Fashion Design - Sketching Fashion Design ... integrate design skills with basic World Wide Web ... and front and back flats.

Download Fashion Design -   Sketching Fashion Design ... integrate design skills with basic World Wide Web ... and front and back flats.

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  • FD112Technical &Product Sketching

    Fashion Design

    1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter 5th Quarter 6th Quarter 7th Quarter 8th Quarter 9th Quarter 10th Quarter 11th Quarter 12th Quarter


    FD127Survey of theFashion Industry

    FD134DrapingPrereq: FD130

    FD130Fundamentals of Construction

    FD131Intermediate ConstructionPrereq: FD130

    FD155Early History of Fashion

    FD135Fundamentals ofPatternmakingPrereq: FD134

    FD262Intermediate PatternmakingPrereq: FD135; FD259

    FD259Advanced ConstructionPrereq: FD131

    FD239Fashion IllustrationPrereq: FD112

    FD251Textiles & Fabricsfor Fashion

    FD260Design Trends& ForecastingPrereq: FD127

    FD263Intro to Product Development

    FD273Advanced Technical& Product SketchingPrereq: FD239

    FD290Portfolio IPrereq: FD262

    FD315Technical DesignPrereq: FD285

    FD125Design for Apparel

    FND150Digital Color Theory

    FD234Computer ApparelDesignPrereq: FD112

    FD261 Applied TextilesPrereq: FD234

    Liberal ArtsCommunicationsElective

    Liberal ArtsNatural ScienceElective

    Technical Elective

    FD320AdvancedFashion IllustrationPrereq: FD239

    FD265Modern History of Fashion

    FD272Computer ProductionSystemsPrereq: FD271

    FD350Digital Textile DesignPrereq: FD261

    FD370Fit AnalysisPrereq: FD285

    FD334Advanced ComputerApparel DesignPrereq: FD234

    Technical Elective

    FM239Marketing ResearchPortfolioPrereq: FM184

    FD455Portfolio IIPrereq: FD443

    FD400Design Specialties:MenswearPrereq: FD234

    FM401Product DevelopmentPrereq: FD234

    Technical Elective

    FM450Career Preparation

    FD443Senior CollectionConceptDevelopmentPrereq: FD334

    FD446Senior CollectionConcept ProductionPrereq: FD444

    CC300InternshipPrereq: AD Approval


    Liberal ArtsHumanitiesElective Liberal Arts

    Social ScienceElective

    Liberal ArtsNatural ScienceElective

    FD335Design Specialties:Activewear/KnitsPrereq: FD259; FD272


    HUM101Art of Professionalism

    COM101English CompositionPrereq: COM83 orPassing Score onApproved PlacementTest


    Liberal ArtsHumanitiesElective

    Liberal ArtsSocial ScienceElective

    Liberal ArtsHumanitiesElective

    MAT125Business Math

    Liberal ArtsSocial ScienceElective

    Liberal ArtsCommunicationsElective


    Liberal ArtsSocial ScienceElective

    Liberal ArtsNatural ScienceElective

    Liberal ArtsHumanitiesElective


    FD271ComputerPatternmakingPrereq: FD262

    FD312Specialized ComputerPatternmakingPrereq: FD272

    FD444Senior CollectionTechnicalPrereq: FD443

    Liberal ArtsSocial ScienceElective

  • Fashion Design

    The Art Institute of Seattle is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), and institutionalaccrediting body recognized by the Councilfor Higher Education. NWCCU can be reached at: 8060 165th Ave. NE, Suite 100Redmond, WA 98052.

    FD112 Technical and Product SketchingFD125 Design for ApparelFD127 Survey of the Fashion IndustryFD130 Fundamentals of ConstructionFD131 Intermediate ConstructionFD134 DrapingFD135 Fundamentals of PatternmakingFD155 Early History of FashionFD234 Computer Apparel DesignFD239 Fashion IllustrationFD251 Textiles and Fabrics for FashionFD259 Advanced ConstructionFD260 Design Trends and ForecastingFD261 Applied TextilesFD262 Intermediate PatternmakingFD263 Intro to Product DevelopmentFD265 Modern History of FashionFD271 Computer PatternmakingFD272 Computer Production SystemsFD273 Advanced Technical and Product SketchingFD290 Portfolio IFD312 Specialized Computer PatternmakingFD315 Technical DesignFD320 Advanced Fashion IllustrationFD334 Advanced Computer Apparel DesignFD335 Design Specialties: Activewear/KnitsFD350 Digital Textile DesignFD370 Fit AnalysisFD400 Design Specialties: MenswearFD443 Senior Concept CollectionFD444 Senior Collection TechnicalFD446 Senior Collection Concept ProductionFD455 Portfolio IIFM184 MarketingFM239 Marketing Research PortfolioFM401 Product DevelopmentFM450 Career PreparationCC250 e-PortfolioCC300 Internship

    CC250 e-PortfolioUtilizing materials generated in Portfolio class, students will integrate design skills with basic World Wide Web production skills in order to create a professional portfolio website. Emphasis is balanced between the design and technical elements of web page design and production.

