february 12-21, 2021 ŚrĪ rĀja ŚyĀmĀlĀ navaratri

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February 12-21, 2021 ŚRĪ RĀJA Ś Y Ā M Ā L Ā NAVARATRI Mantras, Stotras, Namavalis

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r Rja yml Dhyanam 5 .........................................................................................................
Mtag (by Guruji) 6 ......................................................................................................................
r Mtag Kavacam 10 ................................................................................................................
r Mtag Stuti 12 ......................................................................................................................
r ymal Sttram 18 ..................................................................................................................
ymal Daaka Klidsa Viracitam 22 .................................................................................
ymal Navaratna Mlik Stotram Klidsa Viracitam 30 .......................................................
r Mnk Aottara atanmval 31 .........................................................................................
r Mtag Sahasranmvali 33.................................................................................................
This publication and the content provided herein is the work of our volunteers and shared for educational purposes.
The material has been organised to address the needs of seekers who may be beginners (aspirants who are not initiated into the Mlamantra) as well as serious Sadhakas. There may be certain practices outlined which require diksha and have been labelled as such in this document. Beginners are advised to follow this categorisation strictly and not chant mantras without initiation from a Guru.
We have placed a lot of time and effort in compiling this document for the use of devotees. Sources have been acknowledged as and where applicable. We have tried to ensure that this text is accurate and helpful for our readers. However, there may be some typographical errors in the original or compiled content. We neither claim any guarantees nor assume any liability for inaccuracies in the content or for any kinds of real or imagined losses or damages due to the information provided.
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Vgvdini Mantra for the
Uninitiated Devotees
ai kl sau vada vada vgvdini svh
Vgvdini, is ym’s upga devata who confers wisdom and learning.
Initiates can chant the 98 syllable Rja yml Mantra along with
the Aga, Upga and Pratyaga devata mantras.
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r Rja yml Dhyanam Source: Nityotsava (Commentary on Parasurama Kalpa Sutra)
mtag bhitg madhumada mudit npamlhyave sadv oacel mgamadatilak indurekh-vatas | karodyacchakhapatr smita madhurad sdhakasyeadhtr dhyyeddev ukbh ukamakhila kalrpa asyca prve || mtag = Mtag Dev; bhitg = adorned with jewels; madhumada+ mudit = (with) sweet intoxicated smile (in Her lips); npa+mlhya+ve = wearing a garland of nipa (Kadamba) flowers in Her tresses (hair); sadv = holding the stringed instrument (va); oa+cel = wearing red coloured garments; mgamada+tilak = having a musk mark on Her forehead; indurekh+vatas = a mooncrescent (in Her crown); karodyat + akha + patr = (wearing) bright conch shell as earrings; smita+ madhura+d = with Her sweet glances; sdhakasya ia+dhtr = bestowing upon the sdhaka his wishes; dhyyet dev = I meditate on Dev; ukbh = in the colour of parrot (green); ukamakhila kal+rpa = (and also) a parrot which represents all arts; asyca prve = on Her side.
The translation of the above meditative verse is: O Matangi Devi - daughter of Mataga muni, you are adorned with jewels, with a intoxicating smile, wearing npa flowers on your braid, holding va - a stringed musical instrument, adorned with red clothes, sporting a musk mark on her forehead along with a crescent moon on her diadem, wearing earrings of conch shells, bestowing on the aspirant all his needs by her lovable glance and beautiful smile, you are green like a parrot, and the representative of all art forms resides beside you in the form of a parrot.
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
Mtag (by Guruji) Source: Excerpt from Guruji’s “Lusaka Notes” on Daa Mahvidys
Mtag is the ninth of the 10 great vidys. Mtag is greenish in color, dark in complexion (thus another of her names, ymal), and luscious in shape. Her tender limbs have the glow of sapphire. She is a cla kany. The sage Mtaga was a cla by birth, and the Goddess of Speech manifested as his daughter—so she is sometimes known as the “Outcaste Goddess.” Caste, creed and color are no bar to her upsan—Mtag leads one to cut through all such barriers. (Note that the word cla is also a symbol for the suum in the sandhybh of the Tantras. So by cla kany is meant the Kundalini, besides whatever else the name implies.)
“Mtag is the mntrii of Lalit. She is also the karaa and vaya pradhna dvat. Her main purpose is to bring people to Lalit upsan. Lalit uses her mantras to attract devotees to her while the devotees think they are attracting Lalit to themselves. That is the secret of Mtag.
Mtag is Saraswati. Her upsan gives us desires (kma) as well as fulfilling them. But even though one is involved in these sensory games, one knows they are games and is not bound by them. She leads one naturally to the mandala of the Sri Chakra.
Mtag is also similar to Tr. The difference is, with Tr the focus is on unmanifest sound. With Mtag, it is on intelligible, manifest sound. The primordial throb (dya spanda)—which originates by the self-volition of the Supreme—starts a series of vibrations that take the “form of nda (sound). This is the Eternal Word, the source of all manifestation.
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
This manifestation takes place in the four steps of sound evolution, which Tantrics locate in the nervous system:
1. Par. The first and supreme source, it is still unmanifest, but turned toward manifestation (Tr). It is the mah-kraa (great cause) seated at the Mldhra Chakra.
2. Payanti. The word that perceives. This is the kraa located at the Maipra Chakra.
3. Madhyam. The word in the middle, subtle region between the navel and the throat; i.e., the Anhata Chakra.
4. Vaikhar. The expression of speech herself, Goddess Mtag.
Mati is the thinking mind; mt is thought. The unmanifest word perceives itself for manifestation and then reaches the thinking mind for expression (mtaga). When the word—fashioned by the heart and formulated by the mind—is expressed, it is Mtag. As the unmanifest word of pristine purity descends from the Supreme Source, its purity is sullied; its gross expression (varaa) preserves only part of its original glory—hence the name Ucchia Cl.
But by catching the tail end of the word (the articulated speech), one can still get to the source. The worship of Mtag leads one to the realization of the “residual above”; that is, Lalit herself.
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r ymal aanma Sttram https://stotranidhi.com/en/sri-shyamala-shodashanama-stotram-in-english/
sagtaygin ym ymal mantranyik mantri saciv ca pradhn ukapriy || 2 ||
vvat vaiik ca mudri priyakapriy npapriy kadamb kadambavanavsin || 3 ||
sadmad ca nmni aaitni kubhaja tairya sacivn sakt stauti arravn tasya trailkyamakhila hast tihatyasaayam || 4 ||
iti r brahmapur lalitpkhyn rymal aanma sttram |
THE MEANING OF THE 16 NAMES: from “Thoughts on the Way” by Yogamba Sameta Atmanandanatha
1. SAGTAYOGIN: Sangta is “music”, yoga is “union.” As such, Rjaymal is the one who shows the way to unite with the Divine through music.
2. SYM: Dark hued. Dev is meditated as having a dark green hue.
3. SYMAL: Here we are directed to meditate on Dev being present in all the dark hued objects in this world, like rain bearing clouds, etc.
4. MANTRANYIK: The word mantra means that which transports the person into a realm of a mindless state. Nayik means a “Queen.” As such, She’s the Queen of Mantras and is skilful in getting a person into that mindless state.
5. MANTRI: Means a prime minister of r Lalitmbik.
6. SACIVESN: Saciva means “minister" and Isni - “the head”, so She is the prime minister in the court of r Lalitmbik.
7. PRADHNES: Pradhna means “important”, Ii means “the head”. The prime minister is an important head in the court, acting as an advisor to the Empress. That’s why r Bhargava Rma in Kalpasutra says: ’rjadarsant hi nyyah’ with regards to the importance of ymal upsana.
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
8. UKAPRIY: uka means “parrot” and priya means “fond of ”. This points to the parrot loving nature of this Deity. Parrot signifies the Vedas/all arts, which denote repetition of what is heard. Hence we may conclude that this Deity is the Queen of all Art Forms. From the Kaapaydi secret code we find ‘uka’ is ‘5’ and ‘1’, resulting in ’15’, which points to r Lalitmbik. Since ymla is adored by r Lalit, this name is thus interpreted.
9. VVAT: ymal is meditated as holding a va (a stringed musical instrument). Via also represents the spinal cord and the suumna marga inside it. ymla is the Dev of all the adhra cakras.
10. VAIIK: Her skill in playing the va is stressed here. This relates to the ndnusandhna (meditation on the sound), which implies Kualin sadhana.
11. MUDRI: Mudr is the ring of royal authority. Lalit Sahasranma (name #786) says ‘mantri-nyasta-rjyadh’ (who has entrusted her prime minister with all Her regal authority). ymla rules Lalita’s empire, bearing the royal sign of authority, given to her by r Lalitmbik. All gestures which cause bliss are called mudr, it also points to the Dev being the embodiment of Divine Bliss.
12. PRIYAKAPRIY: She is fond of the priyaka flower.
13. NPAPRIY: She’s fond of the npa flower. In ymla’s meditative verse we find a reference to the npa flowers being present in Her braided hair.
