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    Shiver by the River #3

    11:00am - 5K and 10K

    Jim Dietrich Park, Stoudts Ferry

    Bridge Rd, Muhlenberg Twp.



    General Membership Meeting

    7:00pm, Canal Street Pub

    535 Canal Street, Reading



    2nd Annual Michael Chobot

    Memorial Blood Drive

    9:00am - 2:00pm

    Exeter Fire Company

    46 W. 33rd St, Reiffton

    Online Signups Available



    Pacers Scholarship Deadline

    See Pacer website for details

    G R O U P R U N S Start Time: 6:15pm Wednesday



    February 4, 2015

    Run: Reading-Muhlenberg Career/Tech Ctr

    2615 Warren Road, Reading

    Eat: Blind Hartmans Tavern

    2910 Pricetown Road, Temple ---- February 11, 2015

    Run: VF Outlet, McDonalds Parking Lot

    8th Ave. & Penn Ave., West Reading

    Eat: Chef Alans

    6th Ave. & Penn Ave., West Reading --

    February 18, 2015

    Run: Oley Valley High School

    17 Jefferson Street, Oley

    Eat: Bella Italia

    1604 Memorial Highway/Rt. 73, Oley

    February 25, 2015

    ***Charity Run - Marys Shelter***

    Run: Giant Supermarket Parking Lot

    2104 Van Reed Road, West Lawn

    Eat: Ganlys

    500 Brownsville Road, Sinking Spring

    February 2015 FR O M T H E ED I T O R As I write this, I just finished again checking the

    10-day forecast, looking for that prediction of

    some serious snowfall that will make me be-

    lieve that winter has truly arrived. It isnt there

    yet. As much as I love knowing that the days are getting longer, and that spring will be

    here before I know it, part of what I love about Pennsylvania is the seasons. Without

    some show-stopping snow, I feel that winter hasnt yet held up its end of the deal.

    While some runners may hibernate through the winter months, resigned to the treadmill

    or at least a more limited outdoor running regimen, there are many of us that still lace up

    almost daily and head out the door. As a club, we take pride in our Shiver by the River

    series, and urge runners to brave the elements during each of the months of winter for a

    brisk romp through snowy neighborhoods. Its great to be able to stay active through

    these colder months, and there is a different natural beauty to be experienced running

    outdoors in this weather, especially on those days with a fresh snowfall underfoot or

    along trails lined with icicle-laced evergreens.

    Winter running comes with some added hazards though, and were taking the opportuni-

    ty this month to remind our members of some good tips and suggestions for staying safe

    and healthy during cold weather activity. We runners tend to have a better sense of what

    is happening in our bodies than the average person, but we also have a higher tolerance

    for pain and discomfort that could get us into trouble if were not being smart. Ive head-

    ed out on single-digit days and 10 minutes into the run realized that my feet were al-

    ready wet and numb, my water bottle was frozen over, and my long sleeve shirt wasnt

    any match for the wind. Just getting out the door is a bit harder in this weather, so a little

    bit of forethought and preparation can go a long way to make it safe and fun!

    Beth Auman, editor

    S A V E T H E D A T E

    3/8/15 - Shiver by the River #4 & Banquet

    3/12/15 - General Membership Meeting

    Atop a snowy Mt. Penn in February 2014: Sean Williams, Christin Kelley, Heather

    Nowicki, Bill Buchanan, Melanie Marinaccio, Karen Rule, Liz Glass, and Joanne VanHorn


  • G E N E R A L ME E T I N G M I N U T E S By Ben Shultz

    Location: Canal Street Pub, January 8, 2015



    - Pay for president to attend the RRCA Conference - Passed

    - Donate 3k to Oley Valley Youth League - Passed

    Items tabled until next meeting

    - None

    Old Business items closed

    - Pagoda Pacer logo copyright issue


    Brett Lynch, as the new president, is implementing some

    changes to the meeting format. The meeting agenda will

    be printed and distributed to meeting attendees. Speakers

    for each agenda item will be given a set amount of time.

    Motions must be presented in writing to the president prior

    to the meeting as per the by-laws. Presentation and voting

    on motions will be restricted to the old and new business

    sections of the agenda.

