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  • 1. Farnborough 2006 Lus Carlos AffonsoInvestors MeetingExecutive Vice-President, Executive JetsJuly 18th,2006 Forward Looking StatementThis presentation includes forward-looking statements or statements about events or circumstances which have not occurred. We have based these forward-looking statements largely on our current expectations and projections about future events and financial trends affecting our business and our future financial performance.These forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions, including, among other things: general economic, political and business conditions, both in Brazil and in our market. The words believes, may, will, estimates, continues, anticipates, intends, expects and similar words are intended to identify forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligations to update publicly or revise any forward-looking statements because of new information, future events or other factors. In light of these risks and uncertainties, the forward- looking events and circumstances discussed in this presentation might not occur. Our actual results could differ substantially from those anticipated in our forward-looking statements.

2. Business Aviation Market SizeUS$ 35.3 bi3.6 US$ 27.1 bi6.5Fractional Ownership2.0Charter + AircraftManagement4.4 4.7 FBO 4.0 2.71.2MRO 2.3Completion +1.0Refurbishment 16.6 13.3Airframe / OEM(2005 US$ billion) Source: AT Kearney and Embraer estimates20052015Significant Expansion Premium customers are under served USA Europe 100% 3%5%9%12%8%17%16%15%12%5% 19% 80%11% 27%19%37% 35% 60%85%87% 40% 76%72% 64% 65%51% 50% 20%0%1995 20002005E 2010E 1995 20002005E 2010E NetworkLow CostRegionalLower number of destinations Greater door-to-door elapsed timeSource: Embraer analysis. 3. Industry answer: business models evolution Yearly Total CostCost Traditional Ownership Aircraft Management Fractional OwnershipFlexibility Jet cards memberships Used Fractional Charter On-DemandBranded CharterScheduled CharterBizav Airline Air taxiCommercial AviationSource:: Embraer (adapted from Jet Solutions) 2006-2015 Market Forecast (deliveries) - WorldProduct Categories UnitsUS$2%ULTRA LARGE6%8%ULTRA-LONG RANGE 10%25% LARGE15%SUPER MID-SIZE 10% 20%11%MID-SIZE20% MID-LIGHT18% 10% LIGHT26%7% VERY LIGHT8% 4% * not including air taxi demand (2,500 3,000 a/c) 9,680 executive jets US$ 144 billion in the next 10 years 4. VisionTo become a major player in the Business Aviation Market within 10 years by providing innovative and differentiating product and service solutions with added value to our customers and shareholders.Legacy 600 Program Update 5. The world discovers the Legacy 60043% of Legacy fleet is flying in Europe, Africa and Middle East USA34 EUROPE 27 ASIA 7 MIDDLE EAST5 LATIN AMERICA2 AFRICA 1 TOTAL76 30 June 200676 aircraft, 18 countries, the right choice Competitive Analysis Floor PlansSuperior Privacy and Comfort 6. Legacy 600 Landmarks2002 2003 2004 20052006EnhancementsAvinics -ICE Air NewShow DSound RE Qualityweather SystemLIVEImprovementradarupdate DE41,000 ft antennaCeiling Short Runway LCYFMS - USB Performance Operation 9,500 ftData Loader Maintenance Take-off Range PlanLanding InteriorNew Interior HSD AltitudeenhancementCertification CTA / FAA / JAA / CISand more on the waySuper midsize category market share 15%13%12%12%20 10% a/c 131310 a/c a/ca/c200220032004 2005 2006-20152005: deliveries growth of 54% 7. Phenom 100 by Embraer Phenom 100 Interior design Preliminary data 8. Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 Prodigy - Avionics based on Garmin systemPreliminary data Phenom 100 Baggage Compartment Spacious for your sporting gear45 cuft5 cuft 5 cuftCompetitors Main baggage compartmentEclipse 500(1): 26 cuft (AFT).Adam 700(2):25 cuft (FWD).Cessna Mustang(3) : 37 cuft (AFT). SourcesPreliminary data 9. Phenom 100 Layout Configuration Comparison Jets Preliminary dataPhenom 100Eclipse 500 MustangAdam 700CJ1 (Entry Level Jet) Source: Conklin & de Decker Aircraft Comparator 2005/2006 Manufacturers web sites and promotional material Phenom 100 Wind Tunnel Test CampaignTEDMPLECO Phase I - USA UWAL - University ofWashington AeronauticalLaboratory Phase II - BrazilCTA - General Command for Aerospace Technology Phase III - RussiaTsAGI Central Aerohydrodynamic InstituteDesign specifications confirmed 10. Phenom 100 Engine first runED LET MP COPratt & Whitney Canada PW 617FOn schedule for the first flight Phenom 100 Master Phase Plan 200420052006 2007 2008Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2Q3 Q4Q1 Q2 Q3Q4 Q1Q2 Q3 Q4 Business Case Approval Business Plan Preparation Business Plan Approval (Official Go-Ahead) Joint Definition PhaseDetailed Design andFlight Test CampaignFirst Metal Cut Sub-Assembly Final Assembly First Flight Entry Into Service 11. Phenom 300 by EmbraerPhenom 300 Interior design by Preliminary data 12. Phenom 300 Baggage CompartmentPreliminary dataBaggage Compartment - 66 cuftFWD Baggage Compartment - 5 cuftWardrobe - 5 cuft Competitors Main Baggage CompartmentHawker 400XP: 26 cuftCitation Encore:28 cuftCitation CJ3: 50 cuftSources: B&CA Purchase Planning Handbook May 2005Phenom 300 Totally new designed aircraft45,000 ft ceiling6,000 ft cabin altitude @ 41,000 ft 7,000 ft cabin altitude @ 45,000 ftData link capability (road map)Trend and exceedance Remote Diagnostic Two way high speed Preliminary data 13. Phenom 300 Totally new designed aircraft High Availability - Low Turn-Around Time (TAT)Single Point RefuelingExternally Serviced LavatoryBrake-by-wire with standard anti-skidPreliminary data Phenom 300 Layout Configuration Comparison Preliminary data PhenomTM 300CJ2+Bravo CJ3 Encore (Mid-Light) Source: Conklin & de Decker Aircraft Comparator 2005/2006 Manufacturers web sites and promotional material 14. Phenom 300 Wind Tunnel Test CampaignTsAGI Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute - Russia Ongoing campaign Phenom 300 Master Phase Plan200420052006 2007 2009Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2Q3 Q4Q1 Q2 Q3Q4 Q1Q2 Q3 Q4 Business Case Approval Business Plan Preparation Business Plan Approval (Official Go-Ahead) Joint Definition Phase Detailed Design and Flight Tests Entry Into Service 15. Embraer LineageTM 1000Embraer Lineage TM 1000 - Interiorillustrative purposes only 16. Embraer Lineage TM 1000 Layout Configuration flexibilityPreliminary data Embraer Lineage TM 1000 Performance DataPreliminary dataCharacteristics Embraer Lineage 1000 Range *4,200 nm MMOMach 0.82 Certified Ceiling 41,000 ft Takeoff Field Length (MTOW / SL / ISA)2,100 m (6,900 ft) Engine APR Thrust GE CF 34-10E 20,000 lbf * NBAA IFR reserves (35 min) with 200 nm alternate; 8 passengers @ 200 lb 17. Embraer Lineage TM 1000 Cockpit Technology Honeywell Primus Epic illustrative purposes onlyPreliminary data Embraer Lineage TM 1000 A new measure of luxury Entry into service: mid-2008 18. VisionEmbraer will be recognized in the next 3 years asone of the top solution providers in the ExecutiveAviation Market worldwide. Customer Support Roadmap 2006 MAYOCTOBER Executive Care for LegacyLegacy and Phenom worldwide service center network unveiling New modulesPhenom Executive Care ProgramLegacy training programunveilingenhancementsPhenom Training Program and simulators locations unveiling 19. Legacy Service Center Network 20 Authorized Service Centers offering airframe line and heavy maintenance Wherever operators need OGMA Executive Jets Service Center in PortugalAlverca, PortugalMajor renovation creates a dedicated executive jets 16,600 sq.ft facility 20. Sales, Backlog and Production Plan Sales and Backlog as of June 30 th, 2006 US$ 1.25Executive Aviation Firm Order Backlog billion more than 235Phenom 100 & Phenom 300 Firm Orders units 21. Expected Production Plan Legacy TM 600 2004 200520062007 13 20 25 - 30 25 - 30 (units) Legacy 600 Expected Production Plan PhenomTM 100 & PhenomTM 300 2008Phenom 10015 - 20(units)2009 120 - 150 (units)Phenom 100 & Phenom 300 22. Expected Production Plan Lineage TM 1000 2008 2009up to 2 3-4(units)Thank You !

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