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    UK based milking equipment manufacturer, Fullwood Limited, has today launched an all-new version of its class-leading Merlin automated milking system. Featuring integrated segregation gates and a completely redesigned teat cup attachment arm, the robot sets a new standard in efficient, ergonomic and environmentally friendly milk production.

    The latest incarnation of Fullwoods robotic milking machine the Fullwood M2erlin is a completely new machine, redesigned from the ground up to deliver significant benefits in terms of milking efficiency, cow flow and milk integrity.It features a unique twin-exit gate configuration which enables the milking machine to act as a segregation gate: the robots herd management software controls where each individual animal is directed after being milked, with cows exiting via either a side gate or straight ahead once the feed manger has automatically lifted out of the way.By eliminating the need for additional segregation gates, the Fullwood M2erlin requires less space and is more cost-effective to install than more traditional, modular systems. It is also available in either a side or

    straight entry configuration to further add to its flexibility and space-saving credentials.The M2erlin also features an all-electric milking arm that significantly reduces energy usage for teat cup attachment compared to previous robots and has fewer parts for improved reliability and serviceability.The Fullwood M2erlin is a completely new machine, explains David OHare, Chief Executive of Fullwood Limited. Despite being revolutionary in its design, it is nevertheless 100% compatible with our older robots and can therefore be incorporated into existing farm set-ups.Designed with efficiency, safety and economics in mind, the new milking arm does away with out-dated pneumatic and hydraulic drives and replaces these with energy efficient electric motors. This not only makes the M2erlin virtually silent, but also significantly reduces energy consumption, and improves animal comfort and safety.The new milking arm also enhances Fullwoods market-leading cluster attachment speed and offers unrivalled levels of cluster attachment accuracy. It is also extremely robust, enabling it to cope with the rigours of continuous

    milking, and includes force sensing technology which prevents damage or injury to both machine and animal.As well as an all-new physical design, the new M2erlin also features several key operating software upgrades which improve and simplify herd management protocols. These include the installation of Fullwoods recently launched MerlinView software, which simplifies the data available to herd managers by collating a series of key performance indicators (KPIs). Information such as individual cow milking data, cow activity, milk components, overall herd performance, bulk tank capacity and cleaning parameters are summarised and displayed in an easy to view format on a single computer display screen. The new software can also be viewed via a smartphone or tablet application making it possible for herd managers to keep a close eye on their herds live performance status from any remote location. The M2erlin is a significant step forwards in terms of milking technology and marks an important chapter in Fullwoods history, Mr OHare continues. Whilst the outgoing Merlin is widely regarded as the market-leading automatic milking system, the new robot builds on its reputation for reliability, speed of milking and efficiency, and applies new technologies to reach a new pinnacle in automated milking. The end result is a revolutionary and cutting-edge robot, ready to meet the demanding challenges of next generation dairy farming.As well as the all-new milking arm, the M2erlin also utilizes a new crate design which enables cows of all sizes and breeds to be comfortably and safely milked through one standard machine. The new machine also features a number of additional fail-safes to protect the quality and integrity of the milk and comes as standard with Fullwoods new Herd Management Interface (HMI).The new HMI enables farmers to access key cow data and milk production records from a full-size touch-screen display mounted on the robots housing, Mr OHare adds. As such, information such as milk flow rate, milk yield, heat activity and real time milk quality can now be accessed from the machine itself without having to consult the farms main computer. That allows the robots operator to keep a closer eye on each cows performance and to investigate any potential management concerns as she is being milked.The new Fullwood M2erlin is available in three specifications:

    All new Fullwood robot raises the standard in automated milking

    from the entry-level M2 Essential, to the mid-range M2 Extended and advanced M2 Expert. Each version is available with a different range of features, ensuring there is a Fullwood M2erlin to suit every herds specific requirements.The M2 Essential features a straight exit gate only and comes equipped with one feed inlet. Meanwhile, the M2 Extended and M2 Expert are both equipped with twin-exit gates and are available with inlets for up to three feedstuffs plus a fourth liquid feed. They are also equipped as standard with FullQuest Fullwoods 4-quarter conductivity sensor for an early warning of intra-mammary infection (mastitis). Both are also available with an acid cluster flush system which rinses the teat liners with a solution of peracetic acid after each milking to prevent the spread of mastitis and other contagious diseases from one cow to the next.The M2 Expert is also fitted with Fullwoods CrystaLab technology which uses an in-line sensor to monitor fat, protein, lactose and blood levels in real-time as the cow is being milked, thereby giving an early indication of any underlying health or feeding issues.The new machine has been designed in-house by Fullwoods mechanical and electrical engineers who have developed and tested the M2erlin. The new machines are manufactured and assembled at Fullwoods Grange Road premises in Ellesmere, Shropshire, ensuring that spares and all the technical assistance required by the companys British customers are easily accessible.

    The new Fullwood M2erlin robot will be on display at the following

    events this autumn:

    AgriscotWednesday 19th November 2014

    The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston,

    Edinburgh.Royal Ulster Winter Fair:

    Thursday 11th December 2014Kings Hall Pavilions, Balmoral,


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    Agricultural VacancyWood Fuels

    Are you looking for that practical present for Christmas? The Grubs Iceline ladies boots are comfortable, warm and hardwearing that are sure to be a hit this winter. The Iceline 8.5 boots are high quality neoprene boots that are designed with the latest technology. They are designed with extra thermal properties including a Highloft fleece lining to keep feet warm and dry on cold and frosty days. Practical for most working conditions or leisure activities, these boots are great for mucking out down at the stables, walking across muddy fields with the dogs or the horses or even a spot of gardening. The Iceline boots combine the unique Insu-

    Foam Ultra technology with the 8.5 thermal engineering, making them extremely practical with their insulating and waterproof properties. They have excellent grip with a Trax sole and cushioning heel and foot bed provide supreme comfort.The Iceline boots also boast the latest high specification including a Super-Dri lining for breathable fit that helps to regulate temperature so your feet remain comfortable all day.In colours Heather or Navy, the Iceline boots are available in UK ladies sizes 4-8 and retail at around 79.90.For more information contact Grubs on 01279 418052 or visit

    Perfect Practical Presents from GrubsPolaris, the world number one in All-Terrain Vehicles, has teamed up with the Ulster Farmers Union to offer 5% discount off all Polaris ATV and Ranger utility models. I am very pleased, says Derek Lough, Membership Director of the UFU, that once again UFU have been able to link up with a company like Polaris who have a proven track record in the industry to offer a great deal for our members. In todays farming climate it is vital that farmers get as much value for money wherever possible and this is another great opportunity to do soThe new partnership offers UFU members with membership of three months and over a substantial saving on the price of Polaris 4x4 vehicles. This is a great opportunity for Polaris and the UFU to work together in members interests says Polaris Marketing Specialist Sarah Johnson. Any members interested in benefitting from

    the 5% discount should contact their local UFU office for a voucher and tell their Polaris dealer they wish to use the UFU affinity programme at the start of their purchase. While the scheme does not include sport, leisure or youth vehicles, Polaris offers the widest range of utility ATVs and UTVs including the recently introduced and revolutionary, Sportsman ACE which combines an ATV with the security and comfort of a side by side. The affinity programme is available through all Polaris dealers in Northern Ireland and members should contact their nearest dealer for further details or see the range at

    Polaris and UFU team up for 5% discount

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    L.R.S (LINCS) LTDFor all your quad and Ground Care Equipment Sales,

    Repairs, Service and SparesVisit our Showroom at Units 9/10 Belton Lane Ind.

    Estate, Grantham NG31 9HN