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Investor Relations

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  • 1. A luxurious spring break trip awaits you Melanie KohnNew Media Drivers License

2. Marriott Hotels & Resorts HistoryStarted with two motels in the1950s, after the opening of thesecond motel; Marriott wasreleased as a brand nameBeen on the Forbes BestCompanies to Work for listWas voted the 4th best companyto work forCurrently 502 Marriott hotelsand resorts 3. Marriott Hotels Big Idea A campaign to attract college students for springbreak Will be be accomplished through social media sites Goal: increase number of costumers and sales 4. Target Audience: College Students Students have Spring Breakeach year Marriott has new roomdesigns Amenities for college students 5. Instagram Contest Guidelines Marriott Hotels & Resorts instagram contest: like the instagram picture follow the user Post picture with hashtags Win ten percent off spring break trip 6. Facebook Contest Guidelines Marriott Hotels & Resorts facebook contest page: For college students going on a spring break trip only: Like Marriott Facebook page Post a picture on site Best Picture wins 5 days free 7. How to Measure Success of Campaign Monitoring via Google Analytics: INSTAGRAM How many followers The number of likes FACEBOOK How many likes Number of comments Amount of contest entries 8. Timeline for Contest Contest only be offered for two month period Facebook: contest begins January 1, 2012-March 1,2012 Instagram: contest begins January 1, 2012-March1,2012 9. Budget Proposal Need to hire a digital marketing agency Agency will meet with the Marriotts PR team and work tocreate campaign Meetings held twice a week for two months Budget: $500,000.00 Facebook: $300,00.00 Instagram: $200,000.00 10. In Conclusion The campaign will: Increasesales Attract a younger crowd Show off the amenities at the hotel Prove the hotel is effective with sales Ultimately, promote the hotel in a positive light