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  • 1. Menu Vectrex Sony PlayStation Atari 5200 Sega Dreamcast Arcadia 2001 Sony PlayStation 2 Colecovision Nintendo Game Cube Nintendo Entertainment Microsoft X-BoxSystem(NES) Microsoft X-Box 360 Atari 2600 Junior Sony PlayStation 3 Sega Master System(SMS) Nintendo Wii Sega Genesis Super Nintendo

2. Vectrex Developed by General Consumer Electric Released in 1982 discontinued 1984 Retailed for $199.00 8-bit video game console, monitor included This system utilized vector graphics 3. Atari 5200 Created by Atari Released in 1982- Discontinued in 1984 Technologically superior but cost efficient System included 4 controllers Included function keys: Start, Pause, Reset 4. Arcadia 2001 Created by Emerson Released in 1982 / discontinued 1 later Small cartridge-based system Controllers came with Numeric keypad Joystick with 2 side buttons 5. Colecovision Released in Aug 1982 Colecos 3rd generation video game console Arcade like graphics and controllers Offered 2 new concepts Hardware system expansion Played games from other gaming systems 6. Nintendo EntertainmentSystem(NES) Released in America 1985 Designed by Masayuki Vemura Changed the video game industry 7. Atari 2600 Junior Re-released as the Junior in 1986 Retailed for $49.99 Small in size and targeted younger gamers Game difficulty switch located on the back 8. Sega Master System(SMS) Released in 1986 Played cartridges and Sega Cards Superior to the NES because It had better graphics Higher quality sound 9. Sega Genesis Released in 1989 Used 3rd party developers to improve system Offered quality arcade conversions Provided awesome sports games Introduced Sonic the Hedgehog as Mascot in 1991 10. Super Nintendo Released in 1991 Retailed for $200.00 Nintendos 2nd home console Best-selling 16 bit console Introduced advanced graphics and sound capabilities 11. Sony PlayStation Released in 1995 Retailed for $299.99 32-bit CD ROM based home video game Stunning 3D computer graphics Realistic game-playing experience 12. Sega Dreamcast Released in 1999 Sold 500,000 units in 2 weeks 1st console to include built-in modem For Internet Support Online gaming 13. Sony PlayStation 2 Released in 2000 Difficult start due to manufacturing delays Demand made it almost impossible to find Had some of the best-selling games #1 console in the video game market 14. Nintendo Game Cube Released 2001 Was a geometric shape cube Uses a unique storage medium Disc capacity 1.5 GB Colors available were Indigo, Platinum and Black 15. Microsoft X-Box Released 2001 Microsofts 1st independent venture 2002 Xbox Live online gaming service became available Allowed users to play with other subscribers Able to download new content for games 16. Microsoft X-Box 360 Released 2005 Accessories included Wireless controller Headset Ethernet cable Offered 2 configurations types 17. PlayStation 3 Released in 2006 20 GB $499/60 GB $599 The primary media is Blue-Ray Disc Can play DVDs and CDs Added a update process 2007 released a 80GB model 18. Nintendo Wii Released in 2006 Wireless motion-sensitive remote controllers Built-in Wi-Fi capability Online network allows you to: Download new and classic games Stream TV episodes and movies via Netflix Ability to surf the Internet 19. Consoles Sold Units Sold in Millions160140120100 80 60 40 20 Units Sold in Millions0 20. Past to Present Day Graphics 21. Presented by Candice Davis CTS 125 22. Works Cited