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Fascination: Stairwell

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This series of 15 fascination books looks into elements of creativity that influence my voice as a designer but also as a critical writer. Each topic is represented through a curated selection of images from my archive.


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Fascination: Stairwell

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What is a fascination? For me understanding the fundamentals, dare I say the principles, in which a critical view on design requires. What is it that I appreciate in the natural and composed environments that surround me? What catches my eye at first sensational glance and what keeps me in-terested with sustained story behind it. These elements make up my so called appropriated identity, not of my own creation but of an organized curation. The purely sublime manifestation of witty invention mixed with the cleverly altered classics. At first I am only drawn by the substanti-ated and intellectualized but the emotional and romantic come through in moments of self professed weakness. Its a melange but continuity exists with consideration for aesthetics, formal integrity, proportion, material, context, and message.


A staircase or well is made up of multiple, equally spaced, stairs of simi-lar dimension. There main function its to allow the movement from one level of space to the next. For me this is an architectural question. Primar-ily how do you efficiently achieve the use of a constrained space to al-low for this movement, how do you efficiently use the space above, beneath and around these collections of platforms in space. As a design feature I believe that staircases need to be both inconspicuous but I am attracted by new solutions or ways in which to reidentify these architectonic forms. There is nothing more gratifying then the stairwell that floats seemlessly along the wall, or that wholly integrates into a shelving unit, one that pushes out of the ceiling with the same material presence. The most in-triguing are staircases that mimic are satirize there very own function, or the fact that a form is repeated in procession. Minimalistic solutions, perhaps brutalist functionality, taste the best while lamps fit in under-neath each spiral stair or when a helix tells the story of a building’s core so well.

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