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<ul><li><p>UP CO M I NG EV E N T S </p><p>2/8/15 </p><p>Sunday </p><p>Shiver by the River #3 </p><p>11:00am - 5K and 10K </p><p>Jim Dietrich Park, Stoudts Ferry </p><p>Bridge Rd, Muhlenberg Twp. </p><p>2/12/15 </p><p>Thursday </p><p>General Membership Meeting </p><p>7:00pm, Canal Street Pub </p><p>535 Canal Street, Reading </p><p>2/14/15 </p><p>Saturday </p><p>2nd Annual Michael Chobot </p><p>Memorial Blood Drive </p><p>9:00am - 2:00pm </p><p>Exeter Fire Company </p><p>46 W. 33rd St, Reiffton </p><p>Online Signups Available </p><p>2/28/15 </p><p>Saturday </p><p>Pacers Scholarship Deadline </p><p>See Pacer website for details </p><p>G R O U P R U N S Start Time: 6:15pm Wednesday </p><p>www.pagodapacers.com/group-runs/group-</p><p>runs.aspx </p><p>February 4, 2015 </p><p>Run: Reading-Muhlenberg Career/Tech Ctr </p><p>2615 Warren Road, Reading </p><p>Eat: Blind Hartmans Tavern </p><p>2910 Pricetown Road, Temple ---- February 11, 2015 </p><p>Run: VF Outlet, McDonalds Parking Lot </p><p>8th Ave. &amp; Penn Ave., West Reading </p><p>Eat: Chef Alans </p><p>6th Ave. &amp; Penn Ave., West Reading -- </p><p>February 18, 2015 </p><p>Run: Oley Valley High School </p><p>17 Jefferson Street, Oley </p><p>Eat: Bella Italia </p><p>1604 Memorial Highway/Rt. 73, Oley </p><p>February 25, 2015 </p><p>***Charity Run - Marys Shelter*** </p><p>Run: Giant Supermarket Parking Lot </p><p>2104 Van Reed Road, West Lawn </p><p>Eat: Ganlys </p><p>500 Brownsville Road, Sinking Spring </p><p> February 2015 FR O M T H E ED I T O R As I write this, I just finished again checking the </p><p>10-day forecast, looking for that prediction of </p><p>some serious snowfall that will make me be-</p><p>lieve that winter has truly arrived. It isnt there </p><p>yet. As much as I love knowing that the days are getting longer, and that spring will be </p><p>here before I know it, part of what I love about Pennsylvania is the seasons. Without </p><p>some show-stopping snow, I feel that winter hasnt yet held up its end of the deal. </p><p>While some runners may hibernate through the winter months, resigned to the treadmill </p><p>or at least a more limited outdoor running regimen, there are many of us that still lace up </p><p>almost daily and head out the door. As a club, we take pride in our Shiver by the River </p><p>series, and urge runners to brave the elements during each of the months of winter for a </p><p>brisk romp through snowy neighborhoods. Its great to be able to stay active through </p><p>these colder months, and there is a different natural beauty to be experienced running </p><p>outdoors in this weather, especially on those days with a fresh snowfall underfoot or </p><p>along trails lined with icicle-laced evergreens. </p><p>Winter running comes with some added hazards though, and were taking the opportuni-</p><p>ty this month to remind our members of some good tips and suggestions for staying safe </p><p>and healthy during cold weather activity. We runners tend to have a better sense of what </p><p>is happening in our bodies than the average person, but we also have a higher tolerance </p><p>for pain and discomfort that could get us into trouble if were not being smart. Ive head-</p><p>ed out on single-digit days and 10 minutes into the run realized that my feet were al-</p><p>ready wet and numb, my water bottle was frozen over, and my long sleeve shirt wasnt </p><p>any match for the wind. Just getting out the door is a bit harder in this weather, so a little </p><p>bit of forethought and preparation can go a long way to make it safe and fun! </p><p> Beth Auman, editor </p><p>S A V E T H E D A T E </p><p>3/8/15 - Shiver by the River #4 &amp; Banquet </p><p>3/12/15 - General Membership Meeting </p><p>Atop a snowy Mt. Penn in February 2014: Sean Williams, Christin Kelley, Heather </p><p>Nowicki, Bill Buchanan, Melanie Marinaccio, Karen Rule, Liz Glass, and Joanne VanHorn </p><p>https://donor.giveapint.