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Film vs. video shoot out. COM 329 Contemporary Film Rafeeq Roberts. The rise of Digital. Up until the 1990’s digital was viewed as being ‘cheap’, strictly for for television, and above all inferior to film. Late 1990’s Filmmakers begin to experiment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


CoM 329 Special topicThe rise of Digital
the era of major studio releases are
acquired digitally
was viewed as being ‘cheap’,
strictly for for television, and
above all inferior to film.
With the advent of the large sensor cameras comparisons are becoming more and more common place between digital cameras and themselves, as well as digital cameras and film.
As the use of digital has become more prevalent industry professionals have become more concerned with the strengths and weaknesses of of the these digital cameras.
What follows is look at a selection of professional camera shootouts to date.
Professional landmark tests to date
Though termed “shoot outs” these tests were not conducted to crown a winner. Instead they were conducted to provide a snapshot of the technology at a given moment.
The Tests Include
2009 Producers Guild of America and American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Camera tests
2010 Zacuto Great Camera Shoot Out
2011 Single Chip Camera Evaluation
2012 Zacuto Revenge of the Great Camera Shoot Out
Producer guild of America and ASC camera tests (2009)
Cameras tested
Arri D-21
Panasonic AJ-HPX3000
Panavision Genesis
Red One
Sony F23
Sony F35
Producer guild of America and ASC camera tests (2009)
Cameras were put through a series of side by side tests.
Every cameras footage was given equal post production and color correction.
Producer guild of America and ASC camera tests (2009)
Being a strictly industry test, unfortunately the results were only shown behind closed doors.
This lack of complete transparency however was rectified in the coming years tests.
Single Chip Camera evaluation SCCE (2011)
Headed cinematographer by Robert Primes ASC who also participated in the 2009 test
Sponsored in part by Zacuto
Provided a unbiased look at so called digital “cinema cameras”
Cameras tested:
Testing was broken down into several categories including: Low light capability, sharpness, exposure latitude, highlight detail, shadow detail, color reproduction, skin reproduction, and shutter artifacts.
In the sharpness test RED ONE and Film were the best
In low light sensitivity the Canon 5D came out on top
In Dynamic range Film and the Alexa came out on top with every other camera close behind.
In Shadow detail the AF-100 as well as DSLRs were all impressive. Film was one of the worst.
revenge of the great camera shootout (2012)
Sponsored in part by Zacuto
Headed by Bruce Logan ASC
Camera tests allowed cinematographers to light a scene as they saw fit in order to highlight their individual cameras strengths.
Cameras tested
Sony F65
ARRI Alexa
RED Epic
Sony FS100
Sony F3
Canon C300
revenge of the great camera shootout (2012)
This test differed slightly from previous tests.
A set was designed with actors, and given base lighting.
Each camera filmed the set with the base lighting, afterwards each camera operator was then allowed to alter the lighting as they saw fit and shoot again.
GH2 Base lighting
GH2 Creative lighting
revenge of the great camera shootout (2012) Results
The results of this test concluded that the differences where largely subjective.
Each camera whether film or digital had its own strengths and weaknesses.
In the hands of a competent technician each were able to shine.
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