    FD112 Technical and Product SketchingThis is a fundamental drawing course in which students will learn to use a variety of drawing tools with an emphasis on technical fashion and product illustration.

    FD125 Design for ApparelThis course is a study of design as it is related to elements of apparel including color, line, shape, silhouette, texture and pattern. Students will examine the creative process used by clothing designers, engineers, and colorists in todays apparel manufacturing environment.

    FD127 Survey of the Fashion IndustryThis course provides students with an overview of the fashion industry, examining apparel markets, where designs come from, and how garments are designed, created, produced, marketed and sold at retail.

    FD130 Fundamentals of ConstructionThis course is an introduction to apparel industry sewing standards and techniques. Fundamental skills are applied to the construction of a basic garment utilizing industrial equipment.

    FD131 Intermediate ConstructionPrerequisite: FD130 Fundamentals of ConstructionStudents will apply intermediate and industrial construction techniques to further refine construction skills.

    FD135 Fundamentals of PatternmakingPrerequisite: FD134 DrapingThis course is an introduction to the principles of pattern-making, and the tools, equipment, vocabulary, and process used.

    FD134 DrapingPrerequisite: FD130 Fundamentals of ConstructionThis course is an introduction to the principles and techniques of draping. Students will analyze proportion, line, grain, and fit.

    FD155 Early History of FashionStudents will trace the evolution of garments and accesso-ries from the ancient Egyptian through the French Revolution.

    FD234 Computer Apparel DesignPrerequisite: FD112 Technical and Product SketchingStudents acquire the computer skills for developing and producing surface designs and garment draping simula-tions.

    FD239 Fashion IllustrationPrerequisite: FD112 Technical & Product SketchingStudents will learn to render the fashion figure, garments, details and fabric types.

    FD251 Textiles and Fabrics for FashionThe study of textiles explores natural and manufactured fibers, structure, production, uses, and characteristics.

    FD259 Advance ConstructionPrerequisite: FD131 Intermediate ConstructionAdvance construction techniques are applied in the production of a structured garment.

    FD260 Design Trends & ForecastingPrerequisite: FD127 Survey of Fashion IndustryFashion forecasting creates a competitive advantage for companies. Students study the theories of fashion change; how to research, organize, analyze, and integrate information to sort hype from directional signals; and to apply their trend knowledge into a forecast presentation.

    FD261 Applied TextilesPrerequisite: FD234 Computer Apparel DesignThis course explores textile development through the use of industry-standard design software. Students will develop textiles for manufactures, presentation boards, catalogs and swatches in this lab class.

    FD262 Intermediate PatternmakingPrerequisite:FD135 Fundamentals of Patternmaking and FD259 Advanced ConstructionStudents will practice flat pattern techniques in accordance with garment trade practices. Emphasis will be on the manipulation of patterns for more complex designs.

    FD263 Introduction to Product DevelopmentStudents will analyze the manufacturing systems in the apparel industry, including product development, branding, licensing, quality management, pricing, production planning and management.

    FD265 Modern History of FashionPrerequisite: FD155 Early History of Fashion IndustryContinuing the Early History of Fashion, this course traces the evolution of garments and accessories from the French Revolution to the present.

    FD271 Computer PatternmakingPrerequisite: FD262 Intermediate PatternmakingStudents will practice patternmaking utilizing industry standard software.

    FD272 Computer Production System Prerequisite: FD271 Computer PatternmakingThis course covers the industrial applications of pattern-making, including revising style lines, grading, and creating production-ready patterns and marker making.

    FD273 Advanced Technical & Product SketchingPrerequisite: FD239 Fashion IllustrationThis course offers advanced techniques for technical sketching, product illustrations and specification develop-ment. Students will develop presentation boards and technical illustrations manually.

    FD275 Junior Collection Concept DevelopmentPrerequisite:FD234 Computer Apparel DesignStudents will apply design principles to the creation of marketable concepts and designs from research and practices within the fashion industry.