    Treasurer's Report:

    Shaun Luther was not present, but a spreadsheet con-

    taining the latest financial numbers was available for re-


    Race Directors Reports:

    Shiver by the River - Sue Jackson reported that the first

    Shiver went well. The next race will be January 11th. Volun-

    teers for registration should arrive at 9:00am. Volunteers

    may pick up a shirt if they did not get one last time. At the

    race they will be taking donations for the Humane Society.

    Mt Penn Mudfest - Ken Seale reported that the date for

    the race has changed to a fixed weekend, and will no long-

    er follow Easter. This year it is on April 18th. The new ap-

    plication is available.

    Charlie Horse Half Marathon - Sean Williams is the new

    co-race director assisting Brett Lynch. He reported that the

    new application is available.

    Run for the Ages 10k - Ted Andrus was not present.

    Grings Mill - Neither Jeff Hills nor Caroline Hill were pre-

    sent but Jeff submitted a report that the race will be held

    Sunday, August 6th. The 10k race will be part of the RRCA

    championship series.

    Blues Cruise 50k - Mike Yoder reported that registration is

    open on the website. It will ask the registrant for their age

    twice during the process due to an issue that arose last


    Junior High Cross Country Fall Invitational - Tom Cho-

    bot had nothing to report.

    Oley Valley Country Classic - Lenny Burton and Barry

    Goodhart reported there were approximately 400 finishers.

    The profit was approximately $5,000. There were fewer day

    -of registrants which lowered profits compared to last year.

    This year the 10 mile race will be part of the RRCA Regional

    Eastern Championship series.

    Kris Kringle 5 Miler - Polly Corvaia was not present. She

    will present the results of the race at the next meeting.

    Community Service Report:

    Phil Lechner reported that last month donations were

    sent to the Humane Society, Animal Rescue League, and

    Marys Shelter.

    The 2nd Annual Michael Chobot Blood Drive will be

    held on February 14th from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the Exe-

    ter Fire Company. You can register online and fill out the

    pre-screening questionnaire online as well.

    Membership Report:

    Dave Gallen was not present, but he submitted a report

    reminding everyone to please renew their membership if

    not already done. According to the RRCA report, the Pago-

    da Pacers are the 3rd largest running club in Pennsylvania.

    Scholarship Committee Report:

    Sue Jackson reported that the deadline for both the

    Pacer and Cross Country scholarships are due February

    28th. She has received one application so far.


    The webmasters report is a new item on the agenda. It

    will include time for anyone to offer suggestions on im-

    provements to the pagodapacers.com site. Brett Lynch

    suggested adding a calendar of events.

    Social Events:

    Walt Fessler reported that the club will be hosting Wal-

    lyball at Colonial Hills Fitness on Friday, January 16th from

    7 to 10pm. Pizza and drinks will be provided. The cost is

    $5 for members.

    David Feinauer (Swamp) reported that he will be step-

    ping down as organizer of the Christmas party. He is cur-

    rently seeking a successor. Please let him know if you are


  • RA CE RE S U L TS Email Results to Race Results Coordinator Karen Rule

    at raceresults@pagodapacers.com


    The RRCA section is a new item on the agenda to in-

    form the club of the services and resources that the Road

    Runners Club of America has to offer. Jeff Hills is the

    RRCA Pennsylvania state representative.

    Old Business:

    Beth Auman reported on the Pagoda Pacer logo copy-

    right issue. Based on the information she found, it does

    not appear to be worth the cost and effort to pursue any

    further. The issue is considered closed.

    New Business:

    Kathern Marshall attended the meeting to promote her

    race, Beat Beethoven, being held on April 19th. Ron Horn

    suggested that the club look into having a stand at the


    Ken Seale made a motion on behalf of Jeff Hills for the

    club to sponsor the club president to attend the RRCA

    national convention in Des Moines, IA on April 22-26th.

    The club would cover the registration fee, hotel, transpor-

    tation, and meals. The motion was seconded and passed.

    Mike Yoder would like to remind everyone that the

    club sponsors the section of trail at B