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A trip to the wild Subject: Geography Grade: Kindergarten Author: Jessica Martinez

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Page 1: Final lesson plan

A trip to the wildSubject: GeographyGrade: KindergartenAuthor: Jessica Martinez

Page 2: Final lesson plan

California Standard

K.4-Students compare and contrast the location of people, places, and environments and describe their characteristics.

National Geography Standard

Element: The world In Spatial Terms

Standard: 2-How to Use Mental Maps to Organize Information About People, Places, and Environments in a Spatial Context

Page 3: Final lesson plan


This lesson will introduce students to creating maps and

describing the places of animals’ home place by labeling

each to their origin. It will also introduce them to sense of

direction by picking their favorite place in the Living Desert

and giving directions starting by the entrance by using

their surroundings to guide them.

Page 4: Final lesson plan

Time Duration

It will take most of the school day they will leave half

an hour after school starts and leave the Living Desert

an hour before school is out.

Page 5: Final lesson plan


• Clipboard• Paper• map of Living Desert• Pencil

Page 6: Final lesson plan


Before the trip each student will be

provided with a black and white

map of the living desert.

They will be explained that hen my

hand goes up during our tour it will

mean that the tour guide just

provided us with information about

the animal.

Page 7: Final lesson plan

ObjectivesStudent will

• Be able to identify the animals geographic

location on their map and label it

• They will be able to explain direction by using

their surroundings(such as passing the ice

cream cart turn left/west)

• Be able too identify north, south, west and

east on their map

Page 8: Final lesson plan

Lesson Continued

When we arrive there, each student will make sure to

listen and watch for the hand signal to get the correct

information need to label their map. After arriving to the

school they will be able to color their map. The following

day the students will than write directions to their

favorite pace in the living desert .

Page 9: Final lesson plan
Page 10: Final lesson plan

The reason to why it will be better to take them on a

trip rather than in class, is because they will be able to

interact with the animals, and also it will allow them to

feel as if the are truly visiting the animals’

geographical location. Rather tan just sitting in the

classroom listening to me read about them in their