    FD290 Portfolio IPrerequisite: FD262 Intermediate PatternmakingIn this course, students will develop a professional portfolio designed to market the skills of an apparel designer.

    FD312 Specialized Computer PatternmakingPrerequisite: FD272 Computer Production SystemStudents will acquire additional skills in developing and manipulating more complex designs through the utilizing of industry-standard software in accordance with garment trade practices. Emphasis will be in the creation and manipulation of patterns for more complex designs.

    FD315 Technical DesignPrerequisite:FD285 Jr Collection Concept ProductionStudents will create a computer-generated production package consisting of costing analysis, size specification, construction standards, materials and production methods, and front and back flats.

    FD320 Advanced Fashion IllustrationPrerequisite: FD239 Fashion IllustrationThis course focuses on advanced drawing techniques for rendering the fashion figure. Students will utilize a variety of media to render garment and fabric types.

    FD334 Advanced Computer Apparel DesignPrerequisite: FD234 Computer Apparel DesignStudents acquire additional skills for developing comput-er-based technical sketches and producing surface designs and garment draping simulations for use in their portfolios.

    FD335 Designs Specialties: Activewear/KnitsPrerequisite: FD285 Junior Collection Concept ProductionStudents will research Activewear/Knits markets, conceptu-alize and develop a cohesive line, creating mood, fabric, illustration and technical flat boards to present the line in addition to developing actual product samples.

    FD350 Digital Textile DesignPrerequisite: FD261 Applied TextilesThis course focuses on textile print design and yarn-dyed fabric development, exploring applied and structural techniques using pixel and vector-based software.

    FD370 Fit AnalysisPrerequisite: FD285 Junior Collection Concept ProductionThe students will learn principles and techniques for fitting garments on a body and translating changes back to flat pattern.

    FD400 Design Specialties: MenswearPrerequisite: FD234 Computer Apparel DesignFashion Design and Marketing students will partner to research the Menswear market, conceptualize and develop a line targeted to a specific menswear segment. In addition to developing concept, color, illustration and technical flat boards, students will also develop marketing, merchandis-ing, inventory and distribution plans.

    FD443 Senior Collection Concept DevelopmentPrerequisite: FD334 Advanced Computer Apparel DesignIn this senior course, students will accomplish market research, development of concepts, technical drawings, and the sourcing of materials for their original, multiple delivery, final collection.

    FD444 Senior Collection TechnicalPrerequisite: FD443 Senior Collection DevelopmentIn this senior course, students will further develop technical drawings, and the sourcing of all materials, technical packages and patterns for the production of their original final collection. Initial production toiles will be created for fit analysis.

    FD446 Senior Collection Concept ProductionPrerequisite: FD444 Senior Collection Concept ProductionThis course is the final development phase of the students collection including the specification package. Emphasis is placed on finish construction and presentation of the students original line. Patternmaking and fit analysis of the final collection will also be considered.

    FD455 Portfolio IIPrerequisite: FD443 SeniorThis course focuses on the completion of the portfolio. Your final portfolio should focus on your individual strengths. This work should reflect uniqueness and your ability to meet demanding industry standards.

    FM184 MarketingStudents will examine the social and economic forces of the marketplace and the research and analysis techniques used to make marketing decisions. The course stresses the key role creative marketing specialists are expected to play in all decisions affecting the planning and promoting of products, service and ideas.

    FM239 Marketing Research PortfolioPrerequisite: FM184 MarketingThis is the first in the series of three courses that create the Portfolio Business Plan required for graduation. Students will be study the social and economic forces of the marketplace and the research and analysis techniques used to make marketing decisions and create a complete marketing plan.

    FM401 Product DevelopmentPrerequisite:FD234 Computer Apparel DesignStudent will take product from concept to marketplace, researching materials and analyzing trends for the development of private label merchandise. Prototypes are developed, and manufacturing and budgetary issues analyzed.

    FM450 Career PreparationThis course prepares students for the business environ-ment and the transition into the fashion profession. It emphasizes the concepts of the professionalism and overall understanding of self marketing in the field. Professional development tools are presented, including resum and cover letter writing, networking and interview-ing skills. Each student will develop and present a final project based on their research in career development.

    CC300 InternshipStudents participate in an internship program by working part-time with cooperating employers. Institute advisors coordinate and monitor the program. Practical hands-on experience complements classroom learning.

    Effective Winter 2014


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