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    Fiber pertO TDR 5000


  • Fiber pertO TDR 5000

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    FIBERXPERT OTDR 5000Handheld OTDR designed for the constructi on, turn-up and maintenance of fi ber networksUser Manual


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    Every effort was made to ensure that the information in this document was accurate at the time of printing. However, information is subject to change without notice, and Softing IT Networks GmbH reserves the right to provide an addendum to this document with information not available at the time that this document was created.

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    Specifications, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

    Softing IT Networks GmbH has established processes in compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, 2002/96/EC.

    This product should not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste and should be collected separately and disposed of according to your national regulations. In the European Union, all equipment purchased from Softing IT Networks GmbH after 2005- 08-13 can be returned for disposal at the end of its useful life. Softing IT Networks GmbH will ensure that all waste equipment returned is reused, recycled, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, and in compliance with all applicable national and international waste legislation.

    It is the responsibility of the equipment owner to return the equipment to Softing IT Networks GmbH for appropriate disposal. If the equipment was imported by a reseller whose name or logo is marked on the equipment, then the owner should return the equipment directly to the reseller.

    Instructions for returning waste equipment to Softing IT Networks GmbH can be found in the Environmental section of Softing IT Networks GmbHs web site at





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    Fiber pertO TDR 5000


    GUIDE 13

    Purpose and scope 14Assumptions 14Technical assistance 14Conventions 15

    CHAPTER 1 FiberXpert OTDR 5000 Overview 16 Unpacking the instrument 16About the FiberXpert OTDR 17Main features 17Hard keys and Indicators 19Front panel hard keys 19Front panel indicators 20Power Supply 20

    CHAPTER 2 Safety information 21 Battery and AC/DC safety 22Precautions relating to optical connections 22Laser Safety instructions 23Laser classes 23Warning labels for the laser 23

    CHAPTER 3 Starting up 24 Setting the adaptable plug to the mains adapter 24Connecting the mains adapter 24First use of the battery 25Charging the battery 25Battery charging time 25Battery charge level display 25Switching the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 on and off 26Switching on the FiberXpert OTDR 26

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    Switching off the FiberXpert OTDR 27Resetting the FiberXpert OTDR 27First start: configuring your regional settings 27

    CHAPTER 4 Configuring the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 29 Displaying the System Settings 29Defining screen parameters of the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 30Backlight 30Contrast 30

    Screen Saver 31

    Defining the Audio parameters 31Defining the Automatic shutdown 32

    CHAPTER 5 Principle of Measurement 33 Principle of reflectometry measurements 33

    Information yielded by the measurement 33

    Validity of Measurement ITU-Reflectance 34Principle of optical power and attenuation measurements 34Power measurements 35Attenuation measurements (optical link loss) 35

    CHAPTER 6 Starting up 37 Connecting fiber optic cable 37Inspecting and cleaning connector end faces. 37Optical connector types. 37Optical connectors and interchangeable adapters 38Adapter types 39Switching adapter type 39Cleaning universal connectors 40

    CHAPTER 7 Activating OTDR function 41 Principle of the OTDR Expert 41Selecting OTDR Expert 41

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    Fiber pertO TDR 5000

    CHAPTER 8 Configuring the test in Expert OTDR 42 Configuring the Acquisition parameters 42Parameters LOaser 42Launch cable parameters 43Configuring the Alarms parameters 44Configuring the Analysis parameters 45Parameters 45Measurement 46Configuring the Link parameters 49Configuring the file storage parameters 51Configuration in Test Auto mode 52Saving OTDR configuration in a file 53Loading an existing OTDR configuration 54

    CHAPTER 9 Launching a reflectometry test and displaying results 56 Performing OTDR acquisitions 56Traffic detection 56Performing acquisition with Expert OTDR 56Performing an acquisition from Results page 58Multi-wavelength acquisition 59Actions on trace during acquisition 60Results display 62Common functions 62Results table 63Cursors 65Zoom function 67Shift function 68Summary 68Display of traces in overlay 69Traces display in double acquisition mode 70Advanced functions in Expert OTDR mode 70Automatic measurement and detection 70

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    Addition of events 71Manual measurements 72Measurements of slope 72Measurement of ORL 73Measurement of Reflectance 74Splice measurements 75Memorization of the position of events 76Overlay trace function 76Overlaying several traces stored in memory 77Display of traces in overlay 77Adding traces in overlay 77Swapping overlay traces 77Removing a trace 78Quitting the overlay menu 78Reference Trace function 78Use of the reference trace function in the Result page 78Using the reference trace function in the explorer 79Saving the trace(s) and generating a report 80Saving results and creating a report from results page 80Opening a report 81SmartLinkMapper (SLM) option 82

    CHAPTER 10 Power meter and Source options of the OTDR Modules 85Connection to the power meter 85 Configuring the Power meter 85Configuring the measurement parameters of the power meter 86Configuring the alarm parameters 86Configuring the Measurement parameters 86Configuring the Link parameters 87Configuring the File parameters 91Activating the Source function 92Result page 92Result page of the Power meter 92Table of results 93

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    Fiber pertO TDR 5000

    Commands of the power meter parameters 93Result page of the Source 93Performing the power level measurement 94Performing the insertion loss measurement 94Setting the zero value of the power meter 94Carrying out the reference 95Carrying out the side by side reference 95Carrying out the reference in loopback mode 95Measurements on the fiber under test 95Storing and reloading results 96File Setup 96Storing results. 96Loading results. 96

    CHAPTER 11 Scope 97Scope feature 97Overview 97Installation of tips 98Configuring the Softing IT Networks GmbH Scope 98Scope connection 98Configuring the Scope 98Test 99File 99Fiber 99Link Description 100Adding a new profile 100About page 100Starting up with the scope 101Freeze mode 101High Mag. / Low Mag 101Camera mode 101Test of the connector and fiber end-face 102Overlay 103Mosaic Mode 103

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    Loading a picture 104File menu 105Saving the test result in a jpg file 105

    CHAPTER 12 Transferring the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 Interface 106 Establishing connection 106Connecting the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 and the PC 106Configuring the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 107Virtual control buttons bar 109Equivalence between the keyboard and 110

    CHAPTER 13 Web browser 111 Configuring the Web access 111 Starting the web browser 111Opening an internet page 112Navigation into the Web Browser 112Creating bookmarks 113Opening a PDF document 113Leaving the web browser 114

    CHAPTER 14 File management 115 File Explorer Overview 115 Directories and Files selections 115Directory selection 115Files selection 116Directories & Files editing functions 116Copy/Cut & Paste files/directories 116Renaming a directory / file 117Deleting a directory / file 117Working with directories and files in the explorer 117Creating a directory 117Opening files 118File Types 118

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    Fiber pertO TDR 5000

    Sorting files 119Transferring files between two Platforms 119Establishing connection between two devices 119Transferring files 120Cancelling the connection 120Transferring files to a PC with the USB cable 121Establishing connection FiberXpert OTDR 5000 PC 121Transferring files onto the PC 122Cancelling the connection 123Transferring files to/from a PC with a FTP server 123Direct connection 123Connection via a local network 124Accessing the internal memory 125 Creating a screenshot 126Configuring the parameters of screenshots 126Taking a screenshot 126Name of the screenshots files 126Creating a report 127Configuring the report 127Creating the report 128Name of the report 128Merging pdf or txt files 129Storage media 130Storage media built into the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 130External USB storage media 130USB memory stick connection 130USB memory stick disconnection 130Cloud Storage 131Principle and prerequisites of the Cloud Storage 131Configuring and connecting to Cloud Storage 131Transferring files usin