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  • 7/29/2019 Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - the Forest of Doom


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    l ' .u st(,ry, artgame, his s a bookwl.r l Icr('nce one in which YOIJ becorlh( 'h(.rr , !

    }.IGHTINC ITANT-ASYAMEI'OOKS1 Thc WarlockoI FiretopMountain2 Thc Citadelof Chaos

    3 Th Forest f DoonlColcl i l lustrat ion hy tain MccaiB

    ()FDOOM\ ' , , ' " l . ' r ' rr . \ ' ,1\L ' r , r" r i l \' , , l l , , 1, , , , ' r ( ( , rnt , l r le with, 1",r , , r i . \ 1rrrr, nr)n(l( r, ", I " ' ' r l r ' r . , ,"rd sr 0' c \h cel


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  • 7/29/2019 Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - the Forest of Doom



    THEFORESTOF DOOMOnly thc foolhardy or the very bravc would willingly sk aioumey into Darkwood Forcst, where strange, twistingpaths wind their lvay into the eeiie depths llho knowswhatmonst ous.reahrres urk in the threa eningshadows,or what deadly adventuresawait the unwarv traveiler?DoL a despcrate 'ce a8ainst ine, dccp within Dark{'ood,your quest rs to find the nissnrg pjcces of the iegendaryHammer ofStonebridge,whjch was ashioned y Dwarfstoprotectpc.ceft| S oneb.idgeagainst ts ancientdoonTwo dice, a and an eraserareallyou necd to ehbarkon this thrilling advenhue of sword and sorcery,completelvith itsclabor.te comba systemand a scorcsheet o Nordvour gamsand osses\ianr dan8ers ie ahead and your successs bt, no meanscertarn Powerful advelsariesare ranged against you andofrenyou!only choice is o ki orbekilledlTrvo more Fighting Fantas]'Gamebooksare published inP[tfln: The Wo ock of EtretopMoLnhh and The Citndel aJ


  • 7/29/2019 Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - the Forest of Doom


    Ian Livingstone

    Thq roRqsforDooMIllustratedbyMaIcoImBarter

    Puffin Books

  • 7/29/2019 Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - the Forest of Doom


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    For Liz and Carol

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  • 7/29/2019 Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - the Forest of Doom



    Beforeembarkingon youradventure,you mustfustdetermine your own strengths and weaknesses.You have in your possessiona sword and a back-packcontaining provisions (food and drink) for thetrip. You have been preparing for your quest byrraining ourselfn swordplay ndp\ercising igor-ously to build up your seehow effectiveyour preparationshave been,you must use the dice to determine your initials(ILL and srAMrNA scores.On pages16 19 here san Adoenture heet hich you may use o record hedetailsofan adventure.Onityou will find boxes orrecordingyour sKrLLand sraMrNA scores,You are advised o either record your scoreson theAdoentureSheetl pencil, or make photocopiesofthe page o use n future advenfures.

    Skill, Stamina and LuckRoll one die. Add 5 to this number and enter thistotal n the s(rLL box o^ the Adoenture heet.Roll both drce. Add 12 to the number rolled andente! this total n the sTAMTNA ox.There s alsoa LUCKbox.Roll one die, add 6 to thisnumber and enter this totalin the LucK box.

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    For reasonsthat will be explained below, sKrLL,STAMTNAnd rucr scoreschangeconstantlydur-ing an adventure,You must keepan accurateecordof thesescoresand for this reasonyou areadvisedeitherto write small n the boxesor to keep an eraserhandy. But never tub out your hifr?l scores.Although you may be awarded additional sKrLL,STAMTNAnd Luc( points, these otalsmay neverexceed our l,Tift l scores,excepton very rare occa-sions, when you will be instructed on a particularPa8e.Your sKILLscore eflectsyour swordsmanshipandgeneral fighting expertisej the higher the better.Your 5TAMINA score reflects your general con-shfution, your r /ill to survive, your determinationand overall itness; he higheryour STAMTNAcore,the longer you will be able to suNive. Your LUCKscore ndrcateshow naturally lucky a person youare. Luck - and magic are actsoflife in the fantasykingdom you are about to explore.

    Batt lesYou will often comeacross ages n the book whichinstruct you to ight a creafure of some sort. Anoption to flee may be given, but if not or if youchoose o altack he creature n).way you mu\tresolve he battleas describedbelow.Iirct record the creature's S(ILL and STAMTNAscores n the firstvacant Monster Encounter Box on


    \.o\n AdpenturcSfteuf. he scorea or each creafureare given in the book eachtime you have an encoun-ter.Ihe sequence f combat s then:1.



    Roll both diceonce or the creature Add its SKILLscore.This otal s the creature'sAttack Stren8th.Roll both dice once for yourself. Add the numberrolled to your current sKM score.This total isyour Attack Strength.if your Attack Skength is higher than that of thecreature,you have wounded it. Proceed o steP4. lfthe creature'sAttack Strength s higher thanyours, it has wounded you. Proceed o step5 Ifboth Attack StrenBlh totals are the same/ youhave avoided eachother'sblows- start the nextAttack Round from step1 above.You have wounded the ceatule, so subtmct 2points from its srAMtNA score. You may useyour LUCK here to do additional damage(seeover).

    5. The creature has wounded you, so subtract 2points from your own srAMrNAscore Agaln youmay useLUCK t this stage seeover).6 Make the appropriateadjustments o either thecreafure or )oLlr own STAVI\A scores andyour LUc( score f you used LUCK- seeover).

    7. Begin the next Attack Round by retuming toyour cunent sKrLL coteand rePeating tePs -6.This sequence ontinuesuntil the srAMrNAscoreof either you or the creatureyou are ighting hasbeen educed o zero (death).

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    EscapingOn some pages you may be given the option ofrunning away from a battle should things be goingbadly for you. However, i{ you do run away, thecfeature automaticallygets n one wound on you(subtract2 srAMrNApoints) asyou flee. Such s the

    FightingMore ThanOneCratureIf you come acrossmore than one creatute in aParhcularencounter,the instructionson that pagevvill tell you how to handle the battle, Sometimesyou will treat them as a single monster; someomesyou will fight eachone n turn.

    LuckAt various times during your adventure, either inbattlesorwhen you comeacross ituations n whjchyou could either be lucky or unlucky (detaitsoftheseare given on the pages hemselves), ou maycall on your luck to make theoutcomemore avou;-able.But bey/are!Using uck is a risky businessandifyou are anlucky, the;esults could be disastrous.The procedure or using yourluck is as ollows: rolltwo dice. f the number rolled s equal o or ess hanyour curnentLucx score,you have been ucky and

    the result will go in your farour. If the numberroled is higher than your current LucK score,younasebeen unlucky and you will be penalized.This procedure is know^ as Testingyour Ll^ck.Eachtlme yo:uTest ourLuck, ou must subtractonePointtrom your current LUc( score.Thus you will soonFalize that themore you rely on your luck, the morerisky this willbecome.

    UsingLltck in BaltlesOn certain pagesofthe bookyou will be told to Tesl-voaract and will be told theconsequencesf you!being lucky or unlucky. However, in battles,youali{ays have the option of using your luck eithe! tomflict a more seriouswound on a creature ou havei ust wou nded, or to minimize the effectsof a wou ndthe creaturehasjustinflicted on you.Il vou have ust wounded thecreature, ou may lesfvou L ck asdescdbedabove. f you are ucky, youhave nflicted a severewound and may subtractanerfriT2 points llom the creatule's STAMTNAcole.Howevel, iJyou are ur ucky, the wound was a meregrazeand you must restore1Pointto the creature'ssrAMrNA i.. nsteadof scoring he normal2 Pointsof damage,you havenow scoredonly 1)lf the creaturehas Lrstwounded you, you may lcsfvorrrLuc,t o try to minimize the wound. I{ you arelucky, you have managed o avoid the full dama8eoftheblow Restore pointof srAMrNA i.e. nsteadof doing 2 pomts of damage t hasdone only 1). lf

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    you are unlucky, you have laken a more seriousblow. Subtract1extra srAMrNApoint.Rememberhatyou mustsubtract point romyourown LUCK core ach irl]le o:d estlouf Luck.

    RestoringSkill, Starnina ndLuckskitl

    its hrfirl value unless specfically instructed. Drink-ing the Potion of Skill (see ater) will restorc yours(rLL to its In tirl level atany time.S attl na andPr oais otls

    Your sreulNl scorewill changea lot during youraclventule as you fight monsters and undertakearduous a6ks.As you nea your goal.your s rAMr-\a levelmaybedangerouslyow andbdtt lesmaybeparticularlyrisky, so becareful!

    to your STAMTNAcore and deduct 1 point from

    rour Provisions.A seParateProvisionsRemarningto\ is provided on th eAdoellture Sheet or recordir.gletaili of Provisions. Remember hat you have a:rrngway to go, so useyour ProvisionswiselylRemember lso hat your