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This is a compilation of images from personal and commercial projects that depicts my interest in blending both type of images in my creative brainstorming, and use it for marketing and business purposes.


  • fine art & fashion for advertising Jorge Parra Photography

  • What is Jorge Parra?

    -I am the entity you may want for your coming project. I am the one who enjoys doing the "homework" assignment and continues to shoot and explore the subject matter until every pixel is squeezed out. -I am the shooter with no ego-trip, so this may be exactly what you have not enjoyed just yet, and this added value is unique!-I am the control freak who enjoys coordinating the production from the prep stage till the last retouch, but above all,

    -I am the person who lives through his love for images. My life is my work and my work is my life. I still get nervous the moment I start shooting , just like the very first time...

    This is Jorge Parra

  • blending fashion and fine art

    photography for advertising

    Jorge Parra Photography

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    230 ne 51 st. miami FL 33137

    ph: 786. 222 94 05 / 786. 237 52 45


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  • Jorge Parra Photography

    Blending fashion, fine art and lifestyle, both from editorial , advertising and personal projects is without a doubt what I enjoy the most. I don't like to be cornered or worse yet, to corner myself into carefully delimited areas of photography, as I am motivated for what excites me, what makes my eyes tickle, and this may come from all too many sources at the same time, and I love to express it likewise in the images I capture.

    This self-imposed freedom is what helps me get the most out of every situation and allows me to improvise, from what comes to my mind from other visual experiments I have already done, or plan to do. This may bring an unexpected result far beyond the original shooting plan and that in itself is rewarding.

  • Jorge Parra Photography

    fine art & fashion for advertising