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  • 1. As part of the Avengers film campaign, they released teaser campaigns to build up the story and characters for the avengers and get audiences interested in the film. These campaigns include, The Incredible Hulk- 2008 Iron Man- 2008 Thor- 2011 CaptainAmerica- 2011
  • 2. The Avengerswas released inApril 2012 in the The teaser trailer The marvel character ofU.K but the follows conventions Thor is shown among theteaser trailer was and includes the many jump cuts, whichreleased in studios logo. This connote panic, in a lowOctober 2011. however also proves to angle with light aboveThe first main fans the film will aim to showing that he will becharacter in Nick be true to the marvel part of the resolution toFury who is comics and this will the problem in the film.played by well attract thoseknown and enthusiasts.respected actorSamuel LJackson. Thisproves the filmto be expensiveas to have themoney toemploy a highpaid actor.
  • 3. Avenger World PremiereThe Avengers is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and as part of promoting the film it ispremiered in all the countries it will be shown. However, the premiere where all of thestars are likely to be present and has the most promotional attention is the worldpremiere. This can get a lot of media coverage in newspapers, magazines, and televisionchannels such as MTV.
  • 4. Bollywood film; Bodyguard The Bollywood film industry also invest in advertising posters to promote their films. Posters only give away minimal information about the film, the round about time when the film will be released, its title and the actors who are starring in it.
  • 5. The stylized actions sequences, evil stunts, impressive dialogues mouthed are not typical conventions of a Bollywood film. They typically are have a romantic theme/plot with singing and dancing. Bollywood arent known for the action genre.
  • 6. The final instalment of the Harry Potter films had a massive budget of $250 million and in order for it to be a success it would have to gain a lot more money from the box office. In order to achieve this, the film needed maximum publicity so having being the main story for popular Entertainment magazine is a huge advertising boost.
  • 7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was the most pre- ordered Blu-ray DVD of all time. Even after the film has hit cinemas, producers will stay with film until its DVD release.