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Fire Insurance Maps online Take a colorful step back in time... browse the neighborhoods where family and friends lived, worked and played.

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Take a colorful step back in time... browse the neighborhoods where family and friends lived, worked and played.
Welcome to FIMo Fire Insurance Maps online (FIMo) is a subscription service that provides user-friendly access to our unique and extensive historical map collection. HIG owns the world’s largest digital collection of color fire insurance maps, real estate atlases and similar land use maps for North America. Our high definition, color and gray- scale images display important historical details not visible on black and white map scans.
FIMo includes map research tools and search tips to make finding maps for a specific location easier than ever before. Maps in our collection include publications by Sanborn, Perris, Hexamer, Whipple, Baist, Bromley, Hopkins and others. FIMo is an invaluable resource for research on urban development patterns, past property uses and occupants, family homes, genealogy, and more!
?Fire Insurance Maps online
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Explore the neighborhood Fire insurance maps and atlases show entire communities as they were in the past, including businesses, private homes, public places, apartment buildings and government offices.
Learn about a building’s structure and design Full color fire insurance maps provide information about building materials, how many floors and windows there were, if it was a single or multi-family dwelling, a factory or a church.
Discover how an area changed over time Comparing maps from different time periods will show building additions, new buildings on formerly vacant land, and the growth and redevelopment of entire neighborhoods.
Discover what life was like Judging by the location, size and construction of buildings where your ancestors lived and worked, you can make assumptions about their economic status and begin to imagine what life was like for them.
Current impacts from past land uses Environmental professionals know that historic fire insurance maps and atlases can help identify old factories, gas stations, dry cleaners, auto repair facilities and other historic property uses that may have left contamination behind. Use FIMo to identify these potential challenges early on in the planning/ redevelopment process.
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