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  • Feel Free to InquireUnit 2Second edition

  • ReadingWarm-upReadingLanguage in UseProjectCulture TipsHomeworkLearning to learn

  • Warm-upWatch the video. What do you think of the man?

  • 2. Quiz: Are you curious?

    Give yourself two points for each a response, one point for each b, and zero point for each c.


  • Warm-upA man youve never met before arrives at your front door and claims to be your real father. What do you say to him?

    What?! This is crazy! Are you joking?

    O.K., Ill be your kidfor now.

    Whatever. Just tell me what my new last name is.

  • Warm-up2. Your phone bill is much higher than usual. What is your reaction?

    Something doesnt seem right here. Im going to check the bill carefully.

    b. Well, I wish I knew what extra fees were, but I guess its not my job to know, right?

    c. Eh, I probably called Mars.

  • Warm-up3. Its late at night, and theres a noise downstairs. What will you do?

    Quietly get out of bed, and tiptoe across the landing to get a better look.

    b. Sit up in bed. Listen for a very obvious sign of trouble.

    c. Although its not raining out, just pretend its thunder.

  • Warm-up4. Hello. Im calling with your test results.

    Oh God, this is it. I havent slept in three weeks.

    b. Great, great. Listen, could you just e-mail those when you have time?

    c. I dont know, just give them to charity.

  • Warm-up5. Aliens have landed on your street.

    Aliens! What do they want?

    b. Aliens. Do they want a medal?

    c. Wake me when the probing begins in earnest.

  • Warm-up6. Would you like to play 20 Questions?

    Love to! Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

    b. Is it an octopus? Either way, Im done guessing.

    c. 20 Questions is so boring, and Im not interested.

  • Your Curiosity Quotient revealed:

    1112 You probably spend a dozen hours a week in your neighbours garbage. 9 10 There is no co-worker tragedy not worth knowing or disseminating.. 4 7 All you really need to know youve avoided since kindergarten. 0 3 Youre like a rock.Warm-upBACK

  • Reading

  • Reading Task 1 Pre-reading Activities Task 2 Reading Comprehension Task 3 After-reading ActivitiesBACK

  • Pre-reading Activities

    1.Did you ever have a big problem and finally manage to solve it successfully? Share the experience with your partners.Before you read the article, discuss thefollowing questions with your partner.

    2. Are you happy with the present life? Have you ever thought about the future? What if you lose all your advantages?


  • Reading ComprehensionThe Inquisitive Fish 1 At the bottom of an overgrown and neglected garden there was a large and beautiful pool. The pool was home to a very lot of rather fat and self-important fish and one tiny little golden fish.

    2 The big fat fish gobbled up all the worms and enjoyed the shade of the lily leaves, which left the poor little golden fish with very little to eat and nowhere to escape the hot sun. As he couldnt spend his time lazing around like the other fish, he had to do a lot of serious thinking to keep himself from being sad. So he explored every corner of the pool, until he knew exactly how many tiles there were, the names of all the weeds, and which lily was going to open next.

  • Reading Comprehension 3 The fat fish got greedier and fatter, and the little golden fish got thinner and lonelier, until one day, when he was swimming past the grating, he knew that he was thin enough to squeeze between the bars. It was quite a struggle getting through the grating and he lost quite a few scales in the process, but at last he was free. He swam down a long water-channel until he got to a winding stream. Then he swam until he reached a great river, and he kept right on swimming (with short rests, of course) until he came to the sea. There he discovered lots of things that were very beautiful (and very frightening), and many other things that were quite beyond his comprehension.

  • Reading Comprehension 4 Once he saw a fish so big that it could have drunk the whole pool for breakfast and still remained thirsty. Then the little golden fish found a beautiful coral palace in the clear, green depths of the sea; and lovely little fish with shining blue and silver spots brought him the most juicy fat worms on mother-of-pearl plates. He enjoyed it all so much he might have stayed there forever; but he wanted to return to his own home pool and tell the big fat fish all the exciting things they were missing. So he left the sea and swam back up the river. On the way he had many more adventures, both beautiful and frightening, but there simply isnt time to tell you all about them. And so he swam up the long river and along the winding stream; and on up the water-channel, until he came back to the grating, but now he was so thin from all his adventures, that he slipped through it without losing a single golden scale.

  • Reading Comprehension 5 He thought everyone would be really surprised to see him again after his long absence, but none of the fat fish had even noticed he had been away. He swam right up to the nose of the fattest and greediest fish in the whole pool, and said: Stop stuffing your face and blowing bubbles and listen to me, you fat and foolish fish! I have come to tell you about all the amazing things that happened to me on the other side of the grating; and I shall teach you how to grow thin, too, so that you can make the same journey and become as wise as I am.

  • Reading Comprehension 6 The fat fish, who was truly enormous, swam lazily toward the grating, and when he saw that the bars were so close together that not even his smallest fin could slip between them, he blew a stream of angry bubbles and turned scornfully on the little golden fish, saying: Silly little minnow! How dare you disturb my lunch with your foolish fancies? I am much older and wiser than you, for I am the king of all the fish in this pool! How could you have got through the grating when I cant even put my smallest fin through it?

  • Reading Comprehension 7 With an insulting flick of his enormous tail, the big, fat greedy fish swam back to the shadows under the lily leaves to finish his lunch. The little golden fish was very sad that nobody would listen to him; so he slipped quietly away through the grating and swam back out towards the sea.

    8 Quite soon afterwards there was a drought, and the water-channel ran dry; and no more water gushed into the pool. The water level in the pool got lower and lower, and the big, fat fish got more and more frightened, until the day came when they lay gasping in the mud at the bottom of the pool. And then they died. But the little golden fish, whose inquisitiveness had led him through the grating, was living very, very happily in the beautiful coral palace under the sea.BACK

  • Reading ComprehensionWords and Expressions1. inquisitive adj. interested in a lot of different things and wanting to find out more about them

    e.g. Jenny was a very inquisitive child, always asking why. BACK

  • Reading Comprehension2. overgrown adj. covered with plants that have grown in an uncontrolled way e.g. The garden is overgrown with weeds.BACK

  • Reading Comprehension3. neglect v. to give no or not enough care or attention to (somebody/something) e.g. He was neglected by his parents when he was very young.BACK

  • Reading Comprehension4. gobble v. eat something fast, noisily and greedily (leaving nothing behind) e.g. The children gobbled up their food and rushed out to play.BACK

  • Reading Comprehension5. greedy adj. full of a strong desire to have a lot of something, especially food, money or power, often in a way that is selfish or unfair to other people e.g. The company became too greedy for profit.BACK

  • Reading Comprehension6. drought n. a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water e.g. A severe drought has caused most of the corn crop to fail.BACK

  • Reading Comprehension7. gasp v. to breathe quickly, especially with difficulty, making a noise

    e.g. The exhausted basketball players were gasping for air.BACK

  • Reading Comprehension 1 2


  • Reading Comprehension 3


  • Reading Comprehension 4 BACK

  • Reading Comprehension 5 BACK

  • Reading Comprehension 6 BACK

  • Reading Comprehension 7 8 BACK

  • After-reading Activities( ) 1. The little golden fish was of no importance in the pool.( ) 2. The little golden fish lived sadly in the pool.( ) 3. The big, fat fish forced the little fish to do a lot of work for them. ( ) 4. The little fish returned to his home pool to show off his experience to other fish. ( ) 5. The little fish loved the adventures he experienced out of the pool. Read the text and decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). TTTFF

  • After-reading Activities( ) 6. Other fish were really surprised to see the little fish again after his long absence.( ) 7. The fattest fish didnt believe what the little fish told him. ( ) 8. The big and fat fish wanted to follow the little fish but they couldnt pass the grating. ( ) 9. The big fish were very regretful because they didnt listen to the little fishs advice. ( ) 10. The little fishs inquisitiveness saved h

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