

    I feel very lucky and privileged to have

    worked at Saltash and I have so many

    funny and lovely memories of my time

    here to take away with me. Whist I am

    looking forward to my retirement im-

    mensely, I know, for sure, that I am going

    to miss seeing my friends, colleagues

    and students on a daily basis because

    all of them help to brighten up the dull-

    est of days (and there aren't many of

    those in teaching!) and make me smile

    so, to you all, staff, students and parents,

    I really hope this is not 'goodbye' but just

    'au revoir'.

    Have a great summer.

    Vivian Haighton

    My time at saltash.net

    has been very rewarding,

    as I have learned new

    skills in both language

    teaching and using ICT.

    The students have been

    extremely friendly and mostly well-

    behaved. I have enjoyed being involved

    in trips and exchanges abroad and I

    had great fun running a boys' football


    I would like to wish all staff and students

    the very best for the future.

    I will be moving to Portugal next year,

    but will keep an eye on the school's

    website in order to see what is happen-

    ing back in Saltash.

    Jane Callaghan

    It is with a heavy heart I

    leave saltash.net for

    pastures new. I have

    been lucky enough to

    have had the support of

    wonderful colleagues,

    and the privilege of

    teaching inspiring young people, over

    the past two years. I could not have

    asked for a better start to my teaching


    Rachael Millar


    t W


    Viv Haighton Retiring Chris Wells Retiring

    Bob Charlton Retiring

    Jane Callaghan Retiring

    Liz Clarke Retiring

    Sue Renfree Retiring

    Pete Totman Retiring

    Jo Gaved Retiring

    Ben Daplyn End of fixed

    term contract

    Lauren Capaldi To Stoke

    Damerel - end of fixed term con-


    Chris Eastman End of fixed

    term contract

    Josh Larcombe To Callington -

    end of fixed term contract

    Rachael Lee To Heles as

    second in Maths Department

    Rachael Millar To Castle

    School, Taunton, promoted English


    Ollie Roberts To International

    School, Malaysia

    George Drake To West Somer-

    set College

    Best Wishes to . . . Grant Taylor getting married

    on July 26th

    Jennie Stimpson getting married in


    Josh Larcombe getting married in


    Anna Edwards on the imminent

    birth of baby Edwards


    Goodbye and thank you to Rich-

    ard Arundell, Acting Head of

    School at Landulph. We wish him

    well with his new headteacher

    post at Buckfastleigh Primary

    Farewell, also, to Annie Yuill, retiring

    from Landulph Primary School

  • Salta


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    July 20



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