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We, “Amrutha Machines” are the manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers of International Quality standards Heavy Duty Automatic Sugarcane Machines, such as “ Sugarcane Machine, Sugarcane Crusher cum Chiller, Sugarcane Juicer with chiller, Sugarcane Extractor with Inbuilt waste bin, Sugarcane juicer with chiller & inbuilt waste bin and Automatic Multi flavored Sugarcane juice Machine. In Addition we are engaged in offering Dee Freezers, VISI Coolers, Juice or Beverage Industrial Equipments ,Heavy duty Stainless steel Equipments, Heating Kettles , Soaking Tanks, Heavy duty Juice Storage Tanks, Industrial waste storages and Sugarcane Hub Equipments. These products are manufactured using excellent quality raw material and advanced technology machines. Our products are acknowledged for their features like Excellent & trouble-free performance, low maintenance, optimum efficiency, Low power consumption, robust construction and longer Machine life. We have established a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility, which spreads over a large area. Partitioned into different sections, our unit enables us in executing all our business operations in a systematic manner. We have our own Machine designs infrastructure, Experienced R & D Department, well equipped machines and other resources. To manage the activities of this unit, we have appointed a team of well experienced, Skilled, Expert, qualified and dedicated professionals. These professionals invest their rich industry experience and complete their task in minimal time period and that too with perfection.


  • Front view Of the Machine Electric Panel 5 lts capacity Insulation tank Cane Inlet Juice collector Juice collector base 800 kg load capacity Wheels
  • Stainless steel knobs Removable stainless steel Dom for easy cleaning Instant chilled tank Opened door for Easy maintenance
  • Side view Of the Machine
  • Cost 3 rollers sugarcane crusher cum Rs. 1,38,0000/- Chiller: 4 rollers sugarcane crusher cum Rs. 1,55,0000/- Chiller:
  • We ( Amrutha Machines )provide our clients a comprehensive range of 100% yielding capacity Sugar Cane Juicer cum chiller, which is its first kind in India. Has made with imported reduction gear box, 1 HP motor, 4 stainless steel rollers, 3 module gear system , rollers bearings, gear drive for 100% juice yielding. These quality parts should increase life span of machine. Working process:- Insert sugarcane sticks into Machine inlet then it pull, cracks & extracts the sugar cane juice through pass between 4 stainless steel rollers. IT filtered the juice in 3- stages, later pulp/ sugarcane waste will sent to be outside and juice will goes to instant chilling tank. IT extracts 100% juice in one time crushing, which gives the real taste of sugarcane juice. This machine Produce thick and delicious fresh, hygiene and healthy sugar cane juice. Vendors used this machine extracting chilled sugarcane juice from sugarcane sticks automatically, in hygienic condition.
  • Features:- Noise free Free from rust No need to add ICE or any contamination. Forward/reverse control panel system from L&T. 88 kegs of food grade stainless steel is used in construction of machine(rollers, side cups, side plates, guide rods, juice collector, Body Cover) Crushing capacity 200 kg/ hour Developed for cane upto 3.5 inch dia Extracts 100% juice in single passing of cane Consumes less than 1 unit of power running continuously for an hour vendors no ice need to be add sugarcane juice further no need to purchase heavy freezer. Juice storage capacity is up to maximum 45 minutes. So, juice will be never spoiled or waste. This Machine has compact dimensions, So, no need to be purchase stainless for maintenance of crusher height. Special Features:-
  • Temperature controller L&T 10 Amps 2 pole MCB Power cable
  • Pulp Sender Condenser Back side wheels
  • Waste from our machine like cotton
  • Motor Switch Emergency Switch Indication lamp Chiller switch L&T Rotary Switch
  • Food grade 4 stainless steel rollers. 1 hp motor. 16 numbers of roller bearings Imported reduction gearbox Single time crushing with 4 rollers in three stages for huge juice. Extracts 100% juice in only one time passing. Consumes 1.2 unit of power for 430 cups sugarcane juice. Instant cooling system. Supo company 4 wheels with break system for machine easy moving. High productivity for a successful business model. Very simple in operation, fast & highly efficient, all in one continuous process. It cracks, extracts, filter the juice in 3-Stages process and no ice need be added avoiding any contamination. Produce thick and delicious fresh, hygiene and healthy sugar cane juice. Efficient & compact in design. Easy to clean and very low maintenance procedures. All food touchable parts are made of 100 persent 304 stain less steel Machine Specifications
  • Never get 100% crushing capacity machine anywhere in India except us. Heavy yielding capacity International standards quality. Competitive pricing. Rich industry Experience. expertise in machine design and manufacturing. Ethical business dealing. Makes Less noise , Longer life. All spares readily available. Trouble free operation. 100% Indian machine. Wide network of experienced service engineers. Timely delivery of consignment. one year warranty, Guaranty and Free service. Excellent service back up ( free of cost for one year). Free training to vendors on machine operations. 100% customer support after sales Why our sugar cane juice machine?
  • Advantage-Cane Coke Lower for healthier choices A unique business proposition No need of any qualifications, technical knowledge and experience. Quick returns with in 3 to 4 months
  • Profit per glass Rs.7.13 Raw sugar cane/kg.. Rs.4/- Number of glasses /kg.. 3 glasses One glass selling price. Rs.10/- Raw sugar cane . Rs.1.33/- Flavor . Rs.1.00/- Paper cup Rs.0.54/- Total Raw Material cost Rs. 2.87/- Cost of Raw material per One glass:- Quick Returns On your Investment This is how.
  • No. Of Glasses 100 250 400 500 750 1000 Profit per day 713/- 1782.5/- 2852/- 3565/- 5347.5/- 7130/- Profit Per Month 21390/- 53475/- 85560/- 106950/- 160425/- 213900 Average profit for month Rent, cost of Electricity, Salaries are not included because It may vary from place to place or area to area NOTE
  • Plot No.67, Ground floor Aleap Industrial Estate, Praghathi Nagar, Kukat pally Hyderabad-500072, A.P., India Mobile Number : +91-9030328328, Email :,