14. KADAMBE: Kadamba - “a special tree”, Ii - “Queen”. She’s the Queen of the Kadamba tree.
15. KADAMBA-VANA-VSIN: She lives in the forest of Kadamba trees.
16. SADMAD: Sad - “always”, mad - “intoxicated”. This indicates that the state of consciousness of the Dev and her aspirants are different from the ordinary.
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r Mtag Kavacam https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_devii/mAtangIkavacha.html
asya r mtag kavaca mantrasya mahyogvara i anuup chanda r rjamtagvar r manag prasda siddhyarthe jape viniyoga ||
nlotpalapratkmañjandrisamaprabhm vhast gnarat madhuptra ca bibhratm || 1 ||
sarvlakrasayukt ymal madalinm nammi rjamtag bhaktnmiadyinm || 2 ||
eva dhytv japennitya kavaca sarvakmadam ikh me ymal ptu mtag me iro'vatu || 3 ||
lala ptu cal bhruvau me madalin karau me ptu mtag akhau kualaobhit || 4 ||
netre me ptu raktk nsik ptu me iv gaau me ptu deve ohau bimbaphaldhar || 5 ||
jihv me ptu vg dantn kalyakri ptu me rjamtag vadana sarvasiddhid || 6 ||
kaha me ptu hdyg vhast karau mama hdaya ptu me lakmrnbhi me viavanyik || 7 ||
mama prvadvaya ptu skmamadhy mahevar ukaym kai ptu guhya me lokamohin || 8 ||
r me ptu bhadrg jnun ptu kar jaghdvaya me loke pdau me paramevar || 9 ||
prgdidiku m ptu sarvaivaryapradyin romi ptu me k bhry me bhavavallabh || 10 ||
akar sarvata ptu mama sarvavaakar mahlakmrmama dhana vivamt sutn mama || 11 ||
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rmtagvar nitya m ptu jagadvar mtag kavaca nitya ya etatprapahennara || 12 ||
sukhitva sakaln lokn dsbhtnkarotyasau. prpnoti mahat knti bhavetkma ataprabha || 13 ||
labhate mahat lakm trailokye cpi durlabhm aimdyaasiddha ya sañcaratyea mnava || 14 ||
sarvavidynidhiraya bhavedvgvarevara brahmarkasavetlabhtapreta picakai || 15 ||
putrn pautrnavpnoti rrvidyknti sayutn tadbhry durbhag cpi knty ratisambhavet || 17 ||
sarvn kmnavpnoti mahbhogca durlabhn bhuktimante sampnoti sktparaivo bhavet || 18 ||
iti r mah''gamarahasye datttreya vmadeva savde saptamaparicchede rmtag kavacam sampra ||
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r Mtag Stuti https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_devii/mAtangIstutI.html
karpra obhi karbharabhirm mikyabh sumukhravindm | hlmadghrita locanbh bl bhaje blatamla nlm || 2 ||
kastr tilakbhirma racit karpra takin bl nlavilacruvadan prlambidhammillak | hrodañcita pvarastanata hlmadollsin ym kcana mohin vijayate cañcatprapañckt || 3 ||
ae ve cikurakusum clik nlacel muktbhkarayugalat vallak vdayantm | mdhvmatt madhukara ninad ymal komalg mtag t sakalaphalad santata bhvaymi || 4 ||
v pustaka dhri smitamukh tldalkalpita sphyatkualabha kuvalayaym kuragdm | uttugastanakumbhayugma vilasatkmrapatrval mtag padakairava navacaraccandrtapatrmbhaje || 5 ||
dhyyeha ratnapheukakularaita vat ymalg nyastaikghri saroje aiakaladhar vallakvdayantm | kalhnrbaddhaml niyamitavilasacclik raktavastr mtag akhaptr madhumadaviva citrakodbhsibhlm || 6 ||
rdhyamncara pibantobrahmdayo viruta krtimpu | anyepara vgvibhava munndr parriya bhaktibharea cnye || 7 ||
nammi dev navacandramauli mtagin candrakalvatasm | mnya vkyai pratipdanrthe prabodhayant ukamdarea || 8 ||
mtagall gamane'pi bhakty iñjnamañjramidbhajanti | mtastvadya cararavindamaktrim vacas niricch || 9 ||
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pardhikiñjitanpurbhy ktgam padav t padbhym | sphoayant karavallak t mtagin maddhdaye bhajmi || 10 ||
nlukbaddhanitambabimb nldalennatakarabhm | madhye madghrita netrapadm mtagin ambhuvadh nammi || 11 ||
kucakumbha taanyasta maivmadlasm | ym vmka vinyasta mlik blikmbhaje || 14 ||
abdhauyti sarojacmaramaruddodhyamnlak clcumbita crucampaka dalgaur madollsin | nl bla pala karavilasatkallola kliccha kl scalakanyak vijayate maccitta padmsan || 15 ||
vnartita pi pakajayugmoabimbdhar ve baddha kadamba pupa kalikme vilolekam | ro lamba virjamna sujap ombarlakt ekrka vibha kalayat bhill purandhrmbhaje || 16 ||
tamla ymgmatimadhura sagta nirat kpprpg kucabhara natg smitamukhm | bhramadbhrbhage te vividha kusumaistairivayut bhaje'ha mtag madaparavagmanudinam || 17 ||
sukaym ym ukaraita kallola nirat vipañc sañcrrua karasaroj bhagavatm | madsaktmukt phalaguitahrastanata kpvsmmatirucirahs bhajaivm || 18 ||
raktravinda makaranda rasnulep pnapramatta calitli kullakntm | vmanoharanindavinodal v bhaje ukanibh madhupna lolm || 19 ||
sagta nda rasapnaghanrdradeh netrravinda karumtavhin tm | raktravinda viniveitavmapd ym matagatanay manas smarmi || 20 ||
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kastrik ymala komalg kdambarpnamadlasgm | vmastanligitaratnav mtagakany manassmarmi || 21 ||
mikyavmupallayant madlas mañjula vgvilsm | mhendra nlotpala komalg mtaga kany manassmarmi || 23 ||
kuvalaya dalanlg kuvalaya crucañcalpgm | kuvalaya samottamg kuvalaya cl nammi mtagm || 24 ||
ym kuvalayaym nmakaldhma bhgasth | madhupnaratratpydv vvinodavirnt || 25 ||
tamlapatrñcitanlagtr tldalenrpita karapatrm | saptasvarlpavieatantr blmbhaje bhavyamatagaputrm || 26 ||
kaldhottas karakalita vhitaras kalindpatybh karakalita hday raktavasanm | pur kaly puramathanapuyodayakal- madhrk vande bahukusumasannaddhakabarm || 29 ||
kalodañcadve kanakadalatakamahit stanbhymnamr taruamihir raktavasanm | mahkaly tanmadhumadabhar tmranayan tamlaym nastavakayatu saukhynisatatam || 30 ||
karñcitavipañcik kalitacandracmai kapolavilasanmahkanakapatra takinm | tapa phalamihrit taruabhsaraktmbar tamladalamecak tarualocanmraye || 31 ||
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jagadnandakalakakahaml kabar veana kkaya guñj | kurut duritdvimokaa me tuhin bhillikuumbin bhavn || 33 ||
vme vismtalin stanatae vinyasta vmukha tantrtla virvimasakalairsphlayant nakhai | ardhonmlita locana savilasadgrva mukhavibhrat ym kcana mohin vijayate mtagakanymayi || 34 ||
pratih payodhara prasra karapakaja balabhida | kadamba vanamlika aikal samudbhsitam || 35 ||
mataga kulanandin manasi me muhujmbhatm | samasta sukhadyin taruapatra takin || 36 ||
lkrga kapolapallavaratmpna tugastan karprojvalacruakhavalay kmraraktukm | tantrtlasapal gulidal vandmahe mtara mtag madamanthar marakataym manohrim || 37 ||
srasta ketakidmabhirvalayita dhammillambibhrat tlpatra puntarai samanataistakin mauktikai | bhle kalpataro prasnavilasadvaiva sammohin kñc dmavat vijayate vsavdnan || 38 ||
mtag bhitg madhumadamudit ghramnkiyugm svidyadvaktr kadamba pravilasadveikmatta vm | bimboh raktavastr mgamada tilakmindurekhvatas karodyacchakhapatr karakalitauk naumi tugastan tm || 39 ||
unmlidyvakdynniviamadabharodvignabhllak ratnagaiveyahrgada kailasatstra mañjraghom | nyrthnabhn smitamadhurad sdhika tarpayant dhyyeddev ukbhukamakhilakalrpamasycaprve || 40 ||
kucakalaaniaav kalamadhuradhvani kampitottamgm | marakatamaibhgamecakbhmadamavirodhamanasvinmupse || 42 ||
tldalollasitakomalakarapl phlntarcikurmatinlavem | vakojaphanihitojvalacruv ym nammi madirruanetrayugmm || 43 ||
naadaguñj pañjbharaakira raktavasan japkarbh ikhivarakakalpmbaravatm | nadajjhall vallnavakisalayaist parivt navmohrh kuilakabar mohaabarm || 46 ||
vvdana nirata talll baddhagta vmakucam | ymala komala gtra palanayana para bhajedhma || 48 ||
akita picatuyamakuapeku cpaakalam | akara jitetyamitra pakajanetra para bhajedhma || 49 ||
karakalita kesrlnukreya kucakala jayate jagatm | mtmtag magesvyatan || 50 ||
mudkarakadamba knane kanakamaaptrasthite lasanmaimaysane sahacarbhirrdhitm | lasatkanakakaka rajatamañjumañjrak jagajjanavimohin japavidhau smaredambikm || 51 ||
vtla vinodagta nirat nlukollsin | bimboh navayvakrdra caramkra keojvalm || 53 ||
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hdyveita akhakualadhar mikyabhojval mtag praato'smi susmitamukh devukaymalm || 54 ||
divyahlmadonmatt divyabhaabhitm | divyagandharvakanybhissamrdhitapdukm || 55 ||
stutiu navadeva devi vividha kavi vilohitamatirbhavati | nihitamatiryadyapi mmapetacetbhavati stotu vilobhayati || 57 ||
sdhykaragarbhita pañcanava ityakartmike jaganmta . bhagavati mtagevari namastubhya mahdevi || 58 ||
ityum shacary bhagavn mtaga i prat iya stuti sampt ||
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r ymal Sttram https://templesinindiainfo.com/shyamala-stotram-lyrics-in-english/
namaststu mahdvi nam bhagavatvari | namaststu jaganmtarjayaakaravallabh || 2 ||
jayatva ymaldvi ukaym namstut | mahym mahrm jaya sarvamanhar || 3 ||
jaya nltpalaprakhy jaya sarvavaakari | jaya tvajtvasastuty laghuym namstut || 4 ||
nam namast raktki jaya tva madalini | jaya mtarmahlakmi vgvari namstu t || 5 ||
nama indrdisastuty nam brahmdipjit | nam marakataprakhy akhakualabhit || 6 ||
jaya tva jagadni lkamhini t nama | namaststu mahk nam vivavallabh || 7 ||
mahvari namaststu nlmbarasamanvit | nama kalyi kgi namast paramvari || 8 || mahdvapriyakari namassarvavaakari | mahsaubhgyad n kadambavanavsini || 9 ||
jaya sagtarasik vhast namstu t | janamhini vand tv brahmaviuivtmik || 10 ||
vgvdini namastubhya sarvavidyprad nama | namast kuladvi nam nrvaakari || 11 ||
aimdigudhr jaya nldrisannibh | akhapadmdisamyukt siddhid tv bhajmyaham || 12 ||
jaya tva varabhgi varg tv bhajmyaha | dv vand ygivandy jaya lkavaakari || 13 ||
sarvlakrasamyukt namastubhya nidhvari | sargaplanasahrahtubht santani || 14 ||
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mahvidy namastubhya siddhalakmi namstu t | brahmaviuivastuty bhaktn sarvakmad || 17 ||
mtagvaravandy tv prasda mama sarvad | itytacchymalsttra sarvakmasamddhidam || 18 ||
uddhtm prajapdyastu nityamkgramnasa | sa labhtsakalnkmn vakuryjjagattrayam || 19 ||
ghra ds bhavantyasya dv ygvardaya | rambhrvaydyapsarasmavyay madan bhavt || 20 ||
npca marty sarv:’sya sad ds bhavanti hi | labhdaaguaivarya dridrya vimucyat || 21 ||
akhdi nidhay dvrthsssnnidya paryupsat | vyca sarvastri sarvavidynidhirbhavt || 22 ||
vimukta sakalpadbhi labhtsampattimuttam | mahpppappaughaissaghra mucyat nara || 23 ||
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r ymal Pañcatsvara Varamlik Sttram
bl bhskarabhsamaprabhayut bhmvar bhrat mikyñcitahrimabhayad ynisthityampad | hr hr hr kamay rajastamahar lambjamkri cidrp sakalpsitrthavarad bl bhaj ymalm || 2 ||
a ha a ta thamakar tava kalntdyktturyag da dha na navakimrtisahit nda sabindkal | pa pha mantraphalaprad pratipad nbhausacakr sthit cidrp sakalpsitrthavarad bl bhaj ymalm || 3 ||
ka kha ga gha may gajsyajanan gnapriy mgam ca cha ja jha jhaa kvai ghau ghi jhakrapd ram | ña a ha hday sthit kiiki ndau karau kaka cidrp sakalpsitrthavarad bl bhaj ymalm || 4 ||
a i ima ihaiva sukhadmkra pam lu sahavaraphanilay lkra ai sad | au annamay a stavanut mnanda mnandin cidrp sakalpsitrthavarad bl bhaj ymalm || 5 ||
ha ka brahmamay dvipatrakamalmbhrmadhyaph sthit l pigalamadhyadagamanmirthasandyin | rha pratirhayantrabharit sktsuumn kal cidrp sakalpsitrthavarad bl bhaj ymalm || 6 ||
brahmdi samasta mauniibhirdvaissad dhyyin brahmasthnanivin tava kal tra sahasrmak | khavya khavyamay khagavinut kha rpimkri cidrp sakalpsitrthavarad bl bhaj ymalm || 7 ||
cakry satu saptamantaragat vartmik t riya nda bindukalmaymcarahit niabda nirvypak | nirvyakt ca nirañjan niravay ryantramtr par
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cidrp sakalpsitrthavarad bl bhaj ymalm || 8 ||
blmlamanhar pratidina vñchanti vcya paht vd stra vivdaklasamay sthitv sabhmadhyam | pañcatsvaravaramlikamiy jihvgra sasth pah- ddharmrthkhilakmavikitakpssidhyanti mka tath || 9 ||
|| iti ymalpañcatsvaravaramlik sttra ||
ymal Daaka Klidsa Viracitam https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_devii/shyaamala.html
|| atha ymal daakam ||
|| dhynam || mikyavmupallayant madlas mañjulavgvilsm mhendranladyutikomalg mtagakany manas smarmi I meditate upon The Daughter of Matanga, Who plays the veena made of precious gems, Who has become lazy due to Her exuberance, Who is blessed with very sweet words, Who has a beautiful mien which shines like the blue gem.
caturbhuje candrakalvatase kuconnate kukumargaoe purekupkuapupaba- haste namaste jagadekamta My salutations to that Mother of the Universe, Who has four hands, Who wears the crescent moon as ornament, Who has very high breasts, Who is of the colour of saffron, And who holds flower, sugar cane, rope, arrow, The goad and pundareeka in Her hands.
|| viniyoga ||
mt marakataym mtag madalin kuryt kaka kaly kadabavanavsin Please bless me with a side long glance, Oh daughter of sage Mathanga, Who is my Mother, Who is as green as an emerald, Who is exuberant, Who blesses with all that is good, And who lives in the forest of Kadambha
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|| stuti ||
jaya mtagatanaye jaya nlotpaladyute jaya sagtarasike jaya llukapriye Victory to the daughter of Mathanga, Victory to Her who resembles Neelothphala flowers, Victory to Her who enjoys music, Victory to Her who likes the playful parrot.
|| daakam ||
jaya janani sudhsamudrntarudyanmadvpasarh - bilvavmadhyakalpadrumkalpa-kdaba-kntravsapriye kttivsapriye sarvalokapriye Victory to The Mother Who is always interested in living in the forest of Kadamba trees which are similar to the wish giving Kalapaka trees, and which is in the forest of Vilwa trees and which is situated in the gem island in the sea of nectar, Who is the consort of Lord Shiva, Who is the darling of the whole world,
sdarrabdhasagtasabhvansabhramlola- npasragbaddhaclsanthatrike snumatputrike Whose curvaceous golden bosom is decorated by Her dancing hair which has been freed by the raising crescendo of a soulful music, Who is The Daughter of the Mountain,
ekharbhtaturekhmaykhvalbaddha- susnigdhanllakareigrite lokasabhvite kmalldhanussannibhabhrlatpupasandohasandehakllocane vksudhsecane crugorocanpakakellalmbhirme surme rame Who is extremely beautiful with her bluish black hair curls which shine due to the light emanating from the cold crescent moon she wears on Her head, Who is respected by the whole world,
Who has eye lashes looking like the flower arrows coming from the playful bow of the God of love, Who cools down the universe with nectar for words,
Who is dazzling with Her Tilak made of musk, Who makes the whole world happy, Who is Rama, the Goddess Lakshmi,
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prollasaddhvlikmauktikareikcandrikmaalodbhsi lvayagaasthalanyastakastrikpatrarekhsamudbhtasaurabhya- sabhrntabhggangtasndrbhavanmandratantrsvare susvare bhsvare Who comes with the charming sound of the Veena mixed with appropriate beats, strengthened by the sound of several bees rushing towards the incenses exhaling from the marks of musk made on Her beautiful neck and towards the light emanating from the ornaments She wears on Her ears made of very precious gems which put to shame the light of the Universe and the light of the Moon, Who has a very enchanting musical voice, Who shines with Her magnificent features,
vallakvdanaprakriylolatldalbaddha- takabhvienvite siddhasammnite Who wears ear ornaments made of palm leaves when She plays the musical instrument called Vallaki, Who is recognized by great sages,
divyahlmadodvelahellasaccakurndolanarsamkiptakaraika- nlotpale ymale pritealokbhivñchphale rphale Who wears ear studs made of neelothphala flowers, Whose lustre is shiner than the light of Her divine glances that emanate from Her splendid eyes red coloured by the divine intoxicating beverage She has drunk, Who grants all wishes for all the people of the world, Who grants Wealth and Happiness
svedabindllasadphlalvaya niyandasandohasandehaknnsikmauktike sarvavivtmike sarva-siddhytmike klike mugddhamandasmitodravaktra- sphurat pga-tmbla-karpra-khaotkare jñna-mudr-kare sarva-sampat- kare padmabhsvatkare rkare Who wears a nose ring which makes one’s wonder if it could be made by the perspiration on Her gorgeous forehead which would have flown down from there and crystallized on Her nose, Who is the soul of the whole world, Who also assumes the form of Kali,
Who has a beautiful face which easily showers smiles and which beauty is enhanced by the areca nut, Thamboola and camphor in Her mouth, Who shows the symbol of Jnana(Wisdom) Who has all types of wealth, Who holds the lotus flower in Her hand, Who grants good blessings,
kundapupadyutisnigdhadantvalnirmallolakallolasammelana smeraodhare cruvdhare pakvabibdhare Who is having a soft sweet vermilion smile which comes in waves from the astonishing set of
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
white teeth shining bright like a garland made of white jasmine buds, Who holds in Her hand the great Veena, Who is having bright-red lips like the Bimba fruits,
sulalita navayauvanrabhacandrodayodvelalvayadugdhravvirbhavat kambubimbokabhtkanthare satkalmandire manthare Whose neck is luminescent and white like the conch which has arisen from the ocean of milk at the time of high tide, also bright as the moonrise of the delightful new youth, Who is the personification of all arts, Who is voluptuous,
divyaratnaprabhbandhuracchannahrdibhsamudyotamnnavadyga- obhe ubhe Who is having a perfect lustre created by each part of Her shining body decorated by several garlands and ornaments made of holy gems, Who is the personification of all that is good,
ratnakeyraramicchapallavaprollasaddollatrjite yogibhi pjite vivadimaalavyptamikyatejassphuratkakalakte vibhramlakte sdhubhi pjite vsarrabhavelsamujjmbha mravindapratidvandvipidvaye santatodyaddaye advaye divyaratnormikddhitistomasandhyyamngulpallavodya nnakhenduprabhmaale sannutkhaale citprabhmaale prollasatkuale Who is sumptuous because of Her two arms shining like young tendrils decorated by the bright armlets made of umpteen rathnas (gems), Who is being worshipped by sages,
Who wears bangles whose gems spread light all over the world, Who is also gorgeous because of all that She wears, Who is worshipped by holy people,
Who has two hands which challenge in beauty the radiance of newly opened lotus flowers at sunrise, Who always rains the shower of Mercy, Who is the One in whom there is no two,
Who has very cute fingers with glowing nails which are decorated by several rings studded with very precious jewels similar in intensity with the shining moon, Who is worshipped by lord Indra, King of the Devas, Who is surrounded by the holy light of God emanating from the cit, Who wears ear studs which have great emanation,
trakrjinkahrvalismera crustanbhogabhrnamanmadhya- vallvaliccheda vcsamudyatsamullsasandaritkrasaundaryaratnkare vallakbhtkare kikararkare
Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
Who is an ocean of Beauty which waves are the three lines in Her middle body formed by the slight bent of Her charming and heavy breasts, happy and pretty breasts with the lustre of several chains She wears like a bevy of stars, Who plays the sacred Veena, Who blesses Her devotees with Wealth,
hemakubhopamottuga vakojabhrvanamre trilokvanamre lasadvttagabhra nbhsarastraaivlaakkaraymaromvalbhae mañjusabhae Who has a look of humility due to the slight curv caused by Her very heavy golden breasts, Who is being worshipped by all the people of all the three worlds,
Who shines due to astounding black and emerald hair which appears to be like the thin row of water plants surrounding the lake of Her deep, round and attractive belly button. Who has a very compelling speech,
cruiñcatkastranirbhatsitnagalladhanuiñcinabare divyaratnmbare Who defeats the love sugarcane bow which belongs to the God of love Himself by arousing passionate love just with the slight shake of Her golden belt, Who wears silk studded with gems,
padmargollasa nmekhalmauktikaroiobhjitasvarabhbhttale candriktale vikasitanavakiuktmradivyukacchanna crruobhparbhtasindraoyamnendramtaga hasmrggale vaibhavnarggale ymale komalasnigddha nlotpalotpditnagatraakkarodra jaghlate crullgate namradikplasmantin kuntalasnigddhanlaprabhpuñcasañjtadurvkuraka sragasayogarikhannakhendjjvale projjvale nirmale prahva devea lakma bhtea toyea va kna daityea yakea vyvagnikoramikya sahabltapoddma-- lkrasruyatruya lakmghitghripadmme supadme ume Who lessens the beauty of the green valley of the Mount Meru by the shine of the diamond studded bells which are tied to Her golden belt, Who is as cool as the moon light,
Who has impressive thighs hidden by the holy cloth which is as red as the fully open flowers of palas tree, thighs that defeat the dainty beauty of Iravatha’s trunk which has the pasting colour of a saffron coat, Who has the ever flowing grace without hindrance emanating from Her, Who is a dark beauty,
Who has elegant kneecaps shaped as the quiver of the God of love, which is glistening with beauty and made of dark flowers,
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Who has a majestic feminine gait,
Who has glowing nails bright as the moonbeam which are curved and saluted by the eight Lord of directions’ wives whose flowing hair is attracting the deer who think it to be a luscious grass, Who has a wholly iridescent manner, Who is holy and pure,
Who has lotus like feet which shine in the brilliance emanating from the crowns of the bent heads of Indra, Vishnu, Shiva, Varuna, Brahma, Yama Niryathi, Vaisravana (God of wealth), Vayu, and Agni, Whose Lotus like feet are painted red by the plant extracts so they shine like the reddish rising sun and which are the treasure house of youthful beauty, Who holds lotus flower in Her hands, Who has the form of Parvati,
suruciranavaratnaphasthite susthite ratnapadmsane ratnasimhsane akhapadmadvayoprite virute Who sits in the seat made of the nine precious gems, Who sits gloriously, Who sits on the jewelled lotus flower, Who sits on the jewelled throne, Who is being sought by the Conch and the Lotus Flower, Who is very famous,
tatra vighneadurgvauketraplairyute mattamtaga kanysamhnvite bhairavairaabhirveite Who is surrounded by Ganesa, Durga, Bhairava and Kshethra pala, Who shines among the girls in the house of Mathanga due to Her exuding youthful vigour, Who is surrounded by the eight Bhairavas,
mañculmenakdyaganmnite devi vmdibhi aktibhissevite dhtri lakmydiaktyaakai sayute mtkmaalairmaite yakagandharvasiddhgan maalairarcite bhairav savte pañcabtmike pañcabena raty ca sabhvite prtibhj vasantena cnandite bhaktibhja para reyase kalpase yogin mnase dyotase chandasmojas bhrjase gtavidy vinodti tena kena sampjyase bhaktimaccetas vedhas styase vivahdyena vdyena vidydharairgyase Who is being revered by divine beauties like Manjula and Menaka, Who is being served by Goddess Durga and Vama deva, Who is with the eight Divine Mothers , Who is being worshipped by the yakshas, gandarwas and siddhas, Who is the soul in the arrows of the God of love, Who is being worshipped by Manmatha (God of love) and His wife Rathi devi, Who is being worshipped during the Spring along with Love,
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
Who grants great fame to Her devotees, Who is being meditated upon by sages from the very beginning of the world Who is being worshipped by Lord Krishna, a great expert in music, Who becomes pleased by the power of Vedic chants, Who is being worshipped by Lord Brahma with devotion, Who is being worshipped by Vidhyadharas with a soulful music made of distinguished words,
ravaaharadakiakvay vay kinnarairgyase yakagandharvasiddhgan maalairarcyase sarvasaubhgyavñchvatbhir vadhbhissur samrdhyase sarvavidyvieatmaka cugth samuccrakahamlollasad- vararjitraya komalaymalodrapakadvaya tuaobhtidrbhavat kiuka ta uka llayant parikrase Who is being praised by Kinaaras accompanied by the profound music of the Veena, Who is being worshipped by the women of Yaksha, Gandharwa and Siddha’s clan, Who is also being worshipped by all the Devas with a deep wish to grant them all their desires,
Who pets and plays with that parrot which is the personification of all knowledge, which keeps on singing remarkable songs, which wear the radiant three lines on its neck in three different colours, which shines with two wings of green colour, which has shimmering beaks which are more resplendent than the Kimsuka flowers,
pipadmadvayenkamlmapi sphik jñnasrtmaka var mlgua pustakañcakua pambibhrat tena sañcintyase tasya vaktrntart gadyapadytmik bhrat nissaret yena vdhvasand ktirbhvyase tasya vay bhavantistiya pru yena v takabadyutirbhvyase sopi lakmsahasrai parikrate Who when meditated upon as The One Who holds the crystal chain in one hand, the book of all knowledge in another ,and the goad and rope in the two other hands, makes knowledge flow from the devotee’s mouth in the form of prose and poems, Who when meditated upon as The One Who has the reddish colour of dawn similar in hue to the juice of red cotton, makes the devotee attractive to all males and females, Who when meditated upon as The One Who has a golden coloured body grants the devotee all sort of Wealth and makes him/her live happily,
kinna siddhyedvapu ymala komala candracnvita tvaka dhyyata tasya ll sarovridh tasya kelvana nandana tasya bhadrsana bhtala tasya grdevat kikari tasya cjñkar r svaya Who when meditated upon in Her luxurious and magnificent emerald brilliant form wearing a crescent on Her head, would grant all occult powers to the devotee and make him/her feel that the ocean is his/her pool for playing, that great gardens are his/her kitchen gardens, that the entire earth has become his/her seat, that Goddess Saraswathi appears as his/her servant and Goddess Lakshmi as The One who obeys all his/her orders,
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
sarvatrthtmike sarva mantrtmike sarva yantrtmike sarva tantrtmike sarva cakrtmike sarva aktytmike sarva phtmike sarva vedtmike sarva vidytmike sarva yogtmike sarva vartmike sarvagttmike sarva ndtmike sarva abdtmike sarva vivtmike sarva vargtmike sarva sarvtmike sarvage sarva rpe jaganmtke phi m phi m phi m devi tubhya namo devi tubhya namo devi tubhya namo devi tubhya nama Who is the form of all sacred waters, Who is the form of all holy chants to God, Who is the form of all holy and sacred symbols Who is the form of Goddess of female principles, Who is the form of all sacred platforms, Who is the form of all philosophy, Who is the form of all knowledge, Who is the form of all yoga, Who is the form of all musical sounds, Who is the form of all sounds, Who is the form of all universes, Who is the form of all divisions, Who is the form of all souls, Who is everything, Who has all forms, Who is The Mother of the Universe, Please save me, please save me, Please save me, Salutations to the Holy Goddess, Salutations to the Holy Goddess, Salutations to the Holy Goddess
o || iti ymal daakam sampram ||
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ymal Navaratna Mlik Stotram Klidsa Viracitam
avautaaghaitacltitatlpalatakm vvdanavel'kampitairas nammi mtagm || 6 ||
navaratnamlyametad racita mtagakanyakbharaam | ya pahati bhaktiyukta sa bhavet vgvara skt ||
iti kaviklidsaviracita navaratnaml athav ymalnavaratnamlikstotram sampram
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r Mnk Aottara atanmval
1. o mtagyai nama 2. o vijayyai nama 3. o ymyyai nama 4. o saci veyai nama 5. o uka priyyai nama 6. o npa priyyai nama 7. o kadambeyai nama 8. o mad-ghrita locanyai nama 9. o bhaktnu raktyai nama 10. o mantryai nama 11. o pupinyai nama 12. o mantriyai nama 13. o ivyai nama 14. o kalavatyai nama 15. o raktavastryai nama 16. o abhirmyai nama 17. o sumadhyamyai nama 18. o trikoa-madhya nilayyai nama 19. o cru-candrvadasinyai nama 20. o raha pjyyai nama 21. o raha keyai nama 22. o yoni rpyai nama 23. o mahevaryai nama 24. o bhaga priyyai nama 25. o bhag rdhyyai nama 26. o subhagyai nama 27. o bhaga-mlinyai nama 28. o rati priyyai nama 29. o caturbahave nama 30. o suveyai nama 31. o cru-hsinyai nama 32. o madhu priyyai nama 33. o r jananyai nama
34. o arvyai nama 35. o ivtmikyai nama 36. o rajya-lakmi pradayai nama 37. o nityyai nama 38. o npodhyna nivsinyai nama 39. o vvtyai nama 40. o kambu-kahyai nama 41. o kmeyai nama 42. o yajña-rpiyai nama 43. o sagta rasikyai nama 44. o nda priyyai nama 45. o nlotpaladhyutyai nama 46. o mtaga-tanayyai nama 47. o lakmyai nama 48. o vypinyai nama 49. o sarva-jñanyai nama 50. o divya-candana digdhgai
nama 51. o yvakrdra padabujyai
nama 52. o kastri tilakyai nama 53. o subhruve nama 54. o bimbohyai nama 55. o madlasyai nama 56. o vidyrjñyai nama 57. o bhagavatyai nama 58. o sudhpannumodinyai nama 59. o akhatakinyai nama 60. o guhyyai nama 61. o yoitpurua mohinyai nama 62. o kikarbhta grvyai nama 63. o kauinyai nama 64. o akara rpinyai nama 65. o vidhutkapolaphalakyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
70. o bhuvenevaryai nama 71. o prathustanyai nama 72. o brahma vidyyai nama 73. o sudhsgara vsinyai nama 74. o guhya vidyyai nama 75. o anavadhygyai nama 76. o yantriyai nama 77. o rati lolupyai nama 78. o trailokya sundaryai nama 79. o ramyyai nama 80. o sragviyai nama 81. o kradhriyai nama 82. o tmaika-sumukibhuta jagad-
ahlda-kriyai nama 83. o kalpttyai nama 84. o kualinyai nama 85. o kaldharyai nama 86. o manasvinyai nama 87. o acintynanda vibhavyai nama 88. o ratna-simhsanevaryai nama 89. o padmsanyai nama 90. o kmakalyai nama
91. o svayambh kusumapriyyai nama
92. o kalyyai nama 93. o nitya pupyai nama 94. o mbhavyai nama 95. o varadyinyai nama 96. o sarva-vidy-prad-vcyyai
nama 97. o guhyopaniaduttamyai nama 98. o npavayakaryai nama 99. o bhoktryai nama 100. o jagatpratyaka skiyai nama 101. o brahma-viava-jananyai
nama 102. o sarva-saubhgya-dyinyai
nama 103. o guhyti-guhya-goptryai nama 104. o nityaklinnayai nama 105. o amritodbhavyai nama 106. o kaivalyadtryai nama 107. o vainyai nama 108. o sarva-sampat-pradyinyai
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r Mtag Sahasranmvali https://templesinindiainfo.com/1000-names-of-sri-matangi-sahasranamavali-stotram-lyrics-

1. o sumukhyai nama 2. o emuyai nama 3. o sevyyai nama 4. o surasyai nama 5. o aiekharyai nama 6. o samnsyyai nama 7. o sdhanyai nama 8. o samastasurasanmukhyai nama 9. o sarvasampattijananyai nama 10. o sampadyai nama 11. o sindhusevinyai nama 12. o ambhusmantinyai nama 13. o saumyyai nama 14. o samrdhyyai nama 15. o sudhrasyai nama 16. o sragyai nama 17. o savalyai nama 18. o velyai nama 19. o lvayavanamlinyai nama 20. o vanajkyai nama 21. o vanacaryai nama 22. o vanyai nama 23. o vanavinodinyai nama 24. o veginyai nama 25. o vegadyai nama 26. o vegyai nama 27. o bagalasthyai nama 28. o baldhikyai nama
29. o klyai nama 30. o klapriyyai nama 31. o kelyai nama 32. o kamalyai nama 33. o klakminyai nama 34. o kamalyai nama 35. o kamalasthyai nama 36. o kamalasthyai nama 37. o kamalasthyai kalvatyai nama 38. o kulnyai nama 39. o kuilyai nama 40. o kntyai nama 41. o kokilyai nama 42. o kalabhiyai nama 43. o kryai nama 44. o kelikaryai nama 45. o klyai nama 46. o kaplinyai nama 47. o klikyai nama 48. o keinyai nama 49. o kuvarttyai nama 50. o kaumbhyai nama 51. o keavapriyyai nama 52. o klyai nama 53. o kyai nama 54. o mahklasakyai nama 55. o keadyinyai nama 56. o kualyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
60. o kumudinyai nama 61. o kumudaprtivardhinyai nama 62. o kuapriyyai nama 63. o kuarucyai nama 64. o kuraganayanyai nama 65. o kulyai nama 66. o kundabimblinadinyai nama 67. o kusumbhakusumkaryai
nama 68. o kñcyai nama 69. o kanakaobhhyyai nama 70. o kvaatkikiikkayai nama 71. o kahorakarayai nama 72. o khyai nama 73. o kaumudyai nama 74. o kahavatyai nama 75. o kapardinyai nama 76. o kapainyai nama 77. o kahinyai nama 78. o kalakahinyai nama 79. o karihastyai nama 80. o kumryai nama 81. o kurhakusumapriyyai nama 82. o kuñjarasthyai nama 83. o kuñjaratyai nama 84. o kumbhyai nama 85. o kumbhastanyai nama 86. o kalyai nama 87. o kumbhkgyai nama 88. o karabhorvai nama 89. o kadalkuayinyai nama 90. o kupityai nama 91. o koarasthyai nama 92. o kaklyai nama 93. o kandallayyai nama 94. o kaplavasinyai nama
95. o keyai nama 96. o kampamnairoruhyai nama 97. o kdambaryai nama 98. o kadambasthyai nama 99. o kukumapremadhriyai nama 100. o kuumbinyai nama 101. o kpyuktyai nama 102. o kratave nama 103. o kratukarapriyyai nama 104. o ktyyanyai nama 105. o kttikyai nama 106. o krtikyai nama 107. o kuavartinyai nama 108. o kmapatnyai nama 109. o kmadtryai nama 110. o kmeyai nama 111. o kmavandityai nama 112. o kmarpyai nama 113. o kmaratyai nama 114. o kmkhyyai nama 115. o jñnamohinyai nama 116. o khaginyai nama 117. o khecaryai nama 118. o khañjyai nama 119. o khañjarekayai nama 120. o khagyai nama 121. o kharagyai nama 122. o kharandyai nama 123. o kharasthyai nama 124. o khelanapriyyai nama 125. o kharave nama 126. o khelanyai nama 127. o khavyai nama 128. o kharyai nama 129. o khavgadhriyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
130. o kharakhainyai nama 131. o khytyai nama 132. o khaityai nama 133. o khaanapriyyai nama 134. o khaapriyyai nama 135. o khaakhdyyai nama 136. o khaasindhave nama 137. o khainyai nama 138. o gagyai nama 139. o godvaryai nama 140. o gauryai nama 141. o gotamyai nama 142. o gautamyai nama 143. o gagyai nama 144. o gayyai nama 145. o gaganagyai nama 146. o gruyai nama 147. o garuadhvajyai nama 148. o gtyai nama 149. o gtapriyyai nama 150. o geyyai nama 151. o guaprtyai nama 152. o gurave nama 153. o giryai nama 154. o gave nama 155. o gauryai nama 156. o gaasadanyai nama 157. o gokulyai nama 158. o gopratriyai nama 159. o goptryai nama 160. o govindinyai nama 161. o ghyai nama 162. o ghavigrastaguñjinyai nama 163. o gajagyai nama 164. o gopinyai nama
165. o gopyai nama 166. o gokyai nama 167. o jayapriyyai nama 168. o gayai nama 169. o giribhpladuhityai nama 170. o gogyai nama 171. o gokulavsinyai nama 172. o ghanastanyai nama 173. o ghanarucyai nama 174. o ghanorave nama 175. o ghananisvanyai nama 176. o ghukriyai nama 177. o ghukakaryai nama 178. o ghghkaparivrityai nama 179. o ghandapriyyai nama 180. o ghayai nama 181. o ghoyai nama 182. o ghoakavhinyai nama 183. o ghorarpyai nama 184. o ghoryai nama 185. o ghtaprtyai nama 186. o ghtñjanyai nama 187. o ghtcyai nama 188. o ghtavyai nama 189. o ghayai nama 190. o ghaaghavtyai nama 191. o ghaasthyai nama 192. o ghaanyai nama 193. o ghtakaryai nama 194. o ghtanivriyai nama 195. o cañcarkyai nama 196. o cakoryai nama 197. o cmuyai nama 198. o cradhriyai nama 199. o cturyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
200. o capalyai nama 201. o cañcave nama 202. o cityai nama 203. o cintmaisthityai nama 204. o cturvaryamayyai nama 205. o cañcave nama 206. o corcryyyai nama 207. o camatktyai nama 208. o cakravartivadhvai nama 209. o citryai nama 210. o cakrgyai nama 211. o cakramodinyai nama 212. o cetacaryai nama 213. o cittavtyai nama 214. o cetanyai nama 215. o cetanapriyyai nama 216. o cpinyai nama 217. o campakaprtyai nama 218. o cayai nama 219. o calavsinyai nama 220. o cirañjvinyai nama 221. o taccintttyai nama 222. o ciñcmlanivsinyai nama 223. o churikyai nama 224. o chatramadhyasthyai nama 225. o chindyai nama 226. o chindkaryai nama 227. o chidyai nama 228. o chucchundaryai nama 229. o chalaprtyai nama 230. o chucchundaranibhasvanyai
nama 231. o chalinyai nama 232. o chatradyai nama 233. o chinnyai nama
234. o chiicchedakaryai nama 235. o chayai nama 236. o chadminyai nama 237. o chndasyai nama 238. o chyyai nama 239. o charvai nama 240. o chandkaryai nama 241. o jayadyai nama 242. o jayadyai nama 243. o jtyai nama 244. o jyinyai nama 245. o jmalyai nama 246. o jatvai nama 247. o jambpriyyai nama 248. o jvanasthyai nama 249. o jagamyai nama 250. o jagamapriyyai nama 251. o jappupapriyyai nama 252. o japyyai nama 253. o jagajjvyai nama 254. o jagajjanyai nama 255. o jagate nama 256. o jantupradhnyai nama 257. o jagajjvaparyai nama 258. o japyai nama 259. o jtipriyyai nama 260. o jvanasthyai nama 261. o jmtasadrucyai nama 262. o janyyai nama 263. o janahityai nama 264. o jyyai nama 265. o janmabhuve nama 266. o jambhasyai nama 267. o jabhuve nama 268. o jayadyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
269. o jagadvsyai nama 270. o jyinyai nama 271. o jvarakcchrajite nama 272. o japyai nama 273. o japatyai nama 274. o japyyai nama 275. o japrhyai nama 276. o jyinyai nama 277. o janyai nama 278. o jlandharamayjnave nama 279. o jalaukyai nama 280. o jpyabhayai nama 281. o jagajjvamayyai nama 282. o jvyai nama 283. o jaratkrave nama 284. o janapriyyai nama 285. o jagatyai nama 286. o jananiratyai nama 287. o jagacchobhkaryai nama 288. o javyai nama 289. o jagattrakjjaghyai nama 290. o jtphalavinodinyai nama 291. o jtpupapriyyai nama 292. o jvlyai nama 293. o jtihyai nama 294. o jtirpiyai nama 295. o jmtavhanarucyai nama 296. o jmtyai nama 297. o jravastrakte nama 298. o jravastradharyai nama 299. o jryai nama 300. o jvalatyai nama 301. o jlaninyai nama 302. o jagatkobhakaryai nama 303. o jtyai nama
304. o jagatkobhavininyai nama 305. o janpavdyai nama 306. o jvyai nama 307. o jananghavsinyai nama 308. o jannurgyai nama 309. o jnusthyai nama 310. o jalavsyai nama 311. o jalrtikte nama 312. o jalajyai nama 313. o jalavelyai nama 314. o jalacakranivsinyai nama 315. o jalamuktyai nama 316. o jalrohyai nama 317. o jalajyai nama 318. o jalajekayai nama 319. o jalapriyyai nama 320. o jalaukyai nama 321. o jalaobhvatyai nama 322. o jalavisphrjitavapue nama 323. o jvalatpvakaobhinyai nama 324. o jhiñjhyai nama 325. o jhillamayyai nama 326. o jhiñjhyai nama 327. o jhaatkrakaryai nama 328. o jayyai nama 329. o jhañjhyai nama 330. o jhampakaryai nama 331. o jhampyai nama 332. o jhampatrsanivriyai nama 333. o akrasthyai nama 334. o akakaryai nama 335. o akrakarahasyai nama 336. o akroaktahvyai nama 337. o iravasanvtyai nama 338. o kinyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
339. o miryai nama 340. o iimadhvanindinyai nama 341. o akranissvanarucaye nama | 342. o tapinyai nama 343. o tpinyai nama 344. o taruyai nama 345. o tundilyai nama 346. o tundyai nama 347. o tmasyai nama 348. o tamapriyyai nama 349. o tmryai nama 350. o tmravatyai nama 351. o tantave nama 352. o tundilyai nama 353. o tulasambhavyai nama 354. o tulkoisuvegyai nama 355. o tulyakmyai nama 356. o tulrayyai nama 357. o tudinyai nama 358. o tuninyai nama 359. o tumbyai nama 360. o tulyaklyai nama 361. o tulrayyai nama 362. o tumulyai nama 363. o tulajyai nama 364. o tulyyai nama 365. o tuldnakaryai nama 366. o tulyavegyai nama 367. o tulyagatyai nama 368. o tulkoinindinyai nama 369. o tmrohyai nama 370. o tmraparyai nama 371. o tamasakobhakriyai nama 372. o tvarityai nama 373. o tvarahyai nama 374. o tryai nama
375. o trakeyai nama 376. o tamlinyai nama 377. o tamodnavatyai nama 378. o tmratlasthnavatyai nama 379. o tamyai nama 380. o tmasyai nama 381. o tamisryai nama 382. o tvryai nama 383. o tvraparkramyai nama 384. o taasthyai nama 385. o tilatailktyai nama 386. o taruyai nama 387. o tapanadyutyai nama 388. o tilottamyai nama 389. o tilakte nama 390. o trakdhaekharyai nama 391. o tilapupapriyyai nama 392. o tryai nama 393. o trakeakuumbinyai nama 394. o sthupatnyai nama 395. o sthirakaryai nama 396. o sthlasampadvivardhinyai
nama 397. o sthityai nama 398. o sthairyasthavihyai nama 399. o sthapatyai nama 400. o sthlavigrahyai nama 401. o sthlasthalavatyai nama 402. o sthlyai nama 403. o sthalasagavivardhinyai nama 404. o dainyai nama 405. o dantinyai nama 406. o dmyai nama 407. o daridryai nama 408. o dnavatsalyai nama 409. o devyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
410. o devavadhvai nama 411. o dityyai nama 412. o dminyai nama 413. o devabhayai nama 414. o dayyai nama 415. o damavatyai nama 416. o dnavatsalyai nama 417. o dimastanyai nama 418. o devamrtikaryai nama 419. o daityyai nama 420. o driyai nama 421. o devatnatyai nama 422. o dolkryai nama 423. o daylave nama 424. o dampatbhy nama 425. o devatmayyai nama 426. o dadpasthityai nama 427. o dodoahyai nama 428. o doakriyai nama 429. o durgyai nama 430. o durgrtiamanyai nama 431. o durgamyyai nama 432. o durgavsinyai nama 433. o durgandhaninyai nama 434. o dussthyai nama 435. o dukhapraamakriyai nama 436. o durgandhyai nama 437. o dundubhdhvntyai nama 438. o drasthyai nama 439. o dravsinyai nama 440. o daradyai nama 441. o daradtryai nama 442. o durvydhadayityai nama 443. o damyai nama 444. o dhurandharyai nama
445. o dhuryai nama 446. o dhaureyyai nama 447. o dhanadyinyai nama 448. o dhrravyai nama 449. o dharitryai nama 450. o dharmadyai nama 451. o dhramnasyai nama 452. o dhanurdharyai nama 453. o dhamanyai nama 454. o dhamandhrtavigrahyai
nama 455. o dhmravaryai nama 456. o dhmrapnyai nama 457. o dhmalyai nama 458. o dhmamodinyai nama 459. o nandinyai nama 460. o nandinnandyai nama 461. o nandinnandablikyai nama 462. o navnyai nama 463. o narmadyai nama 464. o narmanemaye nama 465. o niyamanisvanyai nama 466. o nirmalyai nama 467. o nigamdhryai nama 468. o nimnagyai nama 469. o nagnakminyai nama 470. o nlyai nama 471. o niratnyai nama 472. o nirvyai nama 473. o nirlobhyai nama 474. o nirguyai nama 475. o natyai nama 476. o nlagrvyai nama 477. o nirhyai nama 478. o nirañjanajanyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
479. o navyai nama 480. o nirguikyai nama 481. o nirguyai nama 482. o nirnsyai nama 483. o nsikbhidhyai nama 484. o patkinyai nama 485. o patkyai nama 486. o patraprtyai nama 487. o payasvinyai nama 488. o pnyai nama 489. o pnastanyai nama 490. o patnyai nama 491. o pavanyai nama 492. o nimayyai nama 493. o paryai nama 494. o paraparyai klyai nama 495. o praktyabhujapriyyai nama 496. o pavanasthyai nama 497. o pavanyai nama 498. o pavanaprtivardhinyai nama 499. o pauvddhikaryai nama 500. o pupapoakyai nama 501. o puivardhinyai nama 502. o pupiyai nama 503. o pustakakaryai nama 504. o primtalavsinyai nama 505. o peyai nama 506. o pakaryai nama 507. o pyai nama 508. o puhyai nama 509. o pulyai nama 510. o paave nama 511. o pavai nama 512. o paryai nama 513. o paraudhriyai nama
514. o pinyai nama 515. o ppaghnyai nama 516. o patipatnyai nama 517. o patityai nama 518. o patitpinyai nama 519. o picyai nama 520. o picaghnyai nama 521. o piitanatoiyai nama 522. o pnadyai nama 523. o pnaptryai nama 524. o pnadnakarodyatyai nama 525. o peyyai nama 526. o prasiddhyai nama 527. o pyyai nama 528. o pryai nama 529. o pramanorathyai nama 530. o patagbhyai nama 531. o patagyai nama 532. o paunapunyapibparyai
nama 533. o pakilyai nama 534. o pakamagnyai nama 535. o pnyyai nama 536. o pañjarasthityai nama 537. o pañcamyai nama 538. o pañcayajñyai nama 539. o pañcatyai nama 540. o pañcamapriyyai nama 541. o picumandyai nama 542. o puarkyai nama 543. o pikyai nama 544. o pigalalocanyai nama 545. o priyagumañjaryai nama 546. o piyai nama 547. o paityai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
548. o puraprabhyai nama 549. o pretsanyai nama 550. o priylasthyai nama 551. o pughnyai nama 552. o pnaspahyai nama 553. o phalinyai nama 554. o phaladtryai nama 555. o phalariye nama 556. o phalabhayai nama 557. o phtkrakriyai nama 558. o sphryai nama 559. o phullyai nama 560. o phullmbujnanyai nama 561. o sphuligahyai nama 562. o sphtamatyai nama 563. o sphtakrtikaryai nama 564. o blamyyai nama 565. o balrtyai nama 566. o balinyai nama 567. o balavardhinyai nama 568. o veuvdyyai nama 569. o vanacaryai nama 570. o viriñcijanayitryai nama 571. o vidypradyai nama 572. o mahvidyyai nama 573. o bodhinyai nama 574. o bodhadyinyai nama 575. o buddhamtre nama 576. o buddhyai nama 577. o vanamlvatyai nama 578. o varyai nama 579. o varadyai nama 580. o vruyai nama 581. o vyai nama 582. o vvdanatatparyai nama
583. o vinodinyai nama 584. o vinodasthyai nama 585. o vaiavyai nama 586. o viuvallabhyai nama 587. o vaidyyai nama 588. o vaidyacikitsyai nama 589. o vivayai nama 590. o vivavirutyai nama 591. o vidyaughavihvalyai nama 592. o velyai nama 593. o vittadyai nama 594. o vigatajvaryai nama 595. o virvyai nama 596. o vivarkryai nama 597. o bimbohyai nama 598. o bimbavatsalyai nama 599. o vindhyasthyai nama 600. o varavandyyai nama 601. o vrasthnavaryai nama 602. o vide nama 603. o vedntavedyyai nama 604. o vijayyai nama 605. o vijayvijayapradyai nama 606. o virogyai nama 607. o vandinyai nama 608. o vandhyyai nama 609. o vandyyai nama 610. o bandhanivriyai nama 611. o bhaginyai nama 612. o bhagamlyai nama 613. o bhavnyai nama 614. o bhavaninyai nama 615. o bhmyai nama 616. o bhmnanyai nama 617. o bhmbhaguryai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
618. o bhmadaranyai nama 619. o bhillyai nama 620. o bhilladharyai nama 621. o bhrave nama 622. o bheruyai nama 623. o bhiye nama 624. o bhayvahyai nama 625. o bhagasarpiyai nama 626. o bhagyai nama 627. o bhagarpyai nama 628. o bhaglayyai nama 629. o bhagsanyai nama 630. o bhavbhogyai nama 631. o bherjhakrarañjityai nama 632. o bhayai nama 633. o bharvyai nama 634. o bhagavatyai nama 635. o ahibhayai nama 636. o bhradvjyai nama 637. o bhogadtryai nama 638. o bhtighnyai nama 639. o bhtibhayai nama 640. o bhmidyai nama 641. o bhmidtryai nama 642. o bhpataye nama 643. o bharadyinyai nama 644. o bhramaryai nama 645. o bhrmaryai nama 646. o bhlyai nama 647. o bhplakulasasthityai nama 648. o mtre nama 649. o manoharyai nama 650. o myyai nama 651. o mninyai nama 652. o mohinyai nama
653. o mahyai nama 654. o mahlakmyai nama 655. o madakbyai nama 656. o madiryai nama 657. o madirlayyai nama 658. o madoddhatyai nama 659. o matagasthyai nama 660. o mdhavyai nama 661. o madhumardinyai nama 662. o modyai nama 663. o modakaryai nama 664. o medhyai nama 665. o medhyyai nama 666. o madhydhipasthityai nama 667. o madyapyai nama 668. o msalobhasthyai nama 669. o modinyai nama 670. o maithunodyatyai nama 671. o mrdhvatyai nama 672. o mahmyyai nama 673. o myyai nama 674. o mahimamandiryai nama 675. o mahmlyai nama 676. o mahvidyyai nama 677. o mahmryai nama 678. o mahevaryai nama 679. o mahdevavadhvai nama 680. o mnyyai nama 681. o mathuryai nama 682. o merumaityai nama 683. o medasvinyai nama 684. o milindkyai nama 685. o mahisuramardinyai nama 686. o maalasthyai nama 687. o bhagasthyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
688. o madirrgagarvityai nama 689. o mokadyai nama 690. o muamlyai nama 691. o mlyai nama 692. o mlvilsinyai nama 693. o mtaginyai nama 694. o mtagyai nama 695. o mtagatanayyai nama 696. o madhusravyai nama 697. o madhurasyai nama 698. o bandhkakusumapriyyai
nama 699. o yminyai nama 700. o yminnthabhyai nama 701. o yvakarañjityai nama 702. o yavkurapriyyai nama 703. o ymyai nama 704. o yavanyai nama 705. o yavanrdinyai nama 706. o yamaghnyai nama 707. o yamakalpyai nama 708. o yajamnasvarpiyai nama 709. o yajñyai nama 710. o yajñayajue nama 711. o yakyai nama 712. o yaonikampakriyai nama 713. o yakiyai nama 714. o yakajananyai nama 715. o yaodyai nama 716. o ysadhriyai nama 717. o yaasstrapradyai nama 718. o ymyai nama 719. o yajñakarmakaryai nama 720. o yaasvinyai nama 721. o yakrasthyai nama
722. o ypastambhanivsinyai nama 723. o rañjityai nama 724. o rjapatnyai nama 725. o ramyai nama 726. o rekhyai nama 727. o ravrayai nama 728. o rajovatyai nama 729. o rajacitryai nama 730. o rañjanyai nama 731. o rajanpatyai nama 732. o rogiyai nama 733. o rajanyai nama 734. o rjñyai nama 735. o rjyadyai nama 736. o rjyavardhinyai nama 737. o rjanvatyai nama 738. o rjantyai nama 739. o rajatavsinyai nama 740. o ramayai nama 741. o ramayyai nama 742. o rmyai nama 743. o rmvatyai ratyai nama 744. o retoratyai nama 745. o ratotshyai nama 746. o rogaghnyai nama 747. o rogakriyai nama 748. o ragyai nama 749. o ragavatyai nama 750. o rgyai nama 751. o rgajñyai nama 752. o rgakddayyai nama 753. o rmikyai nama 754. o rajakyai nama 755. o revyai nama 756. o rajanyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
757. o ragalocanyai nama 758. o raktacarmadharyai nama 759. o ragyai nama 760. o ragasthyai nama 761. o ragavhinyai nama 762. o ramyai nama 763. o rambhphalaprtyai nama 764. o rambhorave nama 765. o rghavapriyyai nama 766. o ragyai nama 767. o raggamadhuryai nama 768. o rodasyai nama 769. o mahravyai nama 770. o rodhakte nama 771. o rogahantryai nama 772. o rpabhte nama 773. o rogasrviyai nama 774. o vandyai nama 775. o vandistutyai nama 776. o bandhave nama 777. o bandhkakusumdharyai
nama 778. o vandityai nama 779. o vandyamnyai nama 780. o vaidrvyai nama 781. o vedavide nama 782. o vidhyai nama 783. o vikopyai nama 784. o vikaplyai nama 785. o vikasthyai nama 786. o vikavatsalyai nama 787. o vedyai nama 788. o valagnalagnyai nama 789. o vidhivikakarvidhyai nama 790. o akhinyai nama
791. o akhavalayyai nama 792. o akhamlvatyai nama 793. o amyai nama 794. o akhaptrinyai nama 795. o akhasvanyai nama 796. o akhagalyai nama 797. o ayai nama 798. o abaryai nama 799. o ambaryai nama 800. o ambhvai nama 801. o ambhukeyai nama 802. o arsinyai nama 803. o avyai nama 804. o yenavatyai nama 805. o ymyai nama 806. o ymgyai nama 807. o ymalocanyai nama 808. o manasthyai nama 809. o manyai nama 810. o manasthnabhayai
nama 811. o amadyai nama 812. o amahantryai nama 813. o akhinyai nama 814. o akharoayai nama 815. o ntyai nama 816. o ntipradyai nama 817. o eekhyyai nama 818. o eayinyai nama 819. o emuyai nama 820. o oiyai nama 821. o eyai nama 822. o auryyai nama 823. o auryaaryai nama 824. o aryai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
825. o padyai nama 826. o pahyai nama 827. o pyai nama 828. o papathe nama 829. o sadivyai nama 830. o a giyai nama 831. o a gipalabhuje nama 832. o akaryai nama 833. o karyai nama 834. o ivyai nama 835. o avasthyai nama 836. o avabhuje nama 837. o ntyai nama 838. o avakaryai nama 839. o avodaryai nama 840. o vinyai nama 841. o avaiyai nama 842. o riyai nama 843. o avyai nama 844. o avayinyai nama 845. o avakualinyai nama 846. o aivyai nama 847. o karyai nama 848. o iirinyai nama 849. o avakñcyai nama 850. o avarkyai nama 851. o avamlyai nama 852. o avktyai nama 853. o sravantyai nama 854. o sakucyai nama 855. o aktyai nama 856. o antanvai nama 857. o avadyinyai nama 858. o sindhave nama 859. o sarasvatyai nama
860. o sindhusundaryai nama 861. o sundarnanyai nama 862. o sdhave nama 863. o siddhipradtryai nama 864. o siddhyai nama 865. o siddhasarasvatyai nama 866. o santatyai nama 867. o sampadyai nama 868. o savicchakisampattidyinyai
nama 869. o sapatnyai nama 870. o sarasyai nama 871. o sryai nama 872. o srasvatakaryai nama 873. o sudhyai nama 874. o sursamsanyai nama 875. o samrdhyyai nama 876. o samastadyai nama 877. o samadhiyai nama 878. o smadyai nama 879. o smyai nama 880. o sammohyai nama 881. o samadaranyai nama 882. o smatyai nama 883. o smadhyai nama 884. o smyai nama 885. o svitryai nama 886. o savidhyai nama 887. o satyai nama 888. o savanyai nama 889. o savansryai nama 890. o savaryai nama 891. o svaryai nama 892. o samyai nama 893. o simaryai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
894. o satatyai nama 895. o sdhvyai nama 896. o sadhrcyai nama 897. o sasahyinyai nama 898. o hasyai nama 899. o hasagatyai nama 900. o hasyai nama 901. o hasojjvalanicolayuje nama 902. o halinyai nama 903. o hlinyai nama 904. o hlyai nama 905. o halariyai nama 906. o haravallabhyai nama 907. o halyai nama 908. o halavatyai nama 909. o hreyai nama 910. o helyai nama 911. o haravivardhinyai nama 912. o hantyai nama 913. o hantyai nama 914. o hayyai nama 915. o hhhityai nama 916. o ahanttikriyai nama 917. o hakryai nama 918. o haktyai nama 919. o hakyai nama 920. o hhhhhityai nama 921. o hityai nama 922. o htyai nama 923. o hemapradyai nama 924. o hrrviyai nama 925. o harisammatyai nama 926. o horyai nama 927. o hotryai nama 928. o holikyai nama
929. o homyai nama 930. o homahavie nama 931. o havyai nama 932. o hariyai nama 933. o harinetryai nama 934. o himcalanivsinyai nama 935. o lambodaryai nama 936. o lambakaryai nama 937. o lambikyai nama 938. o lambavigrahyai nama 939. o llyai nama 940. o llvatyai nama 941. o lolyai nama 942. o lalanyai nama 943. o lalityai nama 944. o latyai nama 945. o lalmalocanyai nama 946. o lobhyyai nama 947. o lolkyai nama 948. o lakulyai nama 949. o layyai nama 950. o lapantyai nama 951. o lapatyai nama 952. o lampyai nama 953. o lopmudryai nama 954. o lalantikyai nama 955. o latikyai nama 956. o laghinyai nama 957. o laghyai nama 958. o llimyai nama 959. o laghumadhyamyai nama 960. o laghyasyai nama 961. o laghdaryyai nama 962. o ltyai nama 963. o ltvininyai nama
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Devipuram r Rja yml Navaratri February 12-21, 2021
964. o lomayai nama 965. o lomalambyai nama 966. o lulantyai nama 967. o lulumpatyai nama 968. o lulyasthyai nama 969. o laharyai nama 970. o lakpurapurandaryai nama 971. o lakmyai nama 972. o lakmpradyai nama 973. o labhyyai nama 974. o lkkyai nama 975. o lulitaprabhyai nama 976. o kayai nama 977. o kaakute nama 978. o kutkyai nama 979. o kamyai nama 980. o kntyai nama 981. o kamvatyai nama 982. o kmyai nama
983. o kmodaryai nama 984. o kemyyai nama 985. o kaumabhte nama 986. o katriyganyai nama 987. o kayyai nama 988. o kayakaryai nama 989. o kryai nama 990. o kradyai nama 991. o krasgaryai nama 992. o kemakaryai nama 993. o kayakaryai nama 994. o kayakte nama 995. o kaadyai nama 996. o katyai nama 997. o kudrikyai nama 998. o kudrikkudryai nama 999. o kutkamyai nama 1000. o kaptakyai nama
iti r mtag sahasranmvali sampr
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