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The Effect of Red

The Effect of Red-Will men be affected by red?-Group 6 Member Takuzen Tou, Kouhei Marushima, Masahito Ota, Hinako Tsuchiya

OverviewOverviewArticle IntroductionHypothesesObjective of the Research (Research Questions)MethodResults( Participants, Materials, Procedures)DiscussionImplication in Business

Article IntroductionArticle Title: Are Men seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price PerceptionAuthors: Nancy, M., Puccinelli, Rajesh, Chandrashekaran, Dhruv Grewel &Rajneesh, SuriYear: 2013Journal: Journal of Retailing, v.89, pp.115-125

HypothesisH1:Gender makes difference on price color interactionsuch that men evaluate prices in red favorably than those in black, while women do not.Objective (Research Question)Provide an initial demonstration that the color in which price information (red vs. black) is presented influences how the retail ad is perceived and evaluated.

MethodsParticipants 126 graduate students in the USAMaterials a booklet in which ads of appliances are showed 7-point scale (1 = strongly disagree; 7 = strongly agree)Procedures See the booklet Make them assess whether they feel The appliances whose prices in red sell at considerable discount in 7-point scale

Results and Analysis7-point scaleWRed = 3.4; WBlack = 3.1;F < 1p < .0012 2 ANOVA

MRed = 4.26; MBlack = 2.56;F (1,120) = 12.47

DiscussionWomen are not influenced by prices in red when purchasingOn other hand...Men are influenced by prices in red when purchasing