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/24885http://www.pagodapacers.com/group-runs/group-runs.aspxhttp://www.pagodapacers.com/group-runs/group-runs.aspx</p></li><li><p>G E N E R A L ME E T I N G M I N U T E S By Ben Shultz </p><p>Location: Canal Street Pub, January 8, 2015 </p><p>Summary: </p><p>Motions </p><p>- Pay for president to attend the RRCA Conference - Passed </p><p>- Donate 3k to Oley Valley Youth League - Passed </p><p>Items tabled until next meeting </p><p>- None </p><p>Old Business items closed </p><p>- Pagoda Pacer logo copyright issue </p><p>President: </p><p> Brett Lynch, as the new president, is implementing some </p><p>changes to the meeting format. The meeting agenda will </p><p>be printed and distributed to meeting attendees. Speakers </p><p>for each agenda item will be given a set amount of time. </p><p>Motions must be presented in writing to the president prior </p><p>to the meeting as per the by-laws. Presentation and voting </p><p>on motions will be restricted to the old and new business </p><p>sections of the agenda. </p><p>Treasurer's Report: </p><p> Shaun Luther was not present, but a spreadsheet con-</p><p>taining the latest financial numbers was available for re-</p><p>view. </p><p>Race Directors Reports: </p><p>Shiver by the River - Sue Jackson reported that the first </p><p>Shiver went well. The next race will be January 11th. Volun-</p><p>teers for registration should arrive at 9:00am. Volunteers </p><p>may pick up a shirt if they did not get one last time. At the </p><p>race they will be taking donations for the Humane Society. </p><p>Mt Penn Mudfest - Ken Seale reported that the date for </p><p>the race has changed to a fixed weekend, and will no long-</p><p>er follow Easter. This year it is on April 18th. The new ap-</p><p>plication is available. </p><p>Charlie Horse Half Marathon - Sean Williams is the new </p><p>co-race director assisting Brett Lynch. He reported that the </p><p>new application is available. </p><p>Run for the Ages 10k - Ted Andrus was not present. </p><p>Grings Mill - Neither Jeff Hills nor Caroline Hill were pre-</p><p>sent but Jeff submitted a report that the race will be held </p><p>Sunday, August 6th. The 10k race will be part of the RRCA </p><p>championship series. </p><p>Blues Cruise 50k - Mike Yoder reported that registration is </p><p>open on the website. It will ask the registrant for their age </p><p>twice during the process due to an issue that arose last </p><p>year. </p><p>Junior High Cross Country Fall Invitational - Tom Cho-</p><p>bot had nothing to report. </p><p>Oley Valley Country Classic - Lenny Burton and Barry </p><p>Goodhart reported there were approximately 400 finishers. </p><p>The profit was approximately $5,000. There were fewer day</p><p>-of registrants which lowered profits compared to last year. </p><p>This year the 10 mile race will be part of the RRCA Regional </p><p>Eastern Championship series. </p><p>Kris Kringle 5 Miler - Polly Corvaia was not present. She </p><p>will present the results of the race at the next meeting. </p><p>Community Service Report: </p><p> Phil Lechner reported that last month donations were </p><p>sent to the Humane Society, Animal Rescue League, and </p><p>Marys Shelter. </p><p> The 2nd Annual Michael Chobot Blood Drive will be </p><p>held on February 14th from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the Exe-</p><p>ter Fire Company. You can register online and fill out the </p><p>pre-screening questionnaire online as well. </p><p>Membership Report: </p><p> Dave Gallen was not present, but he submitted a report </p><p>reminding everyone to please renew their membership if </p><p>not already done. According to the RRCA report, the Pago-</p><p>da Pacers are the 3rd largest running club in Pennsylvania. </p><p>Scholarship Committee Report: </p><p> Sue Jackson reported that the deadline for both the </p><p>Pacer and Cross Country scholarships are due February </p><p>28th. She has received one application so far. </p><p>Webmaster: </p><p> The webmasters report is a new item on the agenda. It </p><p>will include time for anyone to offer suggestions on im-</p><p>provements to the pagodapacers.com site. Brett Lynch </p><p>suggested adding a calendar of events. </p><p>Social Events: </p><p> Walt Fessler reported that the club will be hosting Wal-</p><p>lyball at Colonial Hills Fitness on Friday, January 16th from </p><p>7 to 10pm. Pizza and drinks will be provided. The cost