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    P R E S S R E L E A S E

    Farnborough International Airshow 2016 Press preview - Turbex - Hall 4, Stand H30


    A specialist provider of degreasing and washing solutions to the aerospace sector since 1981, Turbex (www.turbex.co.uk) will focus at the Farnborough Airshow show on cleaning machines and lines for MRO organisations and manufacturers in the aerospace supply chain. One focus will be on the Elma range of high precision, ultrasonic cleaning machines, from bespoke systems to multi-tank cleaning and drying lines with automation. A hallmark of their construction is multi-frequency ultrasonics, where a single transducer can generate two different ultrasonic frequencies. Consequently, dis-similar components and materials can be processed optimally in the same tank. The modular equipment can be built up from a single unit into a fully automated cleaning and drying line. Emphasis is placed on problem- solving to meet customers’ specifications, especially for processing parts of complex geometry to a superior standard of cleanliness, complete with the requisite cleaning media. The Mafac range of cleaning machines from Turbex will feature at the show. They are distinguished by a world-patented system whereby the

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    movements of the holding basket and spray jets are individually adjustable, allowing them to rotate in the same or opposite directions. Each program can therefore be tailored, together with other movement options such as rocking of the basket, to clean efficiently even the most complex parts. Another notable point about these high quality machines is that they have integral condensing systems, so there is no need for extraction to be fitted. There are five machines in the MAFAC range – Kea, Java, Elba, Palma and Malta – allowing the washing process to be matched closely with the application to ensure precision cleaning across a wide range of component types and different soils. Most recently introduced is the latest version of the Malta, which incorporates a spray-flood action, highly controllable kinematics and rotatable ultrasonic oscillators to provide efficient yet gentle cleaning. It is well suited to removal of swarf and grease from delicate components with intricate, difficult-to-reach areas. Equipped with a rotating spray and drying system that acts on all six sides of the load, the Malta has spray nozzles arranged close to the centre of rotation. It ensures that the entire surface area of components being processed have contact with the cleaning solution, while minimising the spray shadow. For processing larger parts such as casing and landing gear components as well as aerostructures, Turbex offers the AC range of front-loading, spray washing and rinsing models. Manufactured from stainless steel, the machine programme comprises single- and multi-stage units with options

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    for one, two or three process tanks. Standard sizes range from one to three metres in diameter, although larger machine sizes are available. A recent addition to the company’s product portfolio is the Galvatek range of surface treatment lines, notably for chemical cleaning and anodising. The manufacturer is especially well known in the aerospace industry, as its multi-stage lines for chemical cleaning, anodising and etching are widely used.

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    A Turbex Elma ultrasonic cleaning line.

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    The Mafac Malta ultrasonic cleaning system from Turbex incorporates a spray-flood action.

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