is </p><p>$5 for members. </p><p> David Feinauer (Swamp) reported that he will be step-</p><p>ping down as organizer of the Christmas party. He is cur-</p><p>rently seeking a successor. Please let him know if you are </p><p>interested. </p></li><li><p>RA CE RE S U L TS Email Results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule </p><p>at raceresults@pagodapacers.com </p><p>RRCA: </p><p> The RRCA section is a new item on the agenda to in-</p><p>form the club of the services and resources that the Road </p><p>Runners Club of America has to offer. Jeff Hills is the </p><p>RRCA Pennsylvania state representative. </p><p>Old Business: </p><p> Beth Auman reported on the Pagoda Pacer logo copy-</p><p>right issue. Based on the information she found, it does </p><p>not appear to be worth the cost and effort to pursue any </p><p>further. The issue is considered closed. </p><p>New Business: </p><p> Kathern Marshall attended the meeting to promote her </p><p>race, Beat Beethoven, being held on April 19th. Ron Horn </p><p>suggested that the club look into having a stand at the </p><p>race. </p><p> Ken Seale made a motion on behalf of Jeff Hills for the </p><p>club to sponsor the club president to attend the RRCA </p><p>national convention in Des Moines, IA on April 22-26th. </p><p>The club would cover the registration fee, hotel, transpor-</p><p>tation, and meals. The motion was seconded and passed. </p><p> Mike Yoder would like to remind everyone that the </p><p>club sponsors the section of trail at Blue Marsh Lake from </p><p>Old Church Rd to North Heidelberg Rd, on the hilly side. </p><p>Please let him know either directly or by posting on the </p><p>clubs Facebook page if you run or do any work on that </p><p>section. The more time we spend there, the better it looks </p><p>for both the club and Blue Marsh Lake. </p><p> Ron Horn suggested that the club strengthen the by-</p><p>laws to have a clear procedure when removing someones </p><p>membership. </p><p> Lenny Burton made a motion to give $3,000 of the pro-</p><p>ceeds from the Oley race to the Oley Valley Youth League. </p><p>Ron Horn seconded the motion and it passed. </p><p> Ken Seale informed the club that Erik Leeds would like </p><p>to look into getting the club involved in the Greater Read-</p><p>ing Trail Initiative. It was agreed that he can look into it. </p><p> Brett Lynch informed the club that there is a folder on </p><p>Dropbox for the race directors and club officers to utilize. </p><p>Run Santa Run 5K 2/1164 Nick Seitzinger 18:57 2nd Male </p><p>6 Dee Koutsourais 19:56 1st Female </p><p>14 John Durand 21:18 1st M25-29 </p><p>21 Troy Seitzinger 22:03 3rd M50-54 </p><p>24 Steve Skrocki 22:17 </p><p>25 Joe Long 22:22 3rd M40-44 </p><p>29 Elaine Cook 22:50 1stF45-49 </p><p>30 Scott Thomas 23:00 </p><p>82 Zeb Ganster 26:34 2nd M25-29 </p><p>99 Sortia Averill 26:54 1st F50-54 </p><p>135 Janine Beidler 27:54 </p><p>138 Joanne Patti 27:56 1st F55-59 </p><p>185 Cathy Woynarowski 29:27 2nd F55-59 </p><p>523 Karin Durand 37:17 while 6mo pregnant! </p><p> Philly Marathon </p><p> Julie Martelli 3:22 ~Boston Qualifier~ </p><p> Humbug Bustle 5K 10/211 Jon Durand 20:05 </p><p>18 Joe Long 21:59 </p><p>39 Sarah Schaeffer 24:00 1st F30-39 </p><p>78 Janine Beidler 26:27 </p><p>82 Joanne Patti 26:43 2nd F50-59 </p><p>99 Ellie Vanderbeck 27:49 </p><p>126 Barbara Raifsnider 30:30 </p><p>179 Karin Durand 38:03 (still pregnant!) </p><p> Peep Fest 5K 91 Steven Holgate 25:11 </p><p>Lemon Run 5K </p><p> Jeff Fussner 21:08 1st M50-59 </p><p> Raine Fussner 21:31 1st F50-59 </p><p> Ice Scraper 5K #1 </p><p> Jeff Fussner 20:53 2nd M50-54 </p><p> Raine Fussner 22:08 1st F50-54 </p><p> Kiana Fussner 26:30 2nd F20-24 </p><p> Lights in the Parkway 5K </p><p> Jeff Fussner 20:40 </p><p> Raine Fussner 22:23 </p></li><li><p>LAW OFFICE OF BRIAN SEIDEL Your Serious Injury Attorney </p><p>BRIAN SEIDEL, ESQUIRE </p><p>Attorney at Law </p><p>359 Blimline Road </p><p>Mohnton, PA 19540 </p><p>Phone: (484) 335-1218 </p><p>Email: seidellaw@gmail.com </p><p>Cold Weather Running Tips (compiled in part from RRCA) </p><p> Winter means fewer daylight hours. </p><p>Wear bright-colored, reflective </p><p>clothing or a reflective vest so you </p><p>are noticeable to area traffic. For </p><p>added visibility, wear a lightweight </p><p>headlamp or flashing light. </p><p> Wear layers of clothing that will </p><p>help you maintain your core body temperature during </p><p>the run but will keep you warm during warm-up and </p><p>cool-down phases. For some guidance, check out Run-</p><p>ners Worlds What to Wear guide. </p><p> Consider wearing traction devices on your shoes if </p><p>sidewalks, trails or roads have snow or ice cover. Re-</p><p>member that if you need traction devices to avoid </p><p>slipping on the road, perhaps road running isnt such a </p><p>good idea as drivers will also have a decreased ability </p><p>to maneuver and stop. Also remember that snowbanks </p><p>limit visibility for both cars and runners. </p><p> Do not ignore shivering. It is an important first sign </p><p>that the body is losing heat, and you may be in danger </p><p>of hypothermia. </p><p> If you drive to a running trail or route, leave a </p><p>change of dry cloths and a blanket in the car for </p><p>emergency situations. Change into warm dry clothes </p><p>immediately after running to reduce risk of hypo-</p><p>thermia. </p><p> Know where to find shelter on your route if the </p><p>weather gets really bad. </p><p> Carry a $20 bill, just in case of emergencies. </p><p> Cell phones sometimes will shut down in extreme cold </p><p>temperatures. Dont rely on them as your only source </p><p>of navigation or emergency contact. </p><p> Water bottles and hydration pack tubes can freeze </p><p>up in cold temperatures. Despite the cold tempera-</p><p>tures, you need to stay hydrated and keep drinking. </p><p>Cold air is generally very dry, and your body has to </p><p>work harder than normal when running just to keep </p><p>warm, so your effort and hydration needs are in-</p><p>creased, even if your pace is not. Sports drink will </p><p>have a lower freezing point than water. </p><p> Pay attention to areas that feel numb, as this can </p><p>be a warning sign of conditions that could lead to </p><p>frostbite. </p><p> Disposable heat packets can help keep hands </p><p>warm, or thaw out areas that have become numb. </p><p> Dont forget to check the windchill, as this can </p><p>leave you significantly underdressed for condi-</p><p>tions. </p><p> Wear shoes without a lot of mesh, as that will </p><p>allow water and wind to easily penetrate. Wicking </p><p>wool socks will draw moisture away from your feet </p><p>and help keep them warm. </p><p> Stay alert and aware of your surroundings and </p><p>the weather conditions. Oncoming storms can </p><p>quickly drop the temperature putting you at risk </p><p>for frostbite or hypothermia if you are caught </p><p>wearing the wrong clothes. </p><p>http://www.runnersworld.com/what-to-wearhttp://www.runnersworld.com/what-to-wear</p></li><li><p>Pacers </p><p>Giving Back </p><p>in Berks </p><p>Please share any content you feel should be </p><p>included by emailing editor@pagodapacers.com. </p><p> Club members at Wednesday night runs generously donated supplies for the Animal Rescue League, Berks County Humane Society, and St. Marys Shel-ter, which were delivered by Phil Lechner in Decem-ber. </p><p> Decembers Kris Kringle 5 Mile Run raised funds to help support the Berks County Cross Country Coaches Association. </p><p> Januarys Shiver by the River race collected dona-tions for the Berks County Humane Society. Be sure to Sign Up for the Blood Drive (see above!) Next Charity Run: February 25 - Marys Shelter </p><p>2nd Annual Michael Chobot </p><p>Memorial Blood Drive </p><p>Hosted by Miller-Keystone Blood Bank </p><p>Saturday, February 14, 2015 </p><p>9:00am - 2:00pm </p><p>This Valentines Day, show your love for a stranger! Give </p><p>so that others can live! </p><p>Call Miller Keystone directly (800-223-6667) to sched-</p><p>ule or sign up on their website by clicking here. </p><p>Location: Exeter Fire Company </p><p> 46 W. 33rd Street </p><p> Reading, PA 19606 </p><p>Last year, half of our donors were first </p><p>time donors! </p><p>Pacer Scholarship Deadline </p><p>February 28, 2015 </p><p>See Pacer Website for Details! </p><p>https://donor.giveapint.org/donor/schedules/drive_sched...</p></